Yang Chaoyue Shares Bullying Experiences

Emerging second runner-up on hit reality show Produce China 101 <創造101>, 23-year-old Yang Chaoyue‘s (楊超越) stardom continued even after going solo following the disbandment of girl band Rocket Girls 101, which she was part of. When a fan sought advice after being ostracized by classmates on a recent live broadcast, the star recounted that she too had been the victim of school violence—and was once slapped by a male classmate until she bled in the mouth!

From Village Girl to Forbes China Top Celebrity List 

According to reports, the actress who habitually “spouted nonsense” in her youth would “always retaliate” whenever she was bullied. “I might be seen as a weakling, but I will definitely fight back.”

On one occasion, Chaoyue had been verbally threatened by her classmate but refused to budge, and said, “You can hit me if you dare!” To her surprise, a male classmate who was provoked then kicked her in the chest and slapped her until her mouth bled.

Having once been on the receiving end of verbal and physical violence, the actress admitted that she recalled feeling “pretty helpless” too when ostracized, such as being forced to stand on the school bus. The star said, “I could only bear with it–what to do?”

As her parents had separated, Chaoyue did not receive much care at home, and thus did not share her negative encounters with her teacher or family. She would also “rather get beaten up” than verbally concede that she had lost, and also self-deprecatingly said that she has never been labelled as being pretty during her growing up years.

An influential idol today, Chaoyue advised her fans to always confide in a senior or teacher when ostracized instead of bottling things up, as “silence will only allow darkness to pervade your entire universe.”

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. I get really upset when I read news about ppl getting bullied. Why would anyone wanna bully a person to this extreme. For a male classmate to hit a female classmate to such extent, and already using violence in such a young age shows he has a very bad upbringing

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