Wallace Chung’s “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2013” Begins Shooting

The newest adaptation of Jin Yong’s (金庸) popular wuxia novel, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils <天龍八部>, has commenced filming in Tianmo’s film studio situated in Hebei, China earlier this month. Produced by Chen Pinxiang (陈品祥) and directed by ex-ATV director, Lai Shui-ching (賴水清), the new Demi-Gods and Semi-Devilsadaptation stars Hong Kong actor Wallace Chung (鍾漢良) as Qiao Feng and Korean actor Kim Ki Bum (金起範) as Duan Yu.

Other revealed main cast members include Zhang Meng (张檬) as Wang Yuyan, Han Dong (韩栋) as Xuzhu, Zong Fengyan (宗峰岩) as Murong Fu, and Viann Zhang(张馨予) as Kang Min.

According to Zhengjiang Huace Film and TV, the drama’s main production studio, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2013 will be adapted from Jin Yong’s third revision of the novel, which was published in 2005. The television adaptation will see an increase in Qiao Feng’s screen time, and will use Murong Fu’s obsession in restoring his kingdom as the drama’s main plot, adding more mysterious and suspenseful elements to the story.

There were some disagreements between Jin Yong fans when news broke with the casting of Wallace Chung and Kim Ki Bum in their respective characters.  The refined and gentle Wallace Chung was seen as a miscast for Qiao Feng, whose character is defined as aggressively charismatic and rough. Fans also felt uncomfortable to see a Kim Ki Bum, a Korean actor, to portray a major character in a celebrated Chinese novel.

Producer Chen strongly supported the casting choice of Kim Ki Bum, and stated, “Kim Ki Bum’s image, aura, and age are very similar to Duan Yu’s. He has extremely high popularity in Korea, China, and many other Asian countries. Casting a Korean actor will help the drama reach international-level success, and it will help promote traditional Chinese wuxia to a larger audience.”

Sources: Sina.com, ifeng.com

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  1. Qiao Feng looks unfortunate, sorta king of beggars. As for a korean in a huge rule, no. 1 is money but then he may be suitable for the role. Let’s wait for the stills.

    BUT does Koreans understand wuxia? They do understand brotherhood though.

    1. Funn,
      Wallace looks so tanned and tired in the above photo. His costume and uncombed hair are meant to give him the rough hero look.

      1. Felix Wong the best. Need not look like a beggar. I do notice c-dramas love those tanning sprays. And fur coats.

      2. The fur in Ruby Lin’s drama with Wallace Huo and Yan Kuan drove me nuts.

      3. Addy,
        It looked too modern and artificial? And there was purple color I believe? They should aim to make it look like it came off the back of an animal to be more realistic.

      4. Me too, more so when Northern Han moves to Shu Kingdom and still that darn fur is there.

      5. Funn,
        I found Leung Ka Yan to be the quintessential Qiao Feng, since the 80s version was the first one I watched.

        When Felix took the role, I believe the initial public reaction was that he did not look rough enough. I remember that he purposedly deepened his voice while shouting his lines, plus his kung fu is obviously not as strong as Leung Ka Yan. Felix was cast due to his star power for the role, but I don’t find him to be suitable.

        Felix’s best performance was in “Looking Back in Anger”.

      6. But I always remember Felix’s last scene, the anguish, the pain. Felix has this natural goodness in him so to see him stuck in the middle and then killing himself was heart breaking. He did look a bit rough but Felix always has this innate elegance as an actor and person. I suppose you can’t roughened someone that classy. I have a high opinion of Felix, more so when he is honest with his feelings with TVB and is still surviving.

        I didn’t watch the Leung Ka Yan version or the Hu Jun version but these 2 can act the socks out of any other names, Felix included. So is Wallace Chung the worst casting as Qiao Feng? Maybe he is the handsome version?

      7. I have to agree with Funn here about Felix, he is the one that made me appreciate that character, and realize how deep, strong and conflict his pain is. And how as bad as his fate ends, it’s the best way for him. He is to me what made that series memorable, even though I love Benny’s character. But his acting made that series.

  2. does not look promising. The last Wallace chung’s wuxia, magic blade was quite bad. His acting doesnt seem to improve much for some reason. Hu Jun still the best qiao feng. The above picture of wallace chung, bad tan, bad hair, bad costume, bad, bad bad…

  3. 张檬 as Wang Yuyan? Lolz, she is just teeny cute, even not pretty. Crystal Liu is even better.

    If you look at Kim Ki Bum’s outfit for Duan Yu, maybe you won’t complain much about Wallace Chung. Kim Ki Bum’s outfit is even more of a beggar.

  4. Think Kevin Cheng as Ip Man is bad casting?

    Wallace Chung as Qiao Feng takes the cake. LOL

    His recent series with Baron Chen where he had to act as a dai haap is bad enough.

    Producers just think that by padding out their cast with popular names for billing roles = successful series, because all their obsessed fans will support the series.

  5. I think I am the only one that like the fur look in the Ruby lin series. What it looks cool! LOL Agree with you guys the Magic Blade movie was awful!! I like Wallace, but his character’s style and portrayal was just calling out for a barf bucket! It could be that I seen the two older version, and this one is just so Weird. Also not digging hi Qiao Feng look here either, I guess we will have to wait and see.

    1. I do like the fur in ruby’s series, as its different, the blue royal still showing off that they are royal, and it does go well with the snowy weather, so unlike a lot of other place where they use crap fur, like the picture above, ruby used nicer fur, she justified the reason why she used fur as well, not just because she wants to use fur and follow Chinese obsession with fur lol

      1. I though Ruby did it tastefully too! Fur in the winter is logical, but fur all over the place and ugly fur is not acceptable lol

      2. I don’t think Ruby was the one that designed the costumes…

      3. of course not, but she had a lot of say when she produced it and am sure she has a lot of say when the costume was picked out

  6. Seriously? Irrelevant Wallace Kim Kibum? I won’t be surprised if this series will flop.

  7. WTF is that? With fake fur and sequin, they look more like 1960’s hippies in a “love in”?

    This gonna be a typical HK director wasting Mainland investors money crap.

  8. Wallace just looks dirty!

    Han Dong is just too handsome to play Xu Zhu good lord…

    1. Han Dong is playing a monk also in the new SOD, he is too handsome to play the not so looking Xu Zhu, but I am glad he is getting good rolls too. I hope this series doesn’t flop like the Magic blade. Hey your from KA kekeke

      1. Who said that the actor/actress had to match the character that they play?? As we have seen in many cases, that is how it is… Great to know that Han Dong is getting good roles though.

      2. Yeah, I am from KA, you know me? Actually…lots people recognize my face and name lol!

    2. Yeah. Wallace looking dirty does not make him any more suitable for the character.

  9. Can’t they think of another story or create an original one instead of remaking the same old novels over and over and over again.. Goodness, so tired of them already regardless of who is in it.

    1. I don’t really mind the remake every 10 year, no I don’t even expect it to be faithful to the novel, since we all know whats going to happening, I just want it to make sense and be good, all visual and acting!

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