Yang Zi Thinks Xiao Zhan is a Great Costar

Although The Oath of Love <余生,請多指教> has finished airing, Andy Yang Zi (楊紫) has been enlightened in many ways. Reflecting on audiences’ reaction to her performances over the years, Yang Zi finally gained enough confidence to believe that everyone recognizes and embraces her growth. Turning 30 this year, the actress wanted to tell herself 10 years ago to “believe in yourself, because your future will be very good. Keep on adding oil!”

Father And Daughter Scenes Left a Deep Impact

Playing a filial and loving daughter in The Oath of Love, Yang Zi was reminded of her own relationship with her father. Similar to her character, Yang Zi and her father also care very much about each other, but “are not the type to express it directly.”

Often drawing heavy tears with the heart-warming exchange between the father and daughter in the show, Yang Zi also feels very emotional and touched by the love and sincerity in each of their actions. “For instance, the ‘100 things I want to do with my father’ list particularly left a deep impression on me, because I also had similar wishes when I was young, and the memories created are so meaningful that I will forever cherish them as an adult.”

Appreciate Xiao Zhan for Being a Great Co-Star

Aside from the good script, Yang Zi is also glad to partner with with Sean Xiao Zhan (肖戰),, who brought a lot of encouragement and laughter on set. “It was our first time working together, but we didn’t need to intentionally spend time to bond or build chemistry because we already have this tacit understanding between us. Xiao Zhan is a really dedicated, talented, and hard-working actor, so he made filming go very smoothly.”

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I did enjoy their chemistry in the drama….the script of the drama is really sub-par but the full cast are enjoyable and believable to watch. I really hope we can watch more of this two actors together in further projects.. But I doubt it will happen anytime soon.. Both are too busy and they do not want to encourage CP outside of work.

    1. XZ & YZ did have great chemistry together. They both are good actors. I hope Xiao Zhan will try different type/genre of dramas and I know he will do well. I’m looking forward to see more of their works.

    1. I *really* wish to see Xiao Zhan in a lead role that is innately evil… like Tavia Yeung in Modern Dynasty or some of the series that Roger Kwok was in. I think he’ll kill it because he looks so nice and gentle on the outside but he acts with his eyes. Those types of roles require a lot of subtlety in acting.

      1. Make sure his evil role is not some serial killer or serial rapist type haha

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