Will Wayne Lai, Raymond Lam, or Kenneth Ma Be TV King?

With the TVB Anniversary Awards event taking place on Monday, December 17, TVB artists have limited hours to pull in more votes in the new one-vote-per-person system. Wishing that their performances did not fail them, artists also have to put forward their best public relations skills in the critical hours before the polls close.

Every game has its own rules and this new voting system may not be to the artists’ disadvantage though. The ultimate winners will not be limited by the ratings of the respective dramas they starred in, but rather their affinity with the audience.

This year’s Best Actor race has largely been between Wayne Lai (黎耀祥)and Raymond Lam (林峯), until Kenneth Ma (馬國明) proved that he also had strong audience backing after winning Malaysia’s TV King award at the Astro on Demand Awards.

Wayne’s Perspective

Wayne realized that the audience voting system may give Raymond an advantage. Being the younger and more dashing one of the two, Raymond naturally has a greater fan base. This, however, did not shake Wayne’s confidence, but he also saw that Kenneth has a good chance. “The middle class loves Kenneth Ma! His character in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時> is much loved. The votes can still sway any way. This system makes it more challenging and fun.”

A detail that both artists and voters noticed with interest is the date of the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony. With the telecast so close to the airing of The Confidant <大太監>, it is no doubt some votes may be swayed to favor the cast of The Confidant. Wayne thinks that may be to his advantage since his character in The Confidant changes throughout the serial and may move viewers. In spite of his confidence, Wayne does not underestimate his opponent. “Raymond has matured and outdone himself. He has managed to bring out his own style successfully.”

Raymond: “Do Not Belittle My Efforts!”

On the other hand, Raymond does not want to win based on his popularity alone. “I put in a lot of effort in every role I play. To say that I will win because I have more fans will belittle the efforts I put in.” That does not stop him from wanting the award for himself.

What Other Nominees Have to Say

The other nominees of Best Actor Award looked upon the award more lightheartedly.

2011 Best Actor Award winner, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), casts his vote for Kenneth. “This year it will be my turn to be happy for someone else to win the Best Actor award. Everyone has a chance. But I’m biased; I’m going to cast my vote for Kenneth,” Kevin said good-naturedly about his A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋> brother.

Also going to the awards ceremony with a relaxed mood, Moses Chan (陳豪) has high hopes for Wayne Lai to win the Best Actor award. He likes the idea of more voters, and strongly supports the voting system this year.

Having gained many nods of approval for his acting for many years, veteran Damian Lau (劉松仁), has no intention to compete with the younger actors. “I have no chance, but I’ll cast my vote for my ‘son’, Kenneth! If you let me choose, of course I’ll choose a young and handsome actor!” Damian spoke highly of his Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> son.

Source: Oriental Daily via ihktv.com

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  1. I will vote for Damian Lau as the REAL Best Actor in 2012 for his excellent performance in “SSSS”. No one can beat him in terms of good acting. He did so well in his character, Chung Cheuk Man, who had so many interactions with his family members(8 including his girlfriend), and each one of them was so different in personalities. He did an excellent job with very good inner emotions.

    1. I so agree!! Damian’s acting is far superior than the others. He is indeed the Best Actor!

  2. I hope Kenneth wins! Wayne is my second choice.

    I can’t wait to find out the results soon!

  3. Does it even matters if Raymond lose or win the award? I mean if he lose he will still be rich and famous and when he win he will still be rich and famous

    1. But u can say that about any of the nominees.
      It may not matter to u but it matters to many others.

      It’s the same reason we watch sports – for the love of the game.

    2. Oh it matters. Ask Leonardo DiCaprio who will probably work for free if he can have an Oscar.

    3. I mean Raymond lam is already so rich or at least richer than other nominees right?

  4. By performance alone, Damian Lau.

    Since this is popularity contest and Arthur isn’t a popular character to begin with,

    Wayne Lai – not this time
    Raymond Lam – no idea
    Kenneth Ma- winning in my opinion

  5. For me Wayne Lai is best actor but I hope Raymond Lam to win because Wayne lai already won 2 times so now let young actors get award.

  6. If the award is based on acting, Damian should get it. However, since its based on voting, I have a feeling Raymond’s gonna be taking it home.

  7. Yeah. We can’t vote if we live overseas. TVB needs name, HK ID #, and a Hong Kong mobile phone number. After you submit your vote, they will ask for some SMS proof code. If you use other people’s mobile phone number in Hong Kong, it is rather inconvenient. TVB will send a code to your mobile phone immediately after you submit your vote and you will have to submit your vote again with TVB’s code to verify your ID.

  8. honestly this is going to be straight up between raymond lam and kenneth ma fighting for the best actor. and tavia and kate fighting for the best actress.

  9. oh raymond lam, you say like other actors don’t put a lot of effort in their acting. The difference is that you will probably win because you have more fans.

    1. You’re the one assuming. He only said he put a lot of effort in the work he does. He does his job and doesn’t talk about anybody else. That’s how it should be.

    2. he’s saying this cus everyone keeps saying he will win due to fanbase and popularity but not because of his hardwork – i dun see how he is saying others dun put in the effort

  10. Kenneth ma all the way. Could it be his year this year? Raymond has lots of fans but in acting wise, we could see a more versatile Kenneth. From the asthmatic in fistful of stance, a slacker in 3 kingdom to the handsome professional doctor in on call 36, totally a test on his acting skills eventhough he is not perfect

    1. Agree. Between Kenneth Ma and Raymond Lam, Kenneth is a better and more versatile actor.

      1. His roles may be more versatile but he acts them all w/ the same expression- puppy dog eyes.

      2. I would like to disagree. Raymond Lam on a really good day is very very good. Kenneth still needs acting lessons even if he can cry his heart out. Raymond is the better actor but he really needs to get rid of that chok thing I see in every performance these days. IF he can strip that off, he can be a very effective actor. Golden Faith is an example. In fact his earlier performances were much better than now. Maybe his singing career killed his acting career so to speak.

      3. @ Funn

        Raymond Lam is too busy nowadays. In the past, with him not needing to juggle between music, movie and series, he has more time to study his characters, so, he gave better performance. In his current busy schedule, he really can’t do that.

        Damien Lau can be so great because he took a lot of time to study his character and he even made his co-stars study together with him. Elena Kong has mentioned this in her interview.

        I personally think Raymond Lam acted very well in that Sister Flower series. His acting was natural and at ease in the series and he’s funny enough for its comedic element.

  11. Kevin : “But I’m biased; I’m going to cast my vote for Kenneth,” Haha, he’s so honest by telling that.
    I’m rooting for Kenneth anyway, not being biased since I’m not a fan of any TVB artists, but Kenneth is more versatile and diversified. Astro is airing Scavenger’s Paradise and he was such a comedian back then.

    1. Maybe in term of relationship, I guess LF has a better relationship with his female peers while guys are more comfy with KM. I guess that tells why LF is a womaniser.

  12. Seriously why is Lam Fung even a hot favorite? His role is average and isn’t even the lead: Michael Miu and Poon Sir are the ones who carried the show.

    1. Yes, agree. The whole Lam Fung thing is so over the top, his acting skill is just average. People like Damien Lau in SSSS exceeds far better than him, seriously.

  13. I’m rooting for LF. The suspense is very unnerving as the award show is taking place right now.

    1. Gar:
      I think Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung will win the top awards, since the Favorite Character Awards were given to Kenneth and Kate.

      A big congrats to Oscar Leung, Mandy Wong, Nancy Wu and Koo Ming Wah!

      All very deserved winners!

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