Wu Lei Suffers Face Injury On Set of Patriotic Film

Patriotic omnibus My Country, My Parents <我和我的父輩> released its special trailer recently. Helmed by various big-name Chinese directors, one of its actors Leo Wu Lei (吳磊) reportedly suffered facial injuries on the set of the blockbuster.

Completed His Scenes before Hospital Visit

Set for release on Chinese National Day (October 1), Wu Lei plays a cavalry warrior who has inherited his father’s ambitions and fearlessly goes on the battlefield to protect the lives of civilians.

According to reports, tiny blood clots appeared on Wu Lei’s face from the impact of an explosion, and his eyes were nearly affected. While it was not certain what had transpired, Wu Lei did not blame crew members who felt apologetic, and even consoled them saying his injuries did not hurt at all, and attributed what happened to his execution of the scene.

Commended for professionalism
Recounting what had happened, he analyzed the take with director Wu Jing (吳京), who had been in charge of his segment. After a simple disinfection of his wounds, Wu Lei decided to continue filming so as not to affect the crew’s progress, and only headed to the hospital for treatment after that. As tiny blood spots had gathered all over his face, the gauze patches covered nearly half his face as well as his eyes!

Fans who watched the video of Wu Lei’s injury expressed anxiety for his injury and wished him a swift recovery. While some thought he had been too gung-ho and hopes he will take better care of his personal safety – he had also sustained a fall from the horse in the same film – others commended the 21-year-old for being a role model for young actors.

Watch the footage:

《我和我的父辈》之《乘风》曝光拍摄花絮 吴磊拍马战炸伤脸(吴磊 / 吴京 / 章子怡 / 徐峥 / 沈腾)【预告片先知 | Official Movie Trailer】 – YouTube

Ed: The English title for the mentioned film has been updated as at Sep 28.

Source: WorldJournal

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Oh Gosh, I hope he recovers… This reminds me of Hu Ge’s accident. I bet Hu Ge did send him well wishes and speedy recovery. Wu Lei is a very hardworking actor and have been since he was a kid… I will definitely watch this project.

  2. Holy C! That looked dangerous and painful. Hope he recovers well as I am really looking forward to his modern dramas after his awesome performance in TLB.

    1. @wm2017 You can look out for Leo Wu’s new entrepreneurial drama Our Times (啟航當風起時), which is airing on September 14. I’ll be checking it out too!

      1. Wow! haha lol…Not my kind of genre but I will definitely check it out. It’s impressive how he looks very different on every role he picks. His new movie which I didn’t watch as well but I read the reviews and it was such a talking point due to his mysterious rumored gay role? It’s so different than some other young actors who often pick the same roles over and over.

      2. @wm2017 As a child actor, Leo Wu successfully leaped to leading roles with his carefully chosen roles. I’m glad he didn’t film the typical campus romcom that most actors his age do, as he is more suitable for dramatic roles. “Our Times” looks inspiring as the story probably spans many years following the start-up successes of its main leads, and Leo would have to portray someone older and beyond his age experience/ maturity. It’s a role many young actors are probably dying for to step outside of the typical romantic male lead.

      3. Totally! I can’t think of another actor in his age group that has his kind of resume right now.

    2. @jayne I too agree Wu Lei is really suited for dramas with a more complex characters. Wu Lei is extremely hardworking but not all the project he stars in are well produced thus ratings are not high. I am glad he has improved his skills over these years and he can carry meatier roles. He reminds me of Peng Yuchang, both have a similar vibe.

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