Zhang Zhehan Does Not Believe in Overnight Popularity

Soaring in popularity thanks to the success of BL drama Word of Honor <山河令>, Zhang Zhehan (张哲瀚) senses the growing attention but believes this will eventually pass as time goes by. While popularity usually leads to more opportunities in the future, the 29-year-old actor is not desperate to know where it would lead him, but wants to stay grounded in improving his skills and his goals of winning Best Actor some day.

Zhehan does not think of himself as a particularly “hot” star. He reasoned why he does not believe his popularity has shot up dramatically overnight is because it would all fade at some point. “I never believed in it, as the sky would not randomly fall pies for you. God will always be fair, so even if there is really a fallen pie, it would not belong to you,” he said practically.

Yet, reality proves that Zhehan is one of the most favored actors at the moment. Constantly being followed and surrounded by fans, Zhehan realizes that the biggest indirect change is the loss of freedom. For instance, going out for a midnight snack can have him be chased by numbers of fans.

Gaining Insights On Life Through Playing Golf

Fortunately, Zhehan still has a space to breathe and relax. Indulged in playing golf lately, the actor enjoys the privacy enabled by the sport’s environment. Spending his free time often playing his mini golf stimulator at home, he said, “I think golf is a sport that requires thinking. There are a lot of philosophies of life embedded in golf, and it is also a very individual activity.”

Elated upon the topic of golf, he elaborated further, “Golf is a personal art. There is no need to work with others and every shot must be played by oneself. If you don’t hit it well, then you can only blame yourself.”

Furthermore, Zhehan found that golf helped him in taming his stubbornness with self-introspection. In comparison to five years ago, the actor is now more calm and mature. He said, “If I make a bad shot, then I have to quickly adjust to perform better for the next one. The same thing applies in life–if I am not doing well, then I have to immediately let go of negative thoughts and move on to the next stage.”

Employing the same philosophy in his acting career, Zhehan believes in continuous improvement and is driven to work harder towards his ambitions. “My goal is to win Best Actor.” In his eyes, awards are not to simply gain professional recognition from others, but “it is more of an honor.”

Source: Baidu

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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