What Louis Koo Likes the Most About Jessica Hsuan

Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) and Louis Koo’s (古天樂) close friendship did not happen just overnight. When the two first met in 1994 collaborating in the TVB family comedy, Happy Harmony (餐餐有宋家), Jessica’s first impression of Louis was cool, aloof, and quiet. The talkative actress was fascinated with how quiet her male counterpart was, making it a point to urge him into speaking with her.

During a recent interview, Jessica reflected, “I would force him to talk, but he still wouldn’t say anything. The more he refused to talk, the more I wanted to make him speak.” Instead of finding her annoying, Louis instead found Jessica to be interesting. “I thought she was amusing. How could someone talk all through the day?” Jessica immediately retorted, “Hey! If you don’t talk and then I don’t talk either, the day at work would be so boring!”

As someone innately quiet and prefers to sit alone in silence, it is quite intriguing how Louis never did find Jessica irritating. Instead, Louis shared, “There are many types of talkativeness. Some chatty people like to gossip, and I really don’t like that. Jessica is different. Yes, she loves to talk, but she often jokes around, talks to herself, and then laughs at her own jokes. She is just trying to be happy and have a good time.” 

Their career paths may have taken drastically different paths throughout the years, but Louis and Jessica’s chemistry is still evident. They are the type of friends who, even if they have not spoken in many years, can still come back together as if not a single day has passed. In their newest collaboration, A Witness Out of the Blue <犯罪現場>, the duo are again reunited onscreen. Louis portrays a career criminal who is falsely accused of murder. While cold, loyal, and seemingly dangerous on the outside, Louis innately hopes to be cared for. When he meets Jessica, whose character is visually impaired, Louis finally feels a hint of security and stability.

Louis thoughtfully expressed, “The two characters do have a romantic storyline. However, their relationship is very ambiguous and filled with sexual tension. It’s there, but subtly so. If it was, this would be a romantic film. Besides, I quite like that feeling of being on edge and subtle hints of love. It gives the people watching an edge-of-your seat feeling and a gut-wrenching ‘Darn! So close’ type of intensity.” Jessica added, “When I was younger, I liked happy endings. Now as an adult, I understand that happiness does not equate to possessing.”

Although Jessica portrayed a legally blind character in the 2002 TVB drama, Invisible Journey <彩色世界>, her character in the film is not the same and the acting method is different in A Witness Out of the Blue. “My character in Invisible Journey is blind, with no visuals whatsoever. In this film, my character is visually impaired, but can still see light and some shadows. When I was thinking about how to approach the character, Louis gave me some sound advice. He told me not to deliberately touch and feel around as if I was blind and make the audience intentionally think you have issues.”

On his acting advice on Jessica’s character, Louis shared that it stems from his own experiences. “Personally, I am extremely near-sighted. However, when I am in the familiar environment of my own home, even if I don’t have my glasses or contacts on, I can get around with no problems. So I don’t feel there is a need to purposely touch and feel around.”

Louis and Jessica’s friendship stems not only from their balance of personalities, but also their genuine openness ad reception to feedback and advice from one another.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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