Will Wallace Huo and Joe Chen Rekindle Love Flame?

Wallace Huo’s (霍建華) romantic life has been quiet since dating Taiwanese actress, Joe Chen (陳喬恩), several years ago. With the pair starring in Swordman <笑傲江湖> as tragic lovers and sharing a kissing scene together, fans watched with hopes that Wallace will once again rekindle real-life love flames with Joe.

Yu Zheng’s (于正) adaptation of Jin Yong’s (金庸) The Smiling, Proud Wanderer is currently the most hotly discussed drama among mainland viewers. Joe Chen stars as a female Dongfang Bubai who falls in love with Wallace Huo’s Linghu Chong. This relationship arc stole the limelight even from Linghu Chong’s romance with female lead, Yuan Shanshan (袁姗姗).

As Wallace and Joe portray onscreen lovers, fans hope that their offscreen romance will blossom once again. In 2004, Wallace and Joe fell in love after starring in 2004 Taiwanese drama, 100% Senorita <千金百分百> and was spotted shopping for underwear together at a night market.

Does Wallace have room in his heart for Joe or is it occupied by another woman now? In an earlier interview, Wallace said that there was a past love that he continues to remember in his heart. “In my heart, there is a place saved for her no matter what happens in the future.” Although Wallace avoided mentioning who his unforgettable lover is, many speculated her to be Joe, who was his only acknowledged ex-girlfriend.

Although it is expected that their collaboration in Swordman would generate romantic rumors, Joe does not mind. When she accepted the role of Dongfang Bubai, Joe did not know that Wallace would portray Linghu Chong. Since they did not end their relationship on bad terms and both were professional actors, Joe did not mind working together again.

Asked about rekindling his romance with Joe, Wallace said that he has good relations with her and did not wish to change their friendship. “We are both adults. We don’t mind how other people see us and will not feel awkward. There are some things that must be let go. Even if we don’t see each other this year, maybe we will see each other next year. Why resist it? I will face the matter with a mature attitude and demonstrate for all to see.”

Source: Sina.com

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  1. if romance can be rekindled, i would like for bosco and myolie to film my sassy mother in law 3.

    1. Anything is possible in life.. However, IF things ended on bad terms, there is a less of a chance but it still varies.

    2. Pandamao,
      Maybe it’s possible for Boscolie to have another chance. Myolie did decline her latest admirer, so it’s possible.

      The important thing is for them to keep the communication open. Although frequent filming at separation locations doesn’t allow them to meet up.

  2. I have a feeling that Wallace may be talking about Joe and it would be great if they can rekindle their romance. I wonder why they broke up back then??

      1. Thanks Funn, but he did not say directly who and you know how celebs don’t always tell the truth, so you really wonder who it is? It can still be Joe…

  3. Now what happened to the Wallace Huo-Ruby Lin supposed hookup?

    These darn things are just too fast for me.

    1. I think Wallace did have something going on with Ruby, she could easily be the prettiest women he knows. He could be talking about her when he says he has a special place in his heart. Ruby is also never reported to be the domineering type. In the past before their rumors, his mother once wished Ruby was her daughter in law. Also, Wallace was photographed and seen visiting Ruby when she was doing a movie and some plays. I believe they either have a very deep friendship or a past love there. I have a feeling it just didn’t work out because Ruby is too much into filming and her projects to have a stable family life, for most men to accept about their wife always mingling and filming with other guys is hard. Can get jealous easily.

  4. Does anyone know where I can watch swordsman with eng sub besides viki?

  5. All actors say: “I will always reserve a special place for that woman (who I obviously dated but never admitted even with photos chucked at me, and I am now hinting about it so I can look like Mr. Perfect)” and then get teary but never wipe in case I ruin my foundation.

  6. First, Joe plays a female DFBB, not castrated DFBB.

    The romance was many years ago, not several years ago and for I believe a short period of time.

    The romance he mentioned could have been another girl, he is secretive and private in that issue. But he did make clear he wondered if Joe and him have changed over the years prior to working again with her and he came to a conclusion that they had never changed. That implies whatever drove them apart is still there.

    A fan translated a longer interview which was very revealing and I believe he made it rather clear right now no romance. They’re friendly to one another. But the guy doesn’t seem too keen nor is the girl.

    So no, no rekindling. By the way both of them are in HK for some meeting.

    But another flame will ignite if all the spoilers I read about Swordsman is true. All I can say Wallace should make a conscious effort to avoid Yuzheng from now on.

    1. Funn,
      I’ll make the correction. I was thinking of previous DFBB characters in which he was self-castrated.

    2. To anyone interested, the para;

      YCN: Every person has an inerasable lover. Are you the same?
      WH: Of course. There is a position in my heart. No matter what the future is it is reserved for her. I thought about it. In the future I’ll let my partner know a certain part of me maybe reserved for another person.

      YCN: Do you have a partner now?
      WH: Not yet. I enjoy my work and have no time for a love life. Besides a man needs no hurry. Let’s wait for someone appropriate. My family and fans don’t push me for that.

      YCN: This time you cooperated with Joe Chan, did you too spark again?
      WH: This question is too gossip. No comment.

      YCN: You’re trying to avoid the question.
      WH: Just friendship. Quite okay and don’t want to change

      YCN: Do you see any changes in Joe since 100% Senorita?
      WH: I originally wanted to see whether we have grown but found out there were no changes. But after all these years we are a bit more mature.

      YCN: After splitting up for so long, do you feel embarrassed for close-up scenes?
      WH: Nope. We’re mature persons. I don’t care how other people think. I don’t feel embarrassed. You need to put off something. If you don’t meet her this year, maybe you’ll meet her next year. Why bother to avoid it! I think we should face it positively. I hope to make an example for others.

      Read more at http://www.wallacehuo.info/Interviews-Events/Feb-2013-163com/27975925_7zSJhV

      1. Joe was said to have proposed to Wallace before but he surely wasn’t thinking of marrying her because he packed his bags to head for Mainland to work on his career some more. Women like Joe are too much in a hurry. When Joe dated Roy, their friends reported Joe was much more aggressive while Roy was laid back, it didn’t work out cause she wanted to walk and wear his pants too in the relationship. Then when they broke up, she didnt even bother showing up for promotions for even one of the 16 promotions they had and denied ever dating him. I think she has a stubborn, bad attitude.

        I doubt she will get back with Wallace, she’s still probably seething and bitter from past rejection of her marriage proposal.

        Wallace’s comment also shows clear lines that he wants to draw with her. I think the past attraction is not there anymore. She’s probably still annoying and stubborn. They didn’t date for very long, just during filming period so he doesnt have much attachment but for Joe, I think she jumps in too head-on and set herself up for disappointment time and again.

      2. Where did you hear about this about Joe?? I have never heard of these things ever. Also, how true can it all be?? I have never heard of Joe being aggressive ever. I also did not know that she dated Roy before. I did hear about her dating a foreigner before but they broke up long ago too. It was more recent than her relationship with Wallace though. I also have never heard a girl proposing to a guy before.

      3. Google it yourself. Stop pretending not to know anything, these were headlines that popped before and still easy to search. Even after Wallace’s translation, you still insist Wallace must want to get back with her. Thick skinned much?

      4. Excuse me, but what you said are just your OPINIONS!! NOT the truth because a lot of what is said in the net and in articles are not true in many cases anyways and you are using that as proof?? Goodness, I wonder who is the one that thick skinned??? We all know that you hate Joe so no need to go on and on about it. We all get the point.

      5. Don’t conclude that others hate her just because they say Wallace moved on to others. That’s not hate in my book, I could say worse things if I actually dislike her but I only mentioned what many other media has reported about her.

      6. And ‘report’ is not truth. It is a ‘report’ nothing more. Ever heard of fabricated news?

  7. By the tones of both of them, a reconciliation is highly unlikely.

  8. He sounds like he is in love with another person in his more recent years, that is why he is saving a place in the future for her in case it works out again.

    Its not Joe from his words, it sounds like he doesn’t want anything to do with her romantically, their personalities are best fit as friends. Most guys don’t draw lines like that unless they really have no more feelings for you, otherwise they would usually just say “Leave up to fate. Undecided.”

    Guys will reminisce about the most beautiful girl they have come across and have had relationships with, sorry to say but Wallace met too many women after Joe that she’s prob at the bottom of them since it was a decade ago, so he has had so many new experiences that overshadowed a reallly old one.

    1. You really sound like you know Wallace and Joe personally well or something… From what Wallace was saying, even though I am not sure if it is Joe but I still would not rule her out completely because I don’t know either of them personally.

      1. haha *ehh* just doesn’t like Joe Chen, or simply jealous of her.

        well if you attached to TW Entertainment, you will know Joe is one of the down to earth Taiwan Celebrities. And she never being aggressive to guy. so what *ehh* said a big LIE

        also only Michael (her foreign ex bf) and Wallace that been acknowledged in public has relationship with her, the others was gossip.

      2. I had a feeling because from what I know about Joe, she does not seem like the aggressive type at all. I guess “ehh” just dislikes or hates Joe so is making up stories about her…

    2. Reporters got it from her own friends that she likes to take charge, just google it for yourself, I’m not making this up. Nothing against Joe, just stating what I deduced from articles. Sometimes the truth to people sounds harsh but its just logic and reality.

      1. They also reported why her past relationships did not work and Joe also exclaiming herself “Am I that difficult?!” Most of you are just her fans trying to cover up what everybody else already can see.

      2. “Nothing against Joe, just stating what I deduced from articles.”
        > Glad you aren’t insane enough to know that it is what you “deduced” and what you “deduced” is your own opinion.

        OH NO! WAIT UP..
        “Sometimes the truth to people sounds harsh but its just logic and reality.”
        > Hm…now you are saying it is the truth.

        You need to know your own formed OPINIONS is not the TRUTH. TRUTH = FACTS. Your own personal opinions are NOT facts.

        Avoid using words such as everyone, all, and other synonyms as you cannot possibly speak for the entire population of this world. There are always exceptions.

      3. Very well said mehh! I have not ran across someone that has hated someone else so much that they would say so many bad things about another person for awhile now… But here it goes again. I wonder why bother spending so much time on a person that you despise so much?? Don’t they have better things to do??

      4. I can’t believe that you said that you have nothing against Joe, but you go on and on attacking her… Who will believe that?? I am not a big fan of hers either, but I don’t dislike her either…

      5. @HeTieShou

        If you read the Nancy Wu article, this him, her, maybe an it, bashes her too. I suspect this him, her, maybe an it are one of those who loves their idols too much and cannot see another woman next to them.

        In such cases, you do not need to be diplomatic or logical. You troll them. You attack them. You do not need to be gentle. Just let them eat their own words.

        There are always disagreements yet there are some human beings who speaks in a respectful manner others like him, her or an it seems to have been raised by wolves, excuse me, more like pests.

      6. Wow, so Me and others cannot have actors/actresses whose acting we don’t care for? OVERSENSITIVE MUCH? It just happens to be the ones you adore, stop attacking everyone else if they dont like the same ppl. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

        What did I say hateful about Joe here? Wallace himself said he just wants to be friends with her and I supported what he said with past articles, where did I say Joe was UGLY, FAT, BAD ACTRESS? Nowhere! Its FACT when its reported with the actress admitting it herself that there is problems that she sees in herself. You ppl get more ridiculous in trying to censor everybody who hasn’t heaped praises on your idols. Its called freedom of Speech a—holes!

      7. First of all your assumption that we are idols of those we supposedly defend is incorrect on all levels. It shows how poorly your judgment skills are, which equates to almost zero. We are telling you that your opinions are not facts, which you fail to take in, that child could be symptoms of limited mental capacity. The failure to process cognitive thought processes is a big problem of individuals like yourself. Not only would you find yourself in nervous breakdown situations easily, you could make a case in need for anger management. So do yourself a favor and dissolve what others are trying to say before you live the dictatorship in your head.

  9. I still prefer Wallace and Ruby! =D I think they are very cute together and seem very comfortable around ecah other.

    1. I am afraid if it happens, it would have happened a long time ago.

  10. man this joe is lucky she dated wallace and roy!!! Even if it didnt last , getting to rub those men woa! kakakakakaka

  11. Ruby is really annoying and frankly speaking Ruby looks like mainland Chinese with small eyes.

    Joe looks cute go go Joe!!!

    Dong Fang Bu Bai rules!!!!

    1. Ruby with small eyes? That’s the first. So who hates who here? Its obvious.

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