Wayne Lai Only Allowed to Eat Bananas in Order to Stay Slim

Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung and Maggie Cheung Ho Yee were filming for Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒Ⅲ> earlier. After angering his wife Nancy Wu Ding Yan, and his daughter, Wayne asked Maggie to accompany him at a toy store to a gift for his daughter. Asked whether Wayne will have an extra-marital affair with Maggie in the series, Wayne refused to answer in an attempt to prevent any plot spoilers!
After Charmaine Sheh Si Man injured her arm, she was unable to film for Forensic Heroes 3. Maggie was asked to replace Charmaine in the lead role. Maggie did not mind being the second choice in the casting decision and especially cut her hair short for the role. Indicating her excitement in partnering with Wayne after a seven-year gap, Maggie said, “We collaborated on The Conqueror’s Story <楚漢驕雄> earlier. Seven years later, Wayne has become the TV King. Partnering with him might give me good luck too!”

Maggie appeared extremely excited to work with Wayne again. She even revealed that she was afraid to share meals with Wayne due to his dieting habits. “I saw him eat only a banana and drink one bowl of soup. [He eats less] than most actresses!”

After his dieting secret was revealed, Wayne explained, “While filming No Regrets <義海豪情>, I dropped a dozen pounds. However, I gain weight very easily. I have to control what I eat! Right now, I can only drink a bowl of soup and eat a banana.” (Are you afraid that you will lack stamina during filming?) “Even a big gorilla only eats bananas!  Andy Lau Tak Wah survived long-term without eating rice! I am just lacking a six-pack abdomen!” However, Andy Lau claimed that he ate his rice. Discrediting Andy, Wayne wasn’t “proper!”

Since many women care about their looks, Maggie often asked staff members to help her re-apply her make-up and lipstick during filming. After televisions programs entered the high-definition age, there was no choice [but to look flawless].

Source: Face Magazine #193

Jayne: Wayne Lai does look a lot better after losing weight. But the banana and soup diet sounds quite harsh. Sammi Cheng’s watermelon diet was another extreme diet. Makes me wonder what extreme diets other actors and actresses go on to stay so slim.

Money and fame for actors unfortunately cut back their enjoyment of good food.

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  1. wait! Wayne’s wife is Nancy Wu Ding Yan? it’s the same person as Nancy Wu acting for TVB or just same name?

    1. Nancy Wu plays Wayne’s wife in FH3. They are talking about the plot of the series, not Wayne’s real life.

  2. Plenty of (scary) celebrities diet out there. Wayne’s diet sound harsh, but not as hardcore as watermelon or lettuce diet.

    No-rice diet is not that difficult, just that Asian tend to eat rice regularly, so the hard part is kicking off the habit.

    1. Sehseh, no rice diet presumably means low carb intake, which is tough in the low term. The body naturally craves carbs for energy.

      I simply love rice in all its forms and varieties: plain white, glutinous, brown, wild, sweet black rice, rice pilaf, fried rice hehe. Love noodles too.

      When I visited Hong Kong, I was in culinary heaven. Cantonese food is still my favorite! The food is so tasty there and snacks are everywhere to tempt. Food supply tastes very fresh, which makes all the difference. Meat and vegetables do not taste as good in the USA and the food transport time doesn’t seem to be the only trouble.

      1. I must agree with you about how food taste in the USA. One thing that I’ve noticed, this country is that fast food is much more easily accessible that healthy foods. ::sigh::

      2. I agree Jayne. I eat all American food for one week n and feel bloated n ahem.. gaseous! Back to my canton diet and I’m all good.

      3. Actually, I’ve been on a low-carb diet before (means no rice, no potatoes, pasta, bread) and it’s ok for me. No withdrawal symptoms. To tell the truth, it’ll only help to lose 2-3 kg.

        I’m without diet plan now, because my weight keep dropping due to work stress. So I can indulge in any cravings, kekeke

      4. Sehseh I envy you!

        That;s Atkins diet isn;t it? I can’t do it, not with all the Pan Mee and all.

      5. Funn,

        Maybe you can sign up for gym. Beside slimming, exercising also strengthen your body.

      6. I don’t even have the energy to walk into the gym, more so work out at a gym!

      7. I always hear how good food on HK is.. My brother said it was good when he went as well. I grew up in the US but rarely eat fast food since my mom always makes us cook at home because it is healthier and cheaper. I just cannot eat fast food in the long term since you get sick of it easily. Eating it once in awhile is ok.

      8. HK food is generally good but since I am a Malaysian and I am biased, I shall just stop at that. But their ice lemon tea is the best.

      9. I guess HK food is fresher compared to US frozen ingredients, but it’s also as easy to gain weight because of their hefty portion.

        But do come to Malaysia to taste our food for comparison. Like Funn, I’m biased so I’ll just stop at here. Keke…

      10. @ Funn

        You will gain more energy when you exercise. One time I felt sick and no energy. But, after playing 2 rounds of badminton, I actually felt more energised. You will feel fresher after you sweet it out.

      11. @iampheng, have you seen “Food, Inc.” or “Fast Food Nation?” Makes you re-think about what you are truly eating. In the USA, chickens from big brands such as Tyson are fed a specially-engineered diet to make them grow from egg to full chicken size in 48 days (that’s less than the length of time it takes to grow green beans in your yard)! Their diet makes the chicken grow huge breasts and very small bones, in fact these chicken bones are so frail and weak, the chicken can never truly walk otherwise their bones would break. If you buy your chickens in the American supermarkets, you’ll notice how small the chicken skeletons are.

        We shop for groceries mainly in Chinese supermarkets, since we like to make most meals from scratch with fresh ingredients. I am a “label reader” since I like to scrutinize the ingredients of food I buy. I try to avoid packaged foods such as cookies and chips because there are a lot of chemical preservatives in there, which is really not very good for the body.

        I have never stuck to a long-term dieting plan, just try to be more conscious of what I am eating. My weakness is sugar as I love desserts. My friends tried Atkins and Weight Watchers and while Atkins tends to give more immediate results, the Weight Watcher method which encourages you to think about what you eat and the portions would probably lend to a more healthy permanent weight loss.

        Funn, hehe do you prefer “lighter” exercise such as yoga or swimming? Dancing is fun too. I don’t like to jog nor do the treadmill, but I like lighter exercise like swimming. I was a very non-athletic kid and learned how to swim at 18 and after taking 10 lessons, I learned enough techniques to swim well in a pool.

        Enough of my food rant, but as you can see I care about my food as much as I do about HK celebrities. 🙂

      12. I like the Malaysian food that is served in New York Malaysian restaurants. I like the spices but it is more for dining-out once in a while only. I am used to the “bland” taste of home-cooked Cantonese food and this is what I always go back to eating long-term, otherwise the extra spices and sauces in other cuisines tend to overload my body.

      13. Jayne, yoga? My bones hurt. Swimming? Can’t. I like light exercise, those involving keyboard and fingers.

        Have you been to Malaysia? You must try KL specialty, Hokkien Mee, Assam Laksa, Chinese dim sum, cantonese fry, claypot rice, our drinks like kopi, kopi-oh, kopi-cham… basically all the coffee… I am so hungry! Must try also Bah Kut Teh!!!!

      14. @Funn, no I have not traveled to Malaysia yet and my sampling of the food has been restricted to the renditions cooked up at the Malaysian restaurants I ate at. But I like Hokkien Mee and Assam Laksa that I ate. Of course the local flavors would be better.

        Hehe the label that I was “non-athletic” stuck to my mind as a kid because I can not play basketball and team sports. But in college, I discovered swimming and realized that there is a form of exercise that each person can enjoy. For me, I can not play team based, competitive sports as there is a pressure to “perform” to a certain level but some people thrive on that. If you like being in the water and like swimming while holding on to a floating board, then why not give lessons a try? I prefer dancing where I don’t have to dance with a male partner, like hip hop classes at the gym. Yoga for beginners doesn’t require great flexibility and a regular meditation practice is very helpful to relieve stress.

        I want to try out some tai chi classes and self-defense classes. LOL, I told my friend that a martial arts school would be a great place to find some fit guys, as she was complaining that she can’t seem to find any available single men. Just like how some men would take yoga to meet women. 🙂

  3. I find it interesting that Asian actresses always admit to unhealthy diets to stay slim (because I suppose that’s the norm in Asia — do whatever you must and eat as little you as can to be thin), but in American, all actresses claim they eat a very normal healthy diet to stay slim or that they are naturally like a stick.

    1. Hey maybe it is a part of the culture? It’s like with plastic surgery, Asian celebs deny this and that and try to hide it as much as they can, while American celebs just openly admit it…

    2. I have a feeling that they don’t find this diet unhealthy. I find that a lot of Asian people’s definition of healthy diet is not balance diet but no meat diet. No meat, no oil, no fat = healthy diet. Lots of fruits = healthy diet.

      1. But Atkins work. This all bananas and soup and nothing else is insane. On a good point, his ermmm bowel movement must be rather good. How can anyone on his sort of schedule survive on so little? Just eat healthily, exercise. I never thought Wayne was fat to begin with. So now that he is famous he has to be stick thin? What happened to building muscles?

      2. Banana not only helps bowel movement. Banana actually is a good source of energy.

        This diet reminds me of Ariel Lin’s diet when she wanted to lost weight quickly for LOCH. She just at boiled vegetable and nothing else.

      3. Frankly if I am like hollywood stars being paid millions for a movie, I think that will be a good motivator.

      4. when comparing fruits though, bananas are a pretty high calorie fruit. My nutritionist once told me that it is best to eat only half a banana when one is on a diet.

    3. So many of the artistes are already not healthy due to lack of rest and stress, Which will already naturally make them lose weight, I don’t see why they have to force themselves on such strict diets. That kinda sucks….

  4. That’s kinda surprising how most actresses will go on harsh diets like that. I thought asians would have higher metabolism? For me, I can eat as many food as I want and I’m still really slim ><""

    1. Star, age slows down metabolism. Acting is already a physically grueling profession, where Wayne sleeps very little and is always on his feet. And he has to diet down. Most TVB stars schedules are so packed they have no time for exercise.

      1. I don’t think they even need exercise since they already have to do this and that for their job. I personally don’t eat much since I seem to have a small stomach… I just get lazy to eat. I also fear getting fat as well. However, I am shorter and smaller person while Wayne is bigger and taller so for him to eat so little is not good at all. I wonder if he gets dizzy and feels like fainting? I often get that due to not eating much and it is not a good feeling. It also depends on what you eat as well…

      2. @HeTieShou, being thin is different than being healthy. Most TVB stars don’t sleep enough and it probably helps them hold the pounds down, but it’s also a very unhealthy lifestyle.

        Do you get the fainting feeling because of low blood sugar due to long lapses between meals? Snacking a little on dried fruits and nuts help. Finding the right vitamin supplement can also do wonders. I’ve taken Centrum before but without any help, since most of the “nutrients” are derived from chemical compounds, which make body absorption harder. I take Nature’s Way “Alive!” vitamins, derived from fruit and vegetables extracts. Since you are in the USA, you can find this supplement at most drugstores.

    2. Asians are like all other people. I run and dance for like 2 hours a day just so that I can eat whatever I want and stay slim 🙁

    3. I think Cantonese way of cooking is truly one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, in the low fat benefits and emphasis on veggies. Many home recipes call for steaming of meats and blanching of veggies. Home recipes don’t call for baking, where the meats sit in large amounts of oil for a long time.

      I hate McDonalds and cheeseburgers. I can’t eat an American steak without feeling my gut is overburdened sometimes. I realize my body can’t process overly greasy and fatty meat in large quantities.

      But I definitely can’t survive on a banana and a bowl of soup either. Moderation is key for food consumption.

      1. Especially for a full grown man like Wayne, that kinda meal definitely is not enough. he must be starving himself, that is so unhealthy.

  5. Good to know he’s going to slim down again. He looks so much better with a more chiseled face.

  6. there is such a high price to pay for fame.
    i must say that the hongkong celebs are very disciplined.

  7. You can eat carbs, just good carbs like brown rice instead of white rice to lose weight. I’ve noticed something about white rice…eat too much of it and even a skinny person can get something like a “rice belly”.

    Wayne and Nancy? I like! I thought they had great chemistry together in “Rosy Business”, and I like Nancy’s acting. She’s gotten prettier too!

    I’d be extra paranoid about how I would look on screen too in the era of HD. Any of you guys watched any of the “Twilight” movies on HD? DAAAAAANNNNGGGG! Edward’s supposed to have twinkly alabaster skin and Bella is supposed to be quite pale and smooth too. The “ethereal-ness” was faked quite well in the theaters but unfortunately for my friends who are “Twilight” fans…they have become disillusioned from watching Blue-Ray DVDs on my 42-inch HD plasma ::evil laughs:: You never want to see your idols chalky makeup, pimples, or scars.

    I don’t believe that Asians are naturally slim. That’s myth in my book. I think that they are more likely to make healthier food choices due to culture though. In Asian countries, serving sizes also tend to be alot smaller. If anyone has paid attention to the new generation of young people in Asian countries that grew up with fast food and a disdain for ethnic food…they’re usually chubsters. I’m not a skinny Asian either…but I lost quite bit of weight just walking around [no public trans], sweating [lived in tropical climate], and eating native food [lots of veggies and meat with no hormones] when I lived in Asia. Unfortunately…now I’ve moved back home…::sigh::

    1. @iampheng, white rice does have very little nutritional value. I eat brown rice whenever I can. Since it has more fiber, I can eat less quantity and it makes me full longer. Also, there is delayed brain recognition as to when we are truly full. We should stop eating when we feel 80% full because of this delayed signal, most people tend to overstuff themselves.

      I had the same experience when I traveled to China and Hong Kong for 3 weeks. I lost 10 pounds, due to sweating and getting an intestinal virus near the end of the trip. I tend to get intestinal viruses when I travel, likely due to the presence of different local bacteria in the water which my body is not used to.

      1. WHAT? Intestinal Virus? er LMAO!! sorry to laugh but hahaha. I’m lucky, I haven’t gotten sick from my travel or eating street food yet. I haven’t been to China or HK though…just in Southeast Asia. I must go up north to further build up tolerance in my intestines!

      2. I have stopped eating white rice long ago. Brown rice for me is hard to digest because of the texture. I now stick to purple and black rice which tastes like white rice but with more nutritional value. Since my family has switched to purple/black rice, we’ve all lost weight!

      3. I am not sure if white rice has little nutritional value or not, but I do know that people with diabetes cannot eat white rice due to the big amount of glucose. Some of my more distant aunts and aunt in laws have diabetes and eat only brown rice and wheat bread. One of my aunts has really bad diabetes that she has to give herself a shot or 2 of insulin each day. She constantly complains about eating brown rice because she claims that it doesn’t taste good. However, she has no choice due to being a diabetic.

      4. @Jayne,

        I hope you’re feeling better now.

        @iampheng, Judy and HTS

        I remember I’ve an american friend told me this that they’re not used to eat local dishes outside the hotel in asia because their stomachs are not used to their water/food there. My friend from usa also had prob with his stomach after he travelled to China and he’s been like staying in the hotel for like a week, wasted his trip to China for not getting to visit other places. He also ate something outside the hotel, mainly from those street hawker which caused his stomach uneasy sort of.

  8. I think in addition to healthy food, HK people also have the advantage that they walk a lot and that is a good form of exercise to keep you fit. Compare to where I am where walking means walking from my car to the building:( When I was in Asia, I ate so much but didn’t gain any weights because I had to walk everywhere I went and would sweat it off in the heat.

  9. @Jayne,
    Thanks for the advice Jayne and you are right, it is important to stay healthy as well. But sadly a lot of people go on bad diets just to stay thin and try to look good, but they feel crappy inside. Yea, I take Centrum but not everyday since my mom said it is not good to take too many vitamins.My mom takes Nature’s Way so maybe I should try as well.

    YOu really got an intestinal virus???HOw did it feel?Not everyone gets it right? I am hope that you are all better now.DOes that always happen to you? Was it that bad? My brother and cousins are now in an Asian tour and I think they are enjoying it so far. I think they went to Hk too. My other brother and sister in law went to HK and China and liked HK way more than China. My sister in law is from HK and have been there over 6 times. She will go again this year with my nephew and he can’t wait since it will be his first time going.

  10. Why is nobody commenting on Nancy Wu playing Wayne’s wife?? Can’t they find a more mature, appropriate actress? Nancy is like his little sister!! God – I hate it when they do this!!

  11. Sammi and her extreme diet purely by eating watermelons??? how’s that possible :S I’m sure her stomach also has shrunken for not eating like normal ppl. I think that’s pretty unhealthy for real.

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