Vivian Hsu Reveals Frightening Paranormal Experience

Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄) had the fright of her life with a paranormal encounter while she was filming a new movie with Simon Yam (任達華).  It happened in November last year in Shanghai where they were shooting for a new thriller movie.

On the first day of their shooting, the scene happened to be in a cemetery. Vivian was chatting with her friend via her mobile phone in her car when her friend heard an odd man’s voice in the recording.  However, there was no one else in the car at that moment except for Vivian and her female assistant.

The following chilling incident happened when they went for their shooting in a deserted ruin, and there, a crew member saw a bottom half body ghostly image at the shooting scene.

However, the most frightening incident perhaps happened in Vivian’s hotel room. Vivian has a habit of playing her electrical keyboard before she retires to bed. She will play a few songs and every time, she plays the song “Xing Bu Liao Qing”, an odd thing will happen – the light bulbs in the room will just slowly grow dimmer by itself! And it only happened to this song, when she played other songs, the lights in the room was perfectly fine. Nevertheless, after a few days, Vivian by chance went back to stay in the same hotel room again. However this time round, after the past experience, some crew members brought talismans along to her room to exorcise the spirits in the room. At this moment, the light bulbs in the room kept flickering and it seemed that they have angered the spirits. Vivian was so frightened that she immediately demanded to change her room.

Vivian Hsu did not sleep well after this whole experience. She invited a monk from a Shanghai monastery to chant and pray for her and only then did Vivian resume her posture.  After this incident, Vivian has asked her manager for more comedy and light-hearted movies in the future.


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  1. Hmm… sounds like another potential story for a Chinese horror movie!

  2. Sounds more like free publicity for her new movie.

  3. vivian hsu did something to her face again

  4. I love reading this type of article, I love ghost stories :P. Im not sure if ghosts exist or not but one time my ipod started playing music by itself in full volume…it was creepy. The other time I was playing around with this iphone app called “Ghost Hunter M2” (an app that detects ghost movement using built in soundwave system thats already in the phone) and it showed the word “aboard” the moment my brother stepped into the car…..

    1. so what did you do to your brother? hahaha

      1. Nothing actually lol. I told him what happened , but he didn’t care. He doesn’t believe in supernatural or any paranormal stuff.

  5. Sound likes some people have really good imaginations. Light bulbs flickering: ghost, or simply something wrong with the electric wires/bulbs? Bottom half body ghostly image: ghost, or the crew member’s brain playing tricks on him due to lack of sleep, watching horror movies the night before, etc. (or he has a good imagination)? An odd man’s voice in the recording: ghost, or there was a crossed-line? Rather than attributing these “chilling incidents” to some mysterious supernatural elements, it would help if people used a little bit of common sense. Sometimes the simplest explanation is also the most probable. However, all this is irrelevant. In the end, everyone got what they wanted. Vivian got her publicity, and the monk she hired to chant and pray made a few bucks.

    1. Lol and Jaynestars got readers clicking on this article. So all’s good 🙂

  6. I really need to throw out my table lamp.
    Anyhoo, isn’t Vivian Hsu so pretty? What was she doing in Japan all those years? Those fans must have been under a love spell because there is no way those monkey wouldn’t have tried to devour this kitten if they had their wits and true nature about them.

  7. I watched her movie on netflix where she plays Richie Ren’s taiwanese former prostitute wife who destroys his chance of promotion in the HK Police force. It’s a minor role but I wondered if she was cast because of her career in Japan.

  8. waaah! Stephen Fung dated her too!? He is definitely choosing Scarlet Women because he can dump them without social condemnation then!

    Karen Mok
    Shu Qi
    Vivian Hsu

    yeeeeee –

  9. I don’t count myself as a believer in any of these paranormal stuff since all the science I study or studied would be nonsense.

    But there was this one case where it sent chills down my spine. I had a client who suffered from night bruises and she went to her family doctor to get diagnosed. Turns out those bruises were a result of someone pinching her really hard at night. Now, think about it, the client is very very young and suffers from no sleeping or any other disorders that could potentially cause this. More so, the client was sleeping. When the client woke up, there were bruises all over the body.

    This went on for about 2-3 months. The family couldn’t stand it anymore and seek help from those Chinese temples. After conversing with the err I don’t know what to call them, monks maybe? Anyways, the ‘monk’ gave the family some stuff to hang on the client’s bedroom and seriously after a week, there were absolutely NO signs of NEW bruises. The old bruises were fading and there were just no NEW bruises. By the way since the client never came back for any further psychological testings, it is safe to assume that the client is safe and had no strange re-occurrence.

    People can think and believe what they like, but there are probably weird things out there that science or even common sense can’t explain. No really, after hearing this one case in particular, I’m still kind of freaked out. LOL.

    1. That is creepy lol. I had a similar experience. When I was living in HK during summer time, I remember waking up to see scratches across my neck….I get that once in a while , and my mother was a bit worried that I was scratching myself at night. I thought it was because my nails were too long but it happens almost all the time even when I cut my nails. Nothing like this happen to me when I’m back in Canada. I have never seen actual ghosts so I don’t believe in them 100% yet.

      1. Shivers. I think its best if we don’t think about the possibilities, but if there are any un-seen entities out there, know that I do not disrespect any of them!

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