Yoyo Chen Doesn’t Want to Reconcile With Vincent Wong?

The status of Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) and Vincent Wong’s (王浩信) marriage has always been a hot topic. Getting married in 2011, they appeared deeply in love, but afterwards it was rumored that Vincent disliked that Yoyo’s career was not as successful. He was subsequently romantically rumored with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), Kaman Kong (江嘉敏), and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝). Yoyo could not stand it anymore, and it was said that they were getting a divorce.

In a rare occurrence, Yoyo and Vincent were both in attendance at Niki Chow’s (周勵淇) birthday party at the beginning of September, leading people to wonder whether their marriage is turning over a new leaf.

Vincent allegedly has a change of heart recently and wants to get back with Yoyo. Other than for the benefit for their daughter, he has also noticed Yoyo’s effort in growing her career, and is seeing her in a totally new light.

Fortune Teller Reveals Yoyo’s Unwillingness to Mend Relationship

Yesterday, Yoyo and Winki Lai (賴慰玲) attended the opening of Master Li Ju Ming’s (李居明) calligraphy exhibition. The fortune teller gifted Winki with an talisman that would give her luck in having another child, while giving Yoyo a calligraphy piece that signified wealth. Li Ju Ming added that Yoyo’s daughter can join the Miss Hong Kong pageant when she grows up, and praised her for being beautiful and tall. Yoyo laughed and pointed out that her daughter is only 9 years old so there are still many years away.

While speaking with the press, Li Ju Ming suddenly blurted out, “I asked Yoyo if she plans on reconciling with Vincent, and she wouldn’t.” Yoyo immediately appeared awkward and her face turned even redder than her dress! She repeatedly tapped him, and said that she usually would not respond about private matters.

Reporters asked if Yoyo will add a boy to her family and again Li Ju Ming blurted out, “Who will she have it with?” At this point, Yoyo hit him with her hand in protest yet he still continued, “You’re hitting me again? She doesn’t want to reconcile!”

Appearing shocked, Yoyo immediately explained that she is currently focused on her career. “Master is always joking–he’s very humorous. He always says his thoughts without a filter, but they may not be true. I know that everyone is very concerned over my personal matters, but I hope that the focus remains on my career. I will not comment on personal matters.”

Seeming to realize he may have said too much, Li Ju Ming switched topics and predicted that she will have six years of good luck after 2022, foreseeing her future success to even surpass this year’s win in voice talent competition Dub of War <好聲好戲>. Seeming to hint that she may have a chance at winning Best Actress, he said, “She’s currently the most popular in Hong Kong. She is part of the idol group, and Winki is from the talent group. As an idol she needs to bring her husband out to create some rumors. Her husband has many!”

Yoyo joked that she should be part of the talented idol group. She expressed that she will continue to work hard.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Ooooooffff that is awkward and I guess that tells us the truth. I also hope that isn’t why Vincent is trying to save their relationship (not the daughter part) because if so, she should walk away.

  2. The exact wording and tone is hard to translate so I suggest everyone watch the OG clip. Yoyo did appear awkward and tried to get the dude to stop lol.
    If anything it just confirms what we already know so…

    And if the rumours about how Vincent didn’t like how her career is wasn’t as successful as his, then he’s an as_hole. Pretty sure Yoyo was more well known than him when they got married and she put her career aside to take care of their daughter.

    1. Agree with your views. With infidelity rumours to boot, he has no right to dislike when his wife’s does not appear as successful as his.
      Now that things are looking up for Yoyo and she appears beautiful and confident, this ass is suddenly interested again.

    2. Exactly! I was about to say the same thing about Vincent! I remember reading in a magazine that Vincent practically pleaded to be with Yoyo (before marriage news). I honestly don’t believe one bit that it was for his daughter (probably a bonus). He sounds selfish and he rarely shares his love for his daughter compared to the other daddies. As much as I hope Yoyo’s daughter has the privilege to live with both her parents, I also don’t want Yoyo to sacrifice her love, so I’m glad she refused to reconcile with Vincent.

  3. It seems as if this Master Li either had no sense or had other purposes. Despite Yoyo trying to use humor to cover his mistakes, his responses were unprofessional, sharing Yoyo’s personal matters with the public. I get that he has to say something, but 80% of the idols in HK are not very open towards relationships. He should know better than to spill the tea. He could’ve passed the ball to Yoyo and let her decide if she wanted to share or not.

  4. That is def hella awkward. What is wrong with that big mouth fortune teller?! Did he predict his own blunder ahead of time? I wouldn’t trust someone like that as MY fortune teller – no sense of discretion whatsoever.

    And while it seems true that Yoyo and Vincent are separated, I’m surprised she hasn’t announced anything yet…how is she gonna find future suitors?

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