Why Rosina Lam Agreed to Revealing Scene in “Battle of the Seven Sisters”

Since the airing of Battle of the Seven Sisters <七公主>, Rosina Lam (林夏薇) has stolen attention for her “nude” scene. Given the broadcasting restrictions of television, only her bare back was revealed, but her bottom can be seen in the uncut version that streamed online.

After the death of her husband, Grace (Rosina Lam) struggles to move on with her life. On the dating anniversary with her husband, Grace attempts to seduce Gordon (Tsui Wing 徐榮), who had also experienced heartbreak, after sharing dinner together.

In the controversial scene, Grace goes to shower and then returns naked with her entire back and lower body visible. Her bottom is especially clear when she knelt down by the couch in the uncut version.

Given that Gordon has not moved on from his late lover, he immediately rejects Grace by covering her with a jacket and then the two embrace. The scene is sexy, but also poignant as both mourn over the loss of loved ones.

Why Rosina Agreed to the Scene

When Rosina first read the script, she was very nervous about this scene. However, fans complimented the actress for her professionalism in acting the scene herself, instead of using a body double. Even though Rosina’s figure was a highlight in the scene, many netizens were more impressed by the chemistry between the two artistes. 

Rosina believes the scene was well-executed and revealed her trust in the crew. “I communicated with producer Joe Chan (陳維冠) before we began filming. We wanted to bring out the emotions and make the scene touching, rather than sexual.”

Rosina shared the safety precautions she took on set, “I made sure that everything was covered during filming. I was actually wearing two layers of underpants.” The added CGI effects made Rosina’s bottom appear to be bare in the broadcast version, which made the actress exclaim, “I can’t believe how realistic the scene was after watching it!” 

Aside from safety precautions, Rosina also shared the difficulties of executing the right emotions during this scene. Making sure she was fully invested, Rosina completed the scene in one take thanks to the cast and crew’s professionalism. 

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. That scene was weird, i didn’t think it was really touching to be honest.

    What does everyone think of the series so far?

    1. Agree. The plot is everywhere which is understandable since they were still introducing the sisters, but when this nude scene appeared, it was difficult to find it touching or emotional as there was no build-up. It just felt really random. Popped out of nowhere. Maybe if they’ve delved deeper and showed this scene later, it would’ve been more meaningful. Now, it felt as if they wasted Rosina’s effort to make that scene.

  2. Entertaining and suspenseful series, dysfunctional characters. That’s the point though.
    The producer took the actresses to the extreme: Anorexic Rosina, controlling Priscilla, gray Samantha, swindler Ka Man, abused Hera, depressed Moon, and uber cheery Judy.

  3. Really, I’m only watching it for Priscilla. The story is a bit all over the place ( not unexpected since there’s so many sisters though). Sam and Rosina’s story lines are kind of a bore and on repeat. The weird FF imaginations by Sam just cause wtf moments in the drama. I was shocked Rosina showed up bare bottom before finding out it was CGI. Karmen does her part as the annoying lil sister but she needs new characters to play. Judy’s acting is really over the top, needs lots of work.
    Crap story line tbh, could stop watching any moment and not miss much.

      1. Imo Priscilla is better in Life after Death. This role doesn’t have enough screen time nor character development for BA.

      2. Ohhh I read somewhere this role links up everyone else and appeared in almost every episode….one even commented if Ali had this role, BA will be in her bag

      3. It’s ok, her character is not that likable , not her fault but the of script writers and producer.
        She is much better in Life After Death and should have won BA over Sisley Choi imo.

        but i’m enjoying this series,

  4. I have started to watch this with my dad. The series is not bad but nothing out of the extraordinary interesting. I feel that maybe there are too many sisters and the plot is too thin to share between 7 main characters. Maybe the usual formula of 3 sisters may have been more sufficient to give enough screen time to flesh out the characters. I quite like Samantha in this though.

    1. I also like Samantha in this series, i’m normally not a fan of her series but she has a breakout role in this…

  5. I think this year will be between, Ali, Rosina & Samantha Ko…

    all 3 have stand out performances in their respective roles, but i think Ali is the front runner as her Bobo in AI is pretty damn hard to act as as there’s not much of a reference point to base it on.

    1. I think it’s still too early to say. If Selena’s drama comes out she has a good chance. Sam deserves something but I think BA is still a little far. Ali surely shows she is above the rest but I doubt tvb will let her win the award again. ‍♂️

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