Vivian Chow on Leading a Beautiful Life

Time does not seem to have any effect on fair beauty, 45- year old Vivian Chow (周慧敏). Her secret is neither plastic surgery nor piling cosmetic items on her face but rather, knowing her true needs to lead a fulfilling life.

Recently, Vivian made an appearance at Sasa’s 35th Anniversary event as the spokesperson. Always remembered as being delicate and feminine, Vivian exuded her sexy side, dressed in a low-neck sheer black chiffon dress. At the event, she also played the piano and sang her new song, “Complete” <完全>. Vivian shared that though she can accept a healthy dose of sexiness in her outfits, she would not go beyond her comfort level, a level which her husband, Joe Nieh (倪震) is also at ease with.

Speaking of her husband, Vivian refuted rumors that she has left her husband lonely and desolate while she travelled around for her concerts. Vivian said, “He did not tell me he was lonely. Since that was only a word game played by the media, I will not be too mindful of it.”

No to TVB Series

Though Vivian’s has a good relationship with TVB, she denied the rumor of returning to TVB to film a series. However, she does not strike out the possibility of singing a theme song for a series. “It is too much work filming drama serials so at the moment, chances of that happening is very low.”

Go After Your Heart

It is every woman’s dream of having radiant, youthful skin. Vivian willingly shared her skincare secrets, “Maintaining health is very important for beauty. You need to also know the needs of your skin and be able to supplement it with the right products. After a certain age, we will find that our skin’s elasticity lessens, which can be boosted with collagen-enhancing products.”  Vivian added, “Being happy is very important, so remember to smile everyday.”

What is Vivian’s perspective on a beautiful life? “A beautiful life is linked to your attitude in life. For myself, it has to do with love. For example, this includes a person’s responsibility towards society, your values, and your relationships with other people. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 27 years, and the audience has not forgotten me, which is amazing.”

Vivian added that as a celebrity, she realizes her impact on others’ perspectives. Vivian chose to be involved in non-profit animal rights charities. After finding a cause that she strongly believes in, Vivian felt happiness that her actions benefited society. “It’s necessary for everyone’s efforts and energy in a love-driven mission. To me, this is what completes a beautiful life.”

Known for leading a healthy lifestyle, Vivian shared, “At every stage, you need different things. To live a wonderful life, you must know what you really need. Follow your heart to lead a more fulfilling life.”


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  1. Can’t believe she married that loser who got caught making out with another girl. WHy is she so inlove with him ? Love is blind, but not that blind.

    Nonetheless, you aged beautifully – Vivian!!

    1. Yes, most people wonder why she even married him after that unfaithful incident. However, when you think it thru I guess even thou she does not look that old, it’s probably not that easy to start anew? Some people married for the sake of marriage, not because of head over heels. That loser is just a regular average joe too….Sigh, that’s why i always say handsome does not mean you will get a pretty girl but sometimes you do see ugly girls w/good looking guys as well so it’s WEIRD hahaha…

      1. “I guess even thou she does not look that old, it’s probably not that easy to start anew?”

        I’m sure there will be ton of people who are interested in her….

      2. I like Vivian very much but she looks older than her age. She is a great person and is talented though which is what many admire her for more than her looks. I guess she really loved Joe to forgive him and married him, so just let them be…

      3. sky-
        I am not saying no one wants her anymore. In fact, I think lots will line up for her but I meant the woman herself don’t want to start over. For some people, whenever they are over 40 or so, they don’t really want to start over. I can’t tell you what that is so but i heard and know some who are such. One of my uncle who is around 46 is such an example. He’s a tall for a asian dude haha and considers quite catchy but his wife is really not as compatible as they first started back in college but they still hang on b/c he claims he does NOT wish to start over. I mean lots of women are still giving him the eyes but he himself does not want to start anew. I don’t u/s that either but there are cases as such I guess. When some people have been together forever, they are probably too old school to feel for a change.

  2. Don’t think she didn’t change, She look her age. For some reason for baby face when you age, looks odd.

    Cherrie Chung chu hung is the one who age gracefully.

    1. As much as I love Vivian, she did age well at all. Her type of face ages very fast and looks good when young, but looks very old very fast. I don’t think she has a baby face because baby faces don’t age fast.

      Angie Chiu looks great for her age and has had kids too.

      1. meant to say “she did not age well at all”.

  3. I think Vivian is aging very well… she looks like she’s in her 30’s, and still very slim. Her skin also looks very youthful with no wrinkles. I can only hope to look as good as she does at her age.

  4. Vivian is no doubt beautiful.
    However, even if she claim she hasnt had plastic surgery, she must have had botox right?

  5. Vivian looks pretty young in the above photo. Is it a recent photo of her?

  6. Vivian looks gorgeous! I’d kill to look like her when I am 45!

  7. Vivian still looks beautiful! Just wanted to say that girls with longer faces age faster but they’re prettier. Rounder faces are younger looking and they’re cuter.

  8. i bet she would look phenomenal in dusky makeup with brick lipstick

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