Zhang Zhehan Maintains Popularity Overseas

Chinese actor Zhang Zhehan (張哲瀚) was at the peak of his career after the broadcast of 2021’s Word of Honor <山河令>. However in August 2021, he faced severe criticism and was boycotted in China. Old photos of him taken in Japan at a spot near the Yasukuni Shrine and Nogi Shrine circulated widely online. Due to the shrines’ purpose of honoring imperial Japanese military officers during its warring period with China, many accused Zhang Zhehan of being pro-Japanese. Despite his apology attempts, Zhang Zhehan was cancelled in the Chinese market, with his online social media accounts removed. He was also blacklisted in China and lost many commercial, endorsement, and filming projects.

Although out of the limelight for more than a year, Zhang Zhehan finally resurfaced when he released new music on international platforms. Due to his popularity from previous projects, his attempt at developing his career overseas has been quite successful. His concerts in Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong last year were sold out.

Zhang Zhehan published a travel photo book titled Hyacinth, which sold over 10,000 copies despite little publicity. The travel book boasted photos of the actor in various outfits and was staged against beautiful travel backdrops. The wardrobe changes and photo aesthetics provided different perspectives of Zhang Zhehan, showcasing his boyish charm and playfulness. Due to the massive influx of orders, the server nearly crashed.

Touched by his fans’ enthusiasm and support, Zhang Zhehan expressed, “I was very surprised. I didn’t have any way to promote the photobook, so I didn’t expect to receive such immense support from everyone. I am very happy!”

In addition to his photo book success, the 32-year-old’s new songs have all topped charts, with his song “Journey” exceeding 2.5 million views and “Melancholy Sunshine” reaching 2.18 million views.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Always felt his cancellation in China was soooo overblown. It’s scary how he ceased to exist on the Chinese internet so quickly. Quite dystopian. Will support him mentally even if I can’t purchase his merch right now.

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