Wu Lei Reveals How He Prepared for “Love Like the Galaxy”

Chinese drama Love Like the Galaxy <星漢燦爛> is one of the summer’s biggest hits, with viewers crediting Leo Wu Lei’s (吳磊) layered performance as well as his chemistry with costar  Rosy Zhao Lusi (趙露思).

When asked how he had prepared for his role as General Ling Buyi, Wu Lei said he read the original novel closely and used it as guidance for his onscreen interpretation. Reading the novel provided him with greater clarity and understanding of his character’s inner thoughts, which inspired him to add in more attentive details to make his character more well-fleshed. He would also add changes to his lines after consulting with the director.

When the scene of him picking up Zhao Lusi with one arm went viral on the Internet, Wu Lei revealed he had trained and did a lot of strengthening exercises to prepare for filming. He said humbly, “I only have the strength of what an average man should have,” and added Zhao Lusi is very light in weight.

Although he is only 22 years old, Wu Lei is starting to show signs of stress from filming. Having issues with his hair, he laughed and said his hair is currently not cooperating and urged everyone to pay special attention to their health.

“Love Like the Galaxy” Behind the Scenes

Source: Sing Tao

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I love the way he speaks his lines. Not too fast, not too slow, all very clear. At first perhaps a bit chok but now less chok. Series never explained why he fell for her, except he did. It wasn’t shown and for that I find it lacking. We know why she fell for him since she can’t seem to save herself and often needs his rescue, especially when involving walking. My only complaint of him is he is far too thin for reasons I don’t understand. Not even muscular, it was all thinness leading to zero fat.

    1. @funnlim, Leo Wu Lei’s attraction is in his positive energy and vitality, as well as emotive eyes. While there are taller, more handsome and muscular actors in China, they can sometimes come across as stiff and soulless while just reading lines. Leo has a strong screen presence and moves with ease–he has the confidence of a much older actor thanks to years of experience growing up as a child actor. He also does very well in historical action roles due to his athleticism. He has improved a lot since “Nirvana in Fire”, and his eyes can speak volumes. While “Love in the Galaxy” cemented his status as A-list, I look forward to future projects which can push his acting more.

      Many Chinese actors intentionally lose weight for historical roles because after putting on the multi-layers of historical costumes, they look just right. Or others do it to make their faces more chiseled on camera. Korean actors have very muscular physiques, but they often look too bulky in historical dramas due to their costumes.

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