Wen Jiarong to Sue Deric Wan for Physical Assault

Deric Wan’s (温兆伦) ex-girlfriend, Wen Jiarong (温嘉蓉) claimed that Deric swindled her of $500,000 RMB. Jiarong even hinted that she had taken nude photos and was afraid that they would surface if she exposed the matter. In the latest tabloid reports, Wen Jiarong revealed a 4-inch scar on the side of her neck. Jiarong claimed that the scar was due to Deric physically assaulting her with a fruit knife during one of their quarrels in 2009!

Deric Accused of Physical Assault

Deric allegedly asked Jiarong for $500,000 RMB to invest in a Tianjing property. Deric reportedly promised to return the cash amount to Jiarong after he received the proceeds from the property sale. Jiarong claimed that both parties drafted out a legal agreement. After ending his relationship with Jiarong, Deric allegedly declined to return the money back to Jiarong.

The severity of Jiarong’s allegations against Deric continued to escalate in severity. In addition to seeking back the $500,000 RMB through legal means, Jiarong vowed to recover compensation for Deric’s infliction of personal injury on her.

Deric Had Many Flings Behind Jiarong’s Back?

Wen Jiarong revealed that in their 7-year relationship, Deric Wan allegedly proposed to her. Their relationship allegedly turned sour in 2009 when Jiarong discovered from Deric’s phone bed photos with different women. Deric’s racy photos were allegedly taken with his personal assistant, a renowned actress, and another unknown woman.

Jiarong then revealed that Deric had also allegedly chased her out of the house when she discovered the presence of mainland Chinese actress, Zhao Ting (趙庭) at their house. Deric then allegedly demanded $900,000 RMB from Jiarong, in return for her to retrieve her belongings from the house.

Jiarong recounted the incident, “I opened the door and saw him together with Zhao Ting, then he said he did not love me anymore. He asked me to return the proposal ring, and then chased me out of the house, saying that he wanted to break off with me. He even asked me to give him $900,000 RMB; only then he would allow me to return back to the house to pack my belongings. I was shocked! I paid for the rental of the house!”

Jiarong Preparing to Sue Deric for Assault

Jiarong also recounted that Deric had injured her with a fruit knife during their quarrel in 2009. The ex-couple allegedly disputed over Deric’s infidelity and Deric allegedly scarred the back of Jiarong’s neck during the heated argument. At the time, Jiarong proceed to call the police, with Deric allegedly pleading her not to magnify the matter. Eventually, Jiarong relented and dropped  the case with the police.

Jiarong told the media that her lawyer had filed a suit against Deric to recover her $500,000 RMB. It was also understood that Deric has been issued a summons to appear in court. Jiarong was confident of winning the case and said, “The lawyer said I had a written agreement, and my chances of winning is high. Even if he does not attend the court hearing, as long as the judge sentences in favor of me, he still needs to return the $500,000 RMB. He sold the Tianjing property for over $2 million RMB!”

Aside from the dispute over the $500,000 RMB, Wen Jiarong will also press charges against Deric Wan for personal injury, in which she disclosed that the police had filed records of the assault incident earlier.

Deric Uses Grandmother to Gain Public Sympathy?

Regarding Wen Jiarong’s damaging claims, Deric wrote on his Weibo blog on July 25th, “My grandma fainted when she heard of your doing, and she is lying in a hospital now. You are not able to hurt me, but you hurt my grandma. If there is any mishap, I will not tolerate you again!”

Contrary to Deric’s Weibo posting, his grandmother was reportedly to be in good health. A neighbor of Deric’s grandmother disclosed that Deric’s grandmother was not admitted to a hospital at all, and that Deric had not visited her for a while. This sparked speculation if Deric was using his grandmother to gain public’s sympathy.

Deric’s Responses on Weibo

Since the scandalous news broke out two weeks ago, Deric has not personally stepped forward to clear Jiarong’s allegations against him. In an earlier interview, Deric’s manager rebuked Wen Jiarong’s statements and claimed that she was only yearning for publicity. Deric’s manager also challenged the legal agreement produced by Jiarong only, expressing that it was only a gift from Deric and should not be regarded as a promise.

Deric, however, was more verbal on his Weibo. On July 25th, he wrote, “Deric Wan cheated money and love? This is a good topic to flame, but it lacks one word, it should be changed to Deric Wan being cheated of money and love. This will be a better effect! 7 years, $500,000 RMB is too little right?”

Source: QQ.com 

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  1. I am very concerned as to what Wen Jiarong has in her possession to prove her case, for the retrieval of the money and now the alleged physical assault case. If such police records do exist, then it may be very damaging for Deric Wan.

    Whether true or not, Wen Jiarong’s claims have already damaged Deric’s reputation. He should issue a press statement in response, rather than simply reply through Weibo.

    1. I agree with you Jayne that he should just hold a press conference instead of just replying through Weibo. If Wenjiarong has records and proof of her allegations then Deric is in big trouble. But then again, even if not, everything that has already been done is already damaging to Deric’s image and reputation..

    2. Agreed. Truth or false claims this has already damaged Deric’s image.

    3. Typical egotistic male here. Using your grandma as a rebuttal is a surefire way of saying youre just as much as a coward and loser Jianrong said previously. I believe her because her claims against him are detailed and I’ve met this type of oppurtunist. No man should ever raise a hand to a woman nonetheless scar her for life.

      I blame her for the fact that she let this type of behaviour run on so long. If he did it to her he will do it to someone else. You cant run from who you truly are.

  2. I really dislike Twitter/Weibo… people carrying on private fights in public? How stupid is that.

    I don’t know if Weibo has any meaning in Chinese… but “TWITter” is aptly named in English… filled with TWITs.

    1. Twitter/Weibo has become a place to publicize oneself and have public fight LOL

  3. It’ll be interesting to see where this will lead for sure!

  4. The actual fact is, he is a JERK!!
    “Deric’s manager also challenged the legal agreement produced by Jiarong only, expressing that it was only a gift from Deric and should not be regarded as a promise.”
    HE IS A JERK!!
    JUST LOL BCUZ she is from china, we have ILL thought bout her, ALL CHINESE, FRM WHEREVER, OUR ROOT FROM CHINA!!

    1. Well lets see how true this all is first… You should not believe everything that is written in the papers… They can say one thing today and something complete different the next day… But then again, I wonder if we will ever know the whole truth?? Most likely not…

      1. Just like when a gal report that she is being RAPED by a very WELL KNOWN ARTIST, do v really care?
        Why can’t we just REALISE that lol those so-call BELOVED actor/actress of us just same as US??!
        I mean, u believe LF n Ron have NO SEX for ONE YEAR??!!

    2. yups.. so true.. just because these people are from China, we assume that they are all bad, forgetting that we are all Chinese ourselves. There are bad people out there, but I truly believe that most people in the world are good and honest.

      It is stupid for his manager to say that the agreement was a gift because it could be legally binding. If his manager doesn’t know what he/she is talking about, it is really best that he/she keep his/her mouth shut!

      Anyway, cursing his grandmother by saying she is in hospital sounds really bad to me.

      1. “..cursing his grandmother by saying she is in the hosspital..”

        It doesnt just sound bad it is! It was actually proven, but people still wouldnt want to say they believe it. Why? Because they dont want to judge others. If this is the case why do some people seek truth.

        From everything writtwn here, and it being ‘proven’ that his mother was not sick says alot about his character. Its human nature to want to first cover up your bullshit and when you realize that people can see past the bulls*$#, they come clean. I feel hes gonna deny, deny out of embarresment.

    I once get to know u when lol u on the stage, proclaiming your FAITH n LOVE to JESUS
    (i didnt simply say, u guys can check on this)
    All I can see now is lol, u CHEAT $$ from those whom love u..
    I pray GOD will answer the prayers of the women u CHEATED!!

  6. LOL at this “Contrary to Deric’s Weibo posting, his grandmother was reportedly to be in good health. A neighbor of Deric’s grandmother disclosed that Deric’s grandmother was not admitted to a hospital at all, and that Deric had not visited her for a while.”

    1. I wonder if Deric only has one grandma though. Unless the other one has passed away, usually there’s two grandmothers. Might not be the same one they are talking about.

      1. In chinese, there’s a distinction between the terms used for paternal and maternal grandparents. In the article, it specifies that it’s his paternal grandmother, and even specifies her age, of 93 years old, so unless both his grandmothers are of the same age, but even so, they would not have used the distinct term in that situation.

  7. Btw, this Wen Jiarong, are there any normal pictures of her? She just looks so creepy.
    Now I do feel sorry for her, because if she has actual documentation as proof, it really means that Deric Wan is a jerk, and I do believe he is, especially when he makes up lies about his grandma fainting!

    But in all the photos posted of Wen Jiarong, she looks like plastic surgery gone wrong.

  8. His gf looks like a cat…what a mess! They’re both crazy ppl I find no sympathy for them…they seriously need help!

    1. i know, this guy is NEVER popular in HK and now even bad news from him in china. awww…gosh…haha perhaps he should just take it easy and control all these neg news of himself.

      1. Who? Deric? He was super popular, even got babies named after his characters. If you mean someone else, forget I posted this.

  9. such a bad taste Deric, you can easily find someone better than her.. she’s like someone who had Plastic Surgery that goes Wrong!!.. She looks hideous.

    1. Either plastic surgery that has gone wrong or plastic surgery that is wearing out and needs to get maintenence and repair.

      1. I wonder how can Deric stand her? She’s really creepy looking. She doesn’t need make up to look like a ghost.

      2. I agree and wonder why Deric dated her in the first place?? I really question how true her accusations are??

      3. that’s why she chasing him for those $$$$ so she can get a touch up for her PS

      4. Even if she’s had plastic surgery doesn’t mean her accusations are false. I think it’s kind of rude to judge her character just because of her looks.

      5. I guess it will only make it even worse, however she doesn’t have any other options.

        Deric seems like a real jerk, but at least he can act.

      6. @Lemon,

        We never doubt her accussation, she could be right on Deric cheated all her $$$ but we were just merely sharing our thoughts on her looks.

    2. he does not car that she looks hideous. he wanted sex and money from her and he got it . Such a BASTARD

  10. I still question how true her accusations are? If they are true, then I agree that Deric is a jerk. However, if not then that is so wrong of her to try to damage his reputation like that. If she hates him that much and is trying to seek revenge, then she may not necessarily be telling the complete truth.

    1. I believe that her statements have quite a high % of truth, as they are very serious, and if she’s just making them up, Deric can sue her for defamation. Also, if we notice, regarding the legal contract drawn up, Deric’s manager did not say it’s a fake, thus it must really exist! and therefore, they are trying to use excuses to push it off. Poor girl.
      Even if it’s not 100% truth, any of those things for a man to do, is despicable. Especially one who HIDES BEHIND HIS GRANDMOTHER. LIKE WTF!!!! He’s the type who will push out the women and children to die like his characters in the TV series. I just watched the series, where he fake his death by killing his twin brother, and let his wife (Louisa So), take the blame for the murder, and he is really so despicable in and out of the series!

      1. If they are true, then Deric will get what he deserves. Not to say that she is completely making them up, but add more fuel to the fire and exaggerate as well since she really hates him.

      2. LOL, what’s the name of the series sounds interesting 🙂

        The few series I have seen of Deric he is playing the good guy, hehe.

  11. if not mistaken… deric wan was embroiled in some scandals in the years during his time in tvb. that is why his popularity dipped so bad in hk… he went to china instead…. and after a decade or so… he has got it bad…. this time…..

  12. look at wen jia rong and you would know what kind of man is deric wan. Kinda of believe wen jia rong about the 500000, but the knifing part not so sure. I don’t think he is that dumb to play with knife. Punch or slap might happen, but knife?, i doubt it. She would be dead by now.

    1. I agree and I may believe the money part, but not so sure about the knife part. If she did have a scar, she can take a photo of it as proof.

      1. There’s a picture of her scar on the QQ.com article. And since she logged a police report when it happened, I believe that can be proven?

      2. Thanks for the info! But even so, it does not mean that Deric is the one that did it for sure.

    2. Ita,
      In earlier reports, Wen Jiarong also claimed that Deric physically hit her. She also hinted that “someone” had her nude photos and felt threatened to talk.

      Deric has allowed his manager to do most of the talking, while blasting some angry messages on Weibo.

      While he apparently seems very clear on money with his ex-girlfriends, I’m not yet ready to believe he is a physically abusive boyfriend yet.

      It’s still a case of “she said” versus “he said.” From past cases, Deric may have tendency to financially cut off ex-girlfriends, but Wen Jiarong is the first to make such outrageous claims against him.

      1. That’s what I was thinking too. The money part I can believe about the abuse and especially the knife part is a lot harder to believe.

      2. You never know… I have seen a chinese man push his wife on a chair and started punching her in public before…

      3. Even if that man did, does not mean that Deric did that. Also, you said punch and hit, but nothing with a knife.

    1. Thanks for the photos Jayne! She actually looked better before, but now she just looks creepy and scary.

      1. HeTieShou,
        When Deric fell for Wen Jiarong, she looked fine. Too much botox in her lips now…

      2. Thanks for the info Jayne!! That would make more sense because I do not think Deric would like fake and plastic her now. She looked way better before. I wonder why she turned herself into a plastic doll that had back fired???

      3. HeTieShou,
        Wen Jiarong’s statements sound very desperate…I hate to say this, but a bit emotionally unstable. Her allegations have become very wild, but told with conviction from her part.

        I’ll wait and see, but I am not ready to believe her claims until more details emerge.

        Deric should really go to a respected publication such as Ming Pao Weekly to reveal his side of the story.

      4. Jayne,
        We really have the same mind or something because I was thinking the same, however, I was afraid to use the term emotionally unstable. She seemed to want to blame everything on Deric from her missing passport to even her nude photos. Now she says he used a knife as well?? That sounds really extreme to me so I am more skeptical but let’s see if more proof or details emerge to see if she is telling the truth or not. I totally agree that Deric should go to a reputable magazine to share his side of the story. Up til now, we have only heard side of the story and that is not fair to Deric..

    2. wa..her old photo look a bit like tang wei, very elegant. I found it a bit disturbing that people always associate big eyes with beauty. Slander eyes actually look very elegant. Most of those have plastic surgery actually look prettier before than after.

    3. OH my….she looks totally different now and really bad PS surgery she had too..

    4. wow she look so much better b4 and quite beautiful!

      1. Maybe she wanted to look something like Viann but got herself a cheap surgeon though.

      2. You see a lot of celebrities who can practically bathe in money, yet their surgeries have gone horrifically wrong. I think the key here is they’re being a bit too excessive; too much and too often.

        I wonder why we see these cases so often though. If they REALLY feel the need to do it, why not just hop on a plane to South Korea?

        But it’s scary how far people will go for their beauty…

      3. That’s why they say never go for PS because you will get addicted easily..

      4. Yea, once you get PS, you will want to keep on getting it.

    5. Jayne,
      I don’t think the above picture is wen jia rong. I was curious and google it, the above picture are his current wife name Zhao ting.
      I think wen jia rong face has always been like the above, saw couple of her pics.

      1. They look same to me, I mean the above pic and the link u posted. They are same person, look at their eyes and lips. they are same.

      2. Ita,
        I apologize…I was surfing on Baidu for photos of “pre-surgery” Wen Jiarong…and Zhao Ting’s photos came up. I should have been alerted when these photos look a lot better than what Wen Jiarong looks like now.

        I’ll modify my earlier comment to prevent future confusion.

  13. I thought to myself the picture above is Viann in 10 years and I think some said the same in here. I love Deric Wan as an actor who gave iconic career defining performances that actors today in TVB can learn from. He was and is handsome and I long for him to be matched with Maggie Siu again. But seriously, his personal life is a total and absolute mess. Every single woman, there is some complaint about him and almost always about money. I find that so consistent, I am beginning to believe all the accusations. But physical assault is to me a first. He doesn’t look like that sort.

    I just wish Deric stop messing with his own good name, and go back to giving memorable performances.

    1. P/S On an actor without kung fu background, Deric can be Ip Man in my humble opinion. Is he too old? How old is he? Checked Wiki…47 vs Kevin cheng 42.. still can! Ok maybe stretching a bit.

    2. I can believe the money part because once a couple breaks up, money always seems to be a issue with anyone… But the assault, especially with a knife is totally unheard of…

    3. I m so totally agree with u.. I like his acting n looks, of cos.. Since his scandal with msia wife till now no news of him. Thn saw him in Taiwan series “Dolphin Bay”. I so miss his acting.. So Deric: Pls be good salvage ur reputation.. Just act for us,give only ur best to us.. Ur leftover fan.. ^.^ ♡ gambate ☆

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