Wu Lei Changes His Relationship Status to “Single”

Since his breakthrough role in Love Like the Galaxy <星漢燦爛·月升滄海>, Leo Wu Lei (吴磊) has become a constant trending subject on social media. Many fans wonder if he is dating anyone, with rumored girlfriends ranging from Zhao Lusi (趙露思) to Julia Xiang Hanzhi (向涵之).

Although it has been two months since the finale of Love Like the Galaxy aired, Wu Lei and Lusi’s sweet behind-the-scenes gestures hint at something more than ordinary costars. They were seen brushing each other’s hair, touching ears, and holding each other’s hands on the filming set. Since both are from Sichuan, they evidently have quite a bit in common.

An insider claimed that Wu Lei and Lusi had intentions of wanting to making their dating public during the celebratory banquet of Love Like the Galaxy, but halted their plans due to their rising careers.

What is clear is that viewers can not get enough of Wu Lei and Lusi. The two are reported to collaborate again–the rumored projects include modern youth romance, Oceans Time <櫻桃琥珀>  and historical drama Love Upon Sight <天見猶戀>. Actress Lulu Xuan (宣璐), who delighted with her performance in Who Rules the World <且試天下>, is said to join the cast of Love Upon Sight.

While rumors are rampant linking Wu Lei with Lusi, others believe the actor is actually dating 20-year-old Julia Xiang Hanzhi (向涵之), his former costar from drama Our Times <启航:当风起时>. During a live session, Wu Lei accidentally revealed his pinned chat, which appeared to be with a woman resembling Hanzhi. Netizens noticed the pair using the same phone case and wearing the same jacket.

Amid the swirling speculations, Wu Lei quickly distanced himself by changing his status to “single” on his Weibo profile. Fans responded by saying, “If you’re single, what should Lusi do?” The topic #WuLeisWeiboStatusIsSingle# became a trending topic with 140 million reads.

Sources: Up Media, On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. They do look very good together…. but both are still young and they are always so busy filming… when both are ready to commit in a relationship be it with each other or otherwise, I am sure they will share with their fans. I do hope to watch them in another pairing in future…not so soon…

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