Zhang Zhehan’s Outlook on Life and Acting Career

Zhang Zhehan (张哲瀚) is evidently reaching new heights in his career after starring in Word of Honor <山河令>. The Chinese BL drama is so popular it spawned a sold out concert featuring the cast which wrapped up in Suzhou today. Leading a much busier life than before, Zhehan can sense greater opportunities now, but he is also aware it is just as important to continue on living life as he normally would.

The 29-year-old actor shared that his goal is to successfully craft a character where they both identify with each other. To fully flesh out his acting, he believes in living life and gaining new experiences. He said, “You have to meet new friends, socialize, and hear their stories so that you can further enrich yourself. When I’m not busy, I would either accompany my mother at home, read books, and play piano or golf.”

Playing as the gentle yet powerful Zhou Zishou, Zhehan expresses that he feels to have gradually embodied Zishou’s spirit and emotions during the four months of filming. When asked how he would rate his own performance, Zhehan said, “Honestly, I can’t say there is an exact score, because I believe a successful drama makes audiences continuously re-watch it and discuss the details.”

Changing Perspectives and Knowing What He Wants In Life

In the industry for over a decade, Zhehan has experienced many ups and downs. When he was younger, he was quite stubborn. Now, he has learned to embrace a more peaceful mind and lifestyle. He also found that challenging himself with new genres, characters, and places enable him to gain greater insights upon life and himself.

Additionally, he no longer prioritizes popularity as much as he used to in his early debut. In a past interview, he shared that he used to believe he was capable of becoming a popular star when he was young, but that desire slowly faded as it did not happen. He also believes that fate can shape an actor’s popularity.

Possessing a more profound perspective upon the topic of popularity now, Zhehan reflected, “I try my best to complete my work, and persist in what I love. I want to leave a memorable trace in my most energetic years and to also give it my all in every stage of my life. I think living on my own will is my most ideal life.”

Source: Netease

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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