Wayne Lai, Nancy Wu, and Lau Kong Receive TVB Long Service Awards

TVB held a “Service Awards for Long-Term Employees of Excellence” in a hotel ballroom in Tsim Sha Tsui on the evening of November 28. Staff members and actors who were employed by the station in the last three decades were eligible to win the honor.

The biggest winner of the night was 69-year-old veteran actor, Lau Kong (劉江), who was awarded a large gold medal for his service in the last thirty years. Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) were each awarded with a gold medal of nine grams to commend their tenth year working for the station.

The surprising winner of the night was famous comedian-actor Stephen Chow (周星馳), who was awarded the thirty-year gold medal with Lau Kong. Stephen enrolled in TVB’s acting class in 1982 and graduated a year later. Some of his classmates included Tony Leung (梁朝偉), Bobby Au-Yeung (歐陽震華), Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Eddie Cheung (張兆輝), and Eddie Kwan (關禮傑). Although Stephen left TVB in the early 1990s to pursue a career in film, he never officially ended his contract with TVB. However, Stephen was absent at the ceremony.

Lau Kong, referred to as “Master Lau” by many of his colleagues, expressed his content work relationship with TVB in the last thirty years. He revealed that he recently renewed his contract, and said, “My salary increases with every contract renewal. I cannot say that I am satisfied, but I can say [the increase is] okay.”

Lau Kong added that he has developed a deep affection for TVB after all these years. “Some people say TVB isn’t too great, but they treat me well. At least I am given chances to portray different and challenging characters.”

Wayne Lai joined TVB in the last 1980s, but left TVB in the early 2000s. As a result, Wayne could only qualify for the ten-year gold medal.

Wayne exclaimed that he finally lived up to Chai Kau’s famous phrase, “How many decades are there in a lifetime?” In Wayne’s acceptance speech, he said, “The past ten years have been very productive. I hope to do even better in the next ten years.”

Asked if Wayne hopes to win Best Actor at the TVB Anniversary Awards this year, Wayne said, “Hopefully! And the chance to film more productions in the future. I still have much room left for improvement.”

Nancy Wu was rather shocked when she heard that she would also win a gold medal. Nancy auditioned for TVB’s New Talent Singing Awards in 1999 and became a finalist. In 2001, Nancy won TVB’s Cover Girl competition, and later graduated from TVB’s acting class in 2004.

“I was in complete shock when I heard that I would be receiving this award with Wayne. I have been watching Wayne on TV since I was very little!” cried Nancy.

Nancy will also be running for Best Supporting Actress this year at the TVB Anniversary Awards. Nancy said that she is very satisfied with her performance in the last decade, and hopes to win the Best Supporting Actress this year as a tenth-year anniversary present.

Source: Oriental Daily via ihktv.com

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  1. Unfortunately, after working for TVB for 10 whole years, Nancy Wu is still acting some 2nd or 3rd lead roles. Her acting is even better than those top fadans’!

    Nancy deserves to move up to act 1st lead roles! Why does she get a chance?

    1. Yup. She do such an incredible job, but I guess she got the supporting awards in 2008, and untill now then TVB hasen’t been having any intention of lifting her up to main lead roles, so I kinda believe they never will. i think she gonna become a grean leaf veteran like Gigi Wong.

      1. Nancy Wu never got Best Support Actress award though she got nominated a few times in the last few years. She only got Best Improved Female some years ago.

      2. Her acting far exceeds a lot of the newbies. I’d be butthurt to see those newcomers getting nominated alongside with her, whatever the award may be! Imagine if they were to win something, ouch. Double stabs.

  2. Giving Stephen Chow the thirty-year gold medal kinda cheapens Lau Kong’s one. Lau Kong really works for TVB for 30 years, a true 30 years service. Stephen left ages ago. I would rather TVB gave the medal to other veteran actors who have work for TVB for 30 years.

    1. true. Guess they were hoping for him to go attend the ceremony and then spread rumours he would film a series again.

    2. I agree and they should have given one to Lau Dan as well since he is another veteran that has worked with TVB for many years. But then again, not sure if he left in between or not…

  3. Ahhh Nancy is same time as Wayne?!

    Kidd, I disagree on the cheapen part. Stephen Chow if truly still with TVB shows how TVB is a stepping stone to something much greater.

    What I don’t get is why Stephen Chow gets one when as you said he left TVB long ago? Because he hasn’t given an actual resignation letter? Is he still paying TVB some percentage of his income? Is TVB his manager? If no, why? Why indeed!! A ploy to get him back? Does Andy Lau qualify? Why stop there? Give to Sean! Give to Louis Koo.

    Strange indeed.

    1. Agree. Very strange and surprised. Even if Stephen did not resign, was he still considered as a TVB employee? Was he paid by TVB, or did he share his income or commission with TVB?

      Was Stephen under any contractual obligations to film drama series or shows for TVB in the last 20+ years? If so, why did we not see any of his drama series or shows?

      1. Quite a mystery, right up there with why ATV is still here. And every day I read TVB’s impending doom, impending demise, impending death, impending annihilation and yet ATV, without production, so called zero rating, etc is still there. TVB shall live long and prosper. Anyway where is Stephen Chow? What is his response? “Not that I am bothered” is probably his response. “I can afford a cart full of those gold thing anyways”.

        True true.

      2. P/s Would have loved to see this telecast. Would have been quite an intimate party. Why not honour Lau Kong in the award ceremony itself? It is after all TVB’s “annual dinner & bonus to staff” day.

      3. “Wayne Lai joined TVB in the last 1980s, but left TVB in the early 2000s. As a result, Wayne could only qualify for the ten-year gold medal.”

        I see. If not he could have qualified for 20 year gold medal?

    2. I believe Stephen still has a per series contract with TVB. He just owes TVB episodes and just means that he can’t film for any tv station besides TVB in HK. It’s my understanding that almost everyone still owes TVB episodes.

      1. I wonder why.. TVB didn’t have the gut to ask Stephen to repay what he owes tvb.

      2. What is there to repay? I am sure TVB took a cut from his income when he still has a management contract. TVB would have sued. I don’t know. Curious stuff.

    3. I think maybe TVB wants to butter up the old veterans to come back and help them since they are sinking ship?? They may also want to remind the public that many of the famous artists used to work for them and want to remind everyone how great they are… This really reminds me back in the days when TVB gave awards to D-i-cky, Andy,Angie,etc… even though they left TVB ages ago…

    1. I liked Lau Kong ever since his drama series acting as Andy Lau’s “hidden” father in “The Emissary” . He is an excellent veteran.

    2. Yes! Great veteran actor indeed.
      He said his salary increases with each contract renewal, but he cant say he’s satisfied – well, I can believe this. TVB prolly pays him peanuts. Nevertheless, I’m happy he got a service award, at least there’s something!

  4. Did they just invent the award this year or do they normally do this anyway? Im happy the actors and actresses got recognized for hard work.

    1. It is usual for big companies to have such awards. I am sure it is also given to other staff at TVB.

      1. Right. TVB has gold medals for her staff completing 10 years of service, 20 years and 30 years.

      2. I wonder if it is solid gold or is it like those Olympic gold metals??

    2. They have done this for quite a long time. I don’t know exactly when it started but I remember TVB had this every year since at least 2005. I’m pretty sure it started way before then.

  5. Nancy said she has been watching Wayne act since she was very little, lol.
    I wonder how it feels like if we get to be actors/actresses one day and we get to star next to our favourite artists…I think I’ll never be able to get over the star-struck feeling!

    1. ….. and Nancy was acting as Wayne’s wife (FH3) and lover (The Confidant) in more than 2 drama series. Isn’t it great for her?!

      1. Haha, yes! And this reminds me of this scene in FH3 (just finished screening in Malaysia as a repeat) and Nancy’s performance is extremely good as his wife. I cried when she told Pro Sir the story of how she was her little fan when she first met him and it’s the biggest achievement for a ‘siu fan see’ to be married to her idol. Touching.

  6. It nice seeing some long time veterans being honored for their loyal service over the years. They usually get overlooked at the awards so it’s good to see TVB values them. Every year when I see interviews from the ceremony I’m surprised by how long some people have been with TVB. I wish the article included the other lesser known artists who were also recognized.

    1. Yup behind all the negative news about TVB then i am glad they do something positive. But i was wonder those artists that is lesser known, do they get any awards if they stay a long time with TVB?

    2. But isn’t it pretty standard for firms to give employees that are loyal for so many years, something?

    3. True it is nice to see TVB FINALLY treating their veterans well. However, I still see that they are very selective in how they treat veterans or any loyal artists. They treat some well while still neglecting others.. when they will ever learn?

  7. Such a joke giving Stephen a gold medal. I guess he will “throw” it away. Trying to get Stephen back to film series? No way that’s gonna happen, haha.

    It makes Master Lau look bad who stayed with the company for so long.

  8. Who are the others who received the awards? It’s not just Wayne, Nancy and Lau Kong right?

    1. Many ppl received this medal :). Each year from 2007 Txb will have a party like this for ppl who have 10 years of continuous service.

    2. The only ones I could name are Lai Lok Yi and Vic Choi? (Don’t know if I’m spelling that correctly.) There are many others but the ones in the article are just the bigger names.

  9. I recently rewatched Triumph In The Skies and realised that Nancy Wu acted quite well. I think she had little recognition as the limelight was on Myolie Wu then but I think Nancy deserves to act in leading roles now.

    Also rewatched Journey to the West recently and I really need to point out just how talented of an actor Wayne Lai is. I don’t seem to remember any memorable roles from Wayne after Journey to the West (exclude Journey to the West 2) up until Safe Guards. I even forgot he was in Moonlight Resonance. Rosy Business really did make him famous. Wayne’s acting talent has been underestimated for a very long time!

    1. When Nancy filmed Triumph 1 she was still in acting class. You would think tvb was going to promote her soon. Its sad and pathetic that I am rooting for her to win bsa year after year instead of ba =((

      1. With Nancy Wu’s acting, she deserves to move up to act 1st lead roles. Nataline Tong, who is not as good as Nancy in every respect, is leading in a drama series with Wayne Lai “Detective Columbo” already. Moreover, Nancy will only be cast in 1 or 2 drama series, acting 2nd or 3rd support roles. Feel sorry for her.

      2. Who said that TVB is fair??? I am sure many companies can be like that and life itself is just not fair…

    2. I’ve noticed Wayne Lai for a long time and even more so after JTTW. I cannot imagine anyone else being able to tackle Chu Pak Kai’s role any better than him!! He was so natural in that role, I was so won over. When he finally got popular, I was truly happy for him cuz he deserved every bit of it 🙂

      As for Nancy, yes…I don’t know why she wasn’t promoted more. I forgot her earlier series, but my impression on her was, she’s been quite good even from beginning…and got even better now.
      I’m no fan of her, but I appreciate good talent when I see one. She deserves much more than just supporting roles, sigh.

    3. For me, he was the show stealer in all these series:

      The Conqueror’s Story, Scavengers’ Paradise, The Gentle Crackdown,
      Fantasy Hotel, Pages of Treasures, Steps
      The Gentle Crackdown II

  10. Kudos to u TVB n it’s abt time! Nancy Wu has great potential but too bad she had been overlook for a period of time. Imo I supposed she rather hold a lead role than such gifts but anyway, congrats to u Nancy!

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