Why Carina Zhang is the Perfect Wife for Raymond Lam

After Raymond Lam (林峯) and Carina Zhang‘s (張馨月) filing for marriage registration came to light, Raymond admitted to their marriage plans and asked for privacy. The couple reportedly dated for over a year before deciding to get married. While Raymond had several high-profile romances in the past, he felt Carina was the best partner for marriage.

Successfully Integrated into Raymond’s Family

After Raymond’s relationship with Karena Ng (吳千語) ended last year, Raymond met Carina through his parents and Carina was well liked by Raymond’s family and friends.

In January of this year, Raymond took Carina to his hometown for the Lunar New Year celebration and paid respects to his ancestors. A few months ago, Raymond’s cousin, Rosina Lam (林夏薇) celebrated her 32nd birthday and Carina was also in attendance. Carina and Rosina get along very well and they took many photos together. With Carina’s friendly personality, she easily integrated in his personal life even before the marriage.

Easy Going Lifestyle

With Carina’s sweet looks and 5-feet-7-feet tall figure, the 29-year-old model won second place in 2010’s National Fashion Lingerie Model Competition in China. As a model, Carina may give off a glamorous and sexy image; however she has a very laid-back style outside her work. Looking at her personal social network, Carina usually wears t-shirts, jeans or other sports wear. As a sports lover, Carina just obtained her fitness instructor license and often shares fitness videos online.

A Good Cook

While dating Raymond, Carina would often travel to Hong Kong to visit Raymond. In the photos she had shared, it can be seen that she is experienced in the kitchen based on her postures. Although her dishes may be simple, Carina cooks from the heart. Her efforts are recognized and appreciated by Raymond and thus it strengthened their relationship.

Raymond Lam’s New Girlfriend: How Carina Zhang Won Him Over

Source: HK01

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sometimes age is also a big factor although for a guy there really isn’t a big ticking biological clock that women have more pressure on. If the 19 year old he dated was ready he probably would have been taken but who knows for sure if he dumped her or that other Karina was not ready due to her age. Again, not everyone is ready to be a wife/mom b4 their mid 20s. Not everyone can be like Jay Chou’s wife popped out those kids before 25 and they were dating when she was underage. So this time around RL probably thinking now or never or again she will slip away and this one is more matured and ready giving her age.

    1. @wm2017 I’m thinking the reason they got married it could be due to pregnancy or he doesn’t want to be an atm machine anymore since he spent so much money on every girls that he dated. I mean look at Kevin and Ruco they both suddenly got married because of pregnancy isn’t it?

  2. I personally think any Mainland girl who is significantly younger than Raymond would have worked given his vulnerability and neediness after his breakup with a teenager, whom he dated for 5 years. HK Karena is outspoken/Westernized, likes to go out to eat/luxury labels, and is not the stay-at-home type. I absolutely don’t think she’s a gold digger, but just not the right girl to wife up for Raymond. Raymond has been raised by an alpha Chinese mainlander father who is extremely wealthy, so a more simple-minded/obedient mainlander girl will be a much better fit. Raymond is 40 and he’s dating girls 10 years his junior so that should be telling of his maturity level and needy nature….

    1. @jesspepperwang Yup, not to mention if he wants kids he gotta marry a younger woman? If he dates his own age, how likely can he pop those kids out? It’s reality. haha lol…. Very observant on the HK/K and mainland/C. One is way too young as I always say not everyone is like Jay Chou’s wife who wanted to pop out kids b4 25. HK/K didn’t seem ready to be a wife for one as she always stressed to reporters she was still very young which she was and she didn’t sound overly expressive either unlike Raymond Lam when they were being asked about their dating life. She seemed the more matured one to me even thou she was much younger than RL at the time. I can’t say she’s 100% gold-digging either not saying she’s not materialistic thou but if she’s purely gold digging probably wouldn’t mind being his wife before this one. Pretty sure she had her chance given she spent 5 years w/the dude. I personally think HK/K is prettier even thou she’s skinny as heck. This one I don’t find her attractive at all. lol

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