Yoyo Mung Changes Ekin Cheng to a Better Man

Despite dating for more than 6 years, Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) and Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) are still taking pleasure in their newly married life. And Ekin is still in the midst of uncovering his wife’s virtues.

Ekin feels that for a relationship to work, the parties need to have a good understanding of one another. Ekin said, “In a marriage, love is important. If I don’t love a person, I won’t seek to understand her. On the other hand, if I don’t get to know and understand her, I won’t really know what she is thinking. And a relationship without understanding won’t last, even with the existence of love. It’s the same with friendship.”

Ekin said, “It’s natural for a couple to influence each other. I may see things differently and get upset over some matters. However, now that I have a partner, she is able to enlighten me and provide me with another perspective. With someone to share my happiness and unhappiness, all problems don’t seem hard to solve at all.”

Yoyo’s easy-going personality and no-fuss lifestyle makes Ekin feel comfortable and easily at home. Ekin said with a laugh, “She’s a little tomboyish. Out of work, she doesn’t wear makeup, which is what I like about her. Now you know why she always looks unflattering in candid shots by the media.”

Ekin Values Friendship

Now that he is happily married, Ekin places equal importance on both his wife and friends. Ekin said, “Basically, they are number one and two in my life.” Friendship has always played an important part in Ekin’s life. After going through several ups and downs, he learnt to treasure his friends around him. Ekin revealed that one of his darkest moments in life was after he broke up with Maggie Shiu (邵美琪) and got together with Gigi Leung (梁詠琪). He was extremely negative and got angry easily, often lashing out at the pestering media. Fortunately, with the help of his close friends, he was able to stand against the bad publicity. He explained, “Like the name of my concert, Light and Shadow, life is filled with light and dark moments. I’m happy that no matter which moment I’m at, I always have my friends’ support.”

Ekin’s Light and Shadow 2013 concert at Macau was a personal affair, with the presence of Yoyo, good friends Chin Ka Lok (钱嘉乐) and Jerry Lamb (林晓峰) as well as their respective wives. During one of the performances, Ka Lok and Jerry also got on stage to sing with Ekin. Even Jerry’s wife, Lily Hong (康子妮) also sang a duet with Ekin. The ambiance of the concert was amiable and easy. Despite knowing how his friends loved to tease him on stage, Ekin is keen to gather the cast of Young and Dangerous <古惑仔> together for a reunion concert.

Yoyo will be accompanying Ekin on his next concert tour in Guangzhou on June 8. Some fans have already requested a special segment where Yoyo will go on stage to sing. However, Ekin adamantly rejected that idea. Not to disappoint his Guangzhou fans, he will design the stage and props according to the Guangzhou Gymnasium where the concert will be held. He will also be singing several old classic songs, which were not featured in his Hong Kong concert.

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I love these two, they make such a good looking couple!

  2. Their love and mutual understanding for each other is so sweet. They clearly love one another to bits and its so heart warming that Ekin has found the one in Yoyo. They are so cute together, I wish them the very best.

  3. So glad to see he finally found a girl that made him happy enough to settle down.

    Kids are not a necessity for happiness, but a significant other sure helps when you grow older.

  4. 6 years and still in the process of discovering each other’s virtues? A better man now? Was he terrible then?

    1. Yes, he was terrible to have broken up with Maggie Shiu! 🙂 She was the best. Maggie is also tom boyish and doesn’t wear make up after work @[email protected]

      1. are all these people spies? why do they go to Japan so much and even hold a wedding albeit a black one there???

        there’s radiation in the atmo!

      2. You can’t fully know someone even if they are family members or really close friends. People can change.. :S
        and I think they dated for 9 years before marrying!

      3. @Coco,
        Yup, totally agree with you that you can know someone your whole life and still not know them that well. People can change at various stages in their lives. Even your family members who you have known your whole life you don’t really know that well.

  5. I’m not sure they are candidates for celebrity domestic bliss commercials which is what this sounds like – an audition – I don’t see Yee Meen getting To Kei Fung roles – but maybe that will happen!

  6. Jordan Chan’s wife sounds awesome – she should get gorng gohs.

  7. everytime Yee Meen is on tv selling milk powder or diapers or life insurance, people are going to remember Gigi’s shellshocked face and Maggie Shiu’s very long hibernation.

  8. I mean he also meant she still look so beautiful even without make up.

    1. yes, like Ada Choi. So many lovely girls in HK – it’s a paradise for the eyes.

  9. but i thought yoyo was a compulsive gambler running up big debts which ekin has to pay off..or did i read wrong.

    1. Maybe that was just a rumour? I only heard about it once so it may less likely be true. However, if it is reported again and again, then there would be more truth to it.

  10. He still looks as hot as he did 20 years ago. The guy has hardly aged.

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