Wu Lei Impresses with Great Figure in “Love Like the Galaxy”

Since its release, Leo Wu Lei (吳磊) and Rosy Zhao Lusi‘s (趙露思) and  Love Like the Galaxy <星漢燦爛> has been trending online. Almost every scene became a buzzworthy topic, as viewers were drawn to the romantic chemistry between Wu Lei and Lusi.

With 12 episodes aired so far, Love Like the Galaxy continues to grow and sustain a huge following. Its popularity has surpassed Zhao Liying’s (趙麗穎) The Story of Xingfu <幸福到萬家>, and even topped the most popular drama list on one of the largest Chinese entertainment website, Maoyan.

In the latest episode, tension builds when  General Ling Buyi (Wu Lei) is wounded by an arrow while saving Cheng Shao Shang (Zhao Lusi). After escaping death, Wu Lei  took off his top to allow Lusi to treat his injuries.

Wu Lei Makes Hearts Flutter

Apparently, Wu Lei worked hard for the one-minute shirtless scene as he spent four months eating fitness meals along with daily exercising. In the behind-the-scenes videos, the actor was seen doing push-ups before filming the scene. He did not even drink water as he feared it would cause his abs to relax.

Viewers noticed the actor’s physique and enthused, “Wu Lei is really no longer a boy;” “His muscles are completely real and not photoshopped;” and “Is this something we can watch for free?” They also highlighted how Wu Lei’s eyes were highly emotive when he silently watched Lusi.

With his child actor background, Wu Lei had already appeared in many memorable dramas when he was younger. Successfully transitioning to adult lead roles, Wu Lei is particularly adept at playing roles where he can show off his athletic abilities. In Love Like the Galaxy, Wu Lei has  matured both in appearance and acting skills.

Despite horseback riding and fighting scenes often resulting in injuries, Wu Lei still filmed these scenes himself to achieve the best effects. Admiring his dedication, fans expressed, “Whether in acting skills or dedication, Wu Lei is far better than any other same-aged actors!”

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. His muscles were definitely eye candy, and makes his image of a general more believable.

  2. indeed a very difficult scene to film for the female lead. how could she keep her eyes up?

  3. Wu Lei is such a hardworking and driven actor… I hope we will watch a Hu Ge and Wu Lei combo again one day..
    Zhao Lusi is a better actress than to Diraba for me. Lusi is not awkward to watch…

    1. Hohliu : I agree!I think she’s a lot better than Diraba. She’s pretty good in several dramas.

  4. I to used always mixed up Wu Lei and Joseph Zeng, the actor who played Zhang Wuji. I still do in first glance sometimes.

    1. Me too! But I think Joseph zeng looks better haha but wu Lei’s acting is better

  5. I often mix up Wu Lei and Dylan Wang He Di at first glance in photos. I actually thought it was Wu Lei cast as Dao Ming Si originally when the first set of the new F4 photos were released. LOL.

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