Boycott Against Zhang Zhehan is in Full Gear

Hit by pro-Japanese accusations, actor Zhang Zhehan’s (张哲瀚) career is on a downward spiral. On August 15, the China Association of Performing Arts admonished Zhang Zhehan’s misbehavior of visiting Yasukuni Shrine and paying tribute to Japanese war criminals, calling on the industry to boycott him due to his challenging the national Chinese dignity.

Chinese social media and streaming platforms quickly followed by blocking Zhang Zhehan. His personal and work studio’s Weibo accounts, which had over 18 million followers, were both deleted for a “violation of community guidelines.” His fan club and supertopic pages on Weibo were also removed. In addition, music streaming platforms have eliminated all of Zhang Zhehan’s songs.

All the brands and productions that are associated with the actor have announced the end of their partnerships.

Prior to this development, the actor’s fans shared that he intended to post an apology video on August 15, and fly to Shenyang for work after that. However, given how fast the industry has acted to block him, it remains to be seen if Zhang Zhehan will take further public actions.

List of Affected Works

Dramas and films starring Zhang Zhehan, including this year’s sleeper hit, Word of Honor <山河令>, have removed him from the cast list. Some speculate that Word of Honor, Demon Girl <半妖傾城> and The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion <如意芳霏>, may eventually be removed from streaming platforms entirely due to the fallen star’s controversy.

Zhang Zhehan has four films and dramas on hand and starred as first male lead in two of them – Yu Zheng’s (于正) costume drama Zhaoge <夢迴朝歌> and modern romcom Fall in Love at Second Sight <一見不傾心>, both of which wrapped up filming in 2017 and were awaiting broadcast.

Not to forget reality program Final Winner <最後的贏家> which is currently in the post-production phase, as well as four upcoming shows which have yet to officially announce casting details.

Plays Policeman in Two Yet-to-air Productions

Ironically, Zhang Zhehan plays a policeman in two productions awaiting broadcast, including Formed Police Unit <維和防暴隊> which had been completed in May and was due for release in 2022. The film centers on the Chinese riot team’s overseas mission and is helmed by famed wushu director Tat Chiu Lee (李达超), with a cast including Wang Yibo (王一博), Elane Zhong Chuxi (鍾楚曦) and Gu Jiacheng (谷嘉誠). Already in the post-production phase, the production company announced it will delete all of Zhang Zhehan’s scenes in the movie.

Retro Detective <复古神探>, a Youku detective drama in which he plays an undercover cop, was originally scheduled to air this year, but will now likely remain shelved.

Spotted by Vicki Zhao in 2019

A graduate of Shanghai Theater Academy, Zhang Zhehan is currently the juridical person of his own studio, an individual proprietorship set up in November 2019.

He is also signed onto Beijing Pulin Production Co, Ltd in 2019, a company with majority shares owned by Vicki Zhao Wei (赵薇) and her mother, Wei Qiying (魏启颖).  In March this year, Zhao Wei chatted on a live stream about signing on Zhang Zhehan as she was “attracted to his aura of melancholy.” It remains to be seen if Zhao Wei will comment on Zhang Zhehan’s controversy through her studio.

Source: Sohu

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    1. Things Zhang Zhehan did that led to his downfall:
      1. Visiting the Yasukuni Shrine that worshiped class a war criminals.
      2. Attending a friend’s wedding at the Nogi Shrine (dedicated to a Japanese general who led multiple Japanese invasion forces in China). Many of the guests present were members of the Japanese far right.
      3. Posting a photo of a modded car full of Japan’s WWII era military symbolism (with the imperial army flag and a design based on Japanese WWII bombers that killed 20,000+ civilians during the Japanese bombardment of Chongqing).
      4. Performing the Nazi salute in front of a war memorial and sharing photos on social media. Many of his fans later posted photos of themselves performing the Nazi salute at the same location.

      Can’t blame anyone but himself even though I think it was a coordinated attack by his business rivals. I heard rumors he’s very arrogant and made a lot of enemies in show business.

      1. @jetmasters
        I am not a fan of ZZH, but I still don’t believe he blatantly said, in order of addressing your points:
        1) I worship war criminals
        It’s probably a pretty sight to visit
        2) I worship the Japanese far right
        Can you tell people where to have their wedding?
        3) I worship the Japanese invasion during WWII
        He has a thing for cars and art
        4) I am pro Nazi
        This last one, I think was simply an immature fluke.

        He’s like an immature kid who made a racist joke, but he is being called a traitor of his nation.
        He should suffer consequences but China’s government is FAR too controlling and unreasonable

      2. @jet,
        I think it goes deeper than you think as the government is cracking down on everything and everyone. It feels like they are having another cultural revolution but in a lighter form. China seems to be digressing and I hope they don’t become like North Korea.

      3. @jesspepperwang

        As a Chinese who claims to read a lot of books, he should have known better. No excuse to defend him.

        1. Not even the Emperor of Japan visits Yasukuni Shrine due to class a war criminals. It’s a place for Japanese right wing to worship and ignorant tourists who thinks it’s some attraction.

        2. You can have wedding anywhere but why in a far right shrine? His circle of friends are Japanese far right who hates China. I won’t blame him because he might not know them all.

        3. Everyone who suffers under Japan knew the imperial flag is equivalent of nazi flag. Why did he post it?

        4. Nazi salute is not a joke. You will get fined or imprisoned in Germany even if your a tourist.

        He’s being called out by the general public. If this happened in Korea, it would resulted in the same fate. Even America has it’s cancel culture.

      4. @jesspepperwang I also dont think its a simple misunderstanding as with your response to jetmasters. As the saying goes once is a mistake, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern. Most chinese would not even contemplating touching any of the things he’s done. The fact that he seems to ignore what consequences might result from it being that China isnt exactly a free minded country is his fault entirely.

      5. @jesspepperwang
        I thought he’s just a Weeabo but it’s looking more like he’s a real traitor. These pictures didn’t happen over 2018 but a span of few years so it’s not a coincidence. Here is a more detailed summary from online post by Dabosil:

        “Firstly, the incident is not over one image. Also, it’s true that the fact that this came out at such a time is suspicious. However, as far as we know, a netizen first spotted the photo with the Japanese Rising Sun Flag. Of course, this does not eliminate the possibility of other forces lurking behind. However, this fact in itself does not erase anything ZZH has done.

        Composite Timeline: (This is also highlighted in several articles)

        2017-ZZH shares a photo of a car with the Japanese Rising Sun Flag.

        *From the internet: The Japanese Rising Sun Flag is representative of the Imperial Japanese Navy, and was used when Japan colonized the Korean Peninsula and invaded and occupied China.

        2018-On China’s NATIONAL DAY, ZZH shares (rough translation), ‘On this nationally celebrated holiday (I) of course have to go back into my homeland’s embrace. During the National Day Period (I) won’t go anywhere. (I’ll only be) at home, enjoying the warmth of my homeland (country). Happy Birthday, I love you, China’, though the photos attached indicate he is at Ginza,Tokyo.

        2018-ZZH takes photos outside of Yasukuni Shrine

        *The Yasukuni Shrine commemorates the Japanese who have died in wars from the 19th century, including World War II

        And more details of controversial visits from Japanese Emperors/Prime Ministers are here:

        2019-ZZH visits the Nogi Shrine to attend his friend’s wedding

        *Nogi Shrine is named for Nogi Maresuke, a prominent Japanese general who was heavily involved during the Sino-Japanese War invasion of China (such as the Port Arthur Massacre).

        ZZH takes a photo with Ratna Sewi Dewi Soekarno, also known as Dewi Fujin in Japan

        Her husband launched ‘The September 30th Incident’, also known as Gerakan 30 September, comprising of an anti-Communist massacre, including many Chinese.
        She herself is also known for displaying anti-Chinese comments, which means she is obviously unfriendly when it comes to China. Additionally, during the 2017 Asian Games, it was found that the APA hotel guest rooms displayed books that denied the existence of the Nanjing Massacre and Comfort Women (this itself is a huge controversy internationally). She was invited on a television show where she excused the incident in terms of ‘free speech’.

        Therefore, ZZH’s photo with her is….controversial to say the least.

        Of course, you can say that many of them may be coincidences. However, there is also his hypocritical statement:

        In the public apology ZZH sent out, he apologizes for his naivety (towards his knowledge of the local culture and history).
        However, his statement was attacked, because:

        Part of Zhang Zhehan’s public persona has been his love of reading. In fact, his fans compiled a booklist of all of the books he has read (that they know of).

        Two of the books listed in the booklist, ‘Kafka on the Shore’, and ‘Killing Commendatore very specifically talk about the Yasukuni Shrine and Japanese Revisionism.

        This to many people is yet another offending factor, that when in light of public persona ZZH’s love of reading is marketed and where he shows apparent ignorance for landmarks such as the Yasukuni Shrine he professes his naivety.

        The first photo was dug out in July, In response, ZZH deleted the post, though he then shared a Weibo post insinuating the netizens were being nosy and continued forth with a lawyer’s statement warning those who spread malicious rumors to stop at once. Additionally (this part is a bit hard to translate) but on the post’s tail (that is, the subheader to the post which lists the time and date and from what device the post is posted, in which you can add a phrase) it says ‘Tidy up (them) one by one’.

        As for the other extra photos such as the apparent Nazi Salute, sitting on the tombstone of a revered Chinese figure, inappropriate gestures etc.-those are just extras, they’re not the main point, I think some of them could be excused and some are also unclear. The focus is on the shrines AND his attitude.

        That’s about it for now.

        Edit: By a general scope, what does comparing ZZH to Kris Wu say about viewers as a whole? Celebrities, especially in the East (and in China and Korea where actors, singers, and entertainers are mixed in with the concept of idols) are supposed to be role models, and represent who you aspire to be like. The increasingly lowering standards for celebrities is concerning. The comparison does not erase anything.

        Honestly, this is not just about politics.

        *Also, again, this is just about ZZH himself, so let’s not relate it to Word of Honor or any of his dramas. ZZH has struck a very sensitive nerve, so I highly doubt he will come back in the public light.”

      6. @jetmasters
        I definitely agree he is immature, stubborn, and pretentious to a certain level like he is on all variety shows, but if this was anywhere but China, there are 0 grounds to accuse him of being a traitor. I studied international law.

      7. @jetmasters Even if it was China, he violated 1 law only and that’s the Nazi salute. He simply has to pay a fine 95% of the time anywhere in the world or if the person is on German grounds while performing such salute, they will be sent to prison for 3 years 5% of the time.

    2. @jesspepperwang agreed. at most I think he committed some serious faux pas but not to the extent it should get his whole career banned. he’s a dumb@$$ for sure for not taking certain threats to his career seriously and his attitude in ebiz, but it’s enough to remove him from all endorsements. why drive him to extinction? compared to Kris Wu, he’s at most a rude fool.

    3. @jesspepperwang Actually his very loyal fans have warned him repeatedly to remove this images but he just cancelled their advice. His arrogance is the main reason that caused his downfall…his inability to listen to good advice from many people who cared about him.
      I dont think you released the fun extend of how the China were treated by the Japanese during the War… Just like how Nazis treated Jews…Such treatments are still very raw in their minds… You are very lucky to live in a area where such history is just books to you.

      1. @Hohliu I’m simply being objective: I definitely agree he is immature, stubborn, and pretentious to a certain level like he is on all variety shows, but if this was anywhere but China, there are 0 grounds to accuse him of being a traitor. I studied international law.

      2. @jesspepperwang
        I think you misread the situation. ZZH is not convicted officially by China government as a traitor. He is labelled a traitor only by CNetz. He is being cancelled officially due to his misbehavior of visiting Yasukuni Shrine and paying tribute to Japanese war criminals that is seen as challenging the national Chinese dignity. Nothing about him being a traitor to China.

      3. @jesspepperwang , Law does not come into play… he is not charged in court… No one said his actions above will land him in jail.
        It is about moral conduct and responsibility as a Idol and artiste.. His action is beyond just simply stupidity.

        He is insulting history, ignoring the suffering of his ancestors and forgetting the death of all by the hands of the Japanese military in WW2…What is Yasukuni Shrine? What does it stand for? Even my 12yr old son from Europe knows what it stands for. And we are not even from China. Zhang Zhehan says he is ignorant? It is no different from a Jew saying he does not know about Holocaust. His excuse in itself is stupid..

        You study International Law, then you should know better…. I do not know which Country’ law you are studying but I do know, your own knowledge of Chinese history is extremely lacking. You do not know why China is making such a strong stand towards his case… As a law student, your analytical skills toward his case is very narrow minded, you clearly fail to see the big picture…
        Such a shame…

    4. I am guessing you have no idea the atrocity committed by the Japanese during WW2.

      They tossed babies into midair and killed them with their bayonet. They raped any woman that crossed their path and I meant gang rape. They killed anyone who does not kowtow to theM. They picked up man that crossed their paths, only to send them to remote areas to be shot to death.

      While they had the cheek to commit all the above and probably more, they, till date, has no guts to admit to any of the above.

      Don’t make a joke out of this please

    5. @jesspepperwang
      are you sure about that? in china, many people think hitler is a good man who united germany when it was in shatters. they were not fed the same education in the us about WWII

  1. He’ll be fine. He’s loaded and has a rich family. Only his fans will miss his work. It’s not like he’s going to jail. Kris Wu fans should be worried.

    1. I heard that too. And they did mention that was how he got take that pic taken w/that Indonesian hot shot woman during that wedding cuz of family connections or something. That woman is also no ordinary character but a hateful character of China as well. Imagine it’s not just one thing but accumulated pics and incidents over the years and now you can’t undo them since it was all on social media and crying ignorance sure is not going to help now. More like stupidity. I sure won’t miss his works since I have never watched anything of his well anyway. haha lol….KW’s case is definitely more serious and hopefully it will be better handled than that 3 years charge of Korea’s Big Bang.

    2. @jet,
      I don’t think his family is rich from what I heard. Plus, if those companies that cut ties with him sues him, he may lose a lot more money. I just hope he does not go bankrupt.

      1. You shouldn’t worry about his financial situation. He has many properties. He can get other non celebrity jobs to make an income, move overseas, etc. Chinese celebrities are rich. Even the not so well known ones make billions a year through business ventures.

      2. It is more than just the money as I felt he truly has the passion for acting and all so feel bad that it had to come to this. Of course he will not starve or anything like that as he can do something else. He can immigrate elsewhere and do something else. I guess even if this did not happen, he may have changed careers sooner or later. Not everyone is an actor or stays in the circle forever.

      3. I’m not even a fan of his and I feel bad for him to have his whole career destroyed and being canceled because of this. I totally understand a lot of people are angry at him and feel disappointed. But I don’t think it should go this far. There are comments from Cnets about kicking him out of China too. And I think he didn’t take advice from his fans to delete his pics before because he didn’t think it’d be a big deal (giving him the benefit of the doubt).

      4. @HeTieShou Actually he does come from a well off family..His mum owns a number of business and one of them work closely with Japan.. Thus he will be okay even after paying off the compensations..

      5. @Hohliu,
        Maybe you are talking about now, but back then when he was starting out his family was not wealthy. He talked about his parents’ sacrifices for him and how his dad had to sell their house to support him in his dreams. Maybe they are wealthy now, but they weren’t when he was still trying to start out.

    3. I agree, he will have to deal with financial dispute the advertising sponsors but that is all… He comes from a well of family…he will be fine long term.

      1. I wonder why everyone says his family is rich? I remember him talking about his family on a show and they did not sound wealthy at all. He never talks about his father. It seems like it is only his mom and him. He only seems wealthy now after entering the circle and earning his own money. But his family did not seem to be wealthy prior to him becoming an actor.

  2. I saw in one youtube clip that said he unfollowed Gong Jun and deleted all Gon Jun’s pictures in his weibo. This act is seen as not wanting to drag Gong Jun down with him. This is also my first thought. At least, he still is concern for his friend career.

  3. Downed by his own stupidity and arrogance, his fans had tried to warn him of his pictures earlier but he chose to refuse to listen to them and blacklisted them instead.

    1. Really? Maybe he thought it was not a big deal but sadly his stubbornness is coming back to haunt him.

  4. His punishments are almost as harsh as Krish Wu’s, except he isn’t banned from all networks. Or he was banned already? I understand Cnets are mad and feel disappointed at him, but to go to the point to cancel him and his whole career and kick him out of China is too much.

      1. That is very sad. Some people in the comments even thought he deserved this. Some lessons? Definitely. Getting banned and blacklisted? That’s too much.

    1. Well I think it is because it is a pattern in his behavior and not a one time thing. He was careless and reckless about it when fans warned him. I admit the punishment is a bit harsh but sadly what is done is done so there is no turning back.

    2. Well he is not in jail, and he definitely does not have as much previous works as KW. Consider it his luck that he gets kicked out so early in his career, not that he is such a big star anyway, nowhere near KW at all. He can always go do something else, get a new career, no big deal, nothing to pity about him.

  5. War is always a crime against humanity. Doubly so when they are not acknowledged and dismissed. How Japan still accepts this disregard baffles me – it’s blatant insult to injury. The pro right over there should be ashamed. Whatever morality to speak of, by doing this, it is basically saying they approve of their behavior or have no desire to learn from their lessons. So shameful.

    1. @Coralie , I remember having a conversation with a Japanese mum afew years ago about her prospective about WW2, she is married to a German, she said she grew up in Japan not being taught something different. They were more victims and Americans were the bad guys who used the atomic bombs that caused great harm to the Country…

      They were not taught about the atrocity caused by the Japanese amy in SE Asia. They were just taught how clever, brave and powerful the Japanese amy were. The message were misconstrue to suit their purpose.

      She was very shocked when she learnt about the truth. In fact, she felt so guilty for a long time. And Yasukuni Shrine is the Shrine built to commemorate all the “War Heroes” over the decades…

      The funny things is, I was sharing this new with my young son. I did not mentioned the name of the Shrine, as I did not think he knew. His first reply was, “is it Yasukuni Shrine?” I said “How did you know?” He said, who does not know about it? There are many places to visit in Japan but there are some places that one should not visit…..

      1. Wow your son is so aware of world history (well, at least China’s.) Growing up American, I’ve only heard about Nanjing Massacre/Rape through news portals like Jaynestars, but even then, it’s in passing, like a wiki article or hearing trivia about the event (the most memorable one being that the Author who did research on this topic committed suicide not too long after writing the book.) I remember being really young and horrified knowing what atrocities were committed against civilians during the invasion. And I do see news articles here and there about the outrage when Japanese govt members visit and commemorate war criminals, but I rarely paid attention to what specific location they refer to…hence why I sympathize ZZH’s ignorance (though since he grew up in China, it’s a different story.) In any case, hatred towards Japanese people in this generation is unfounded, but the senile parties that still hold control on the right are to blame for their complicity in eliminating their unsavory history.

      2. @Coralie The Japanese anti sentiment is very much alive in China. When I was visiting a young girl who ferried us across the river said she will not take Japanese tourists because of what happened in the past. Its true that the current Japanese generation is not to blame, but the atrocities that they have committed was just so bad that the hatred will be sure to last through generations.
        She said to me one of the things they did was “fried babies” which I hope is not true, although the mass rapes were well documented and definitely true.

      3. @Coralie
        Hatred is not unfounded because Japan never atoned for their sins, unlike Germany. They are still very proud of their militarism. 90% of Japanese hates China but they won’t show it unless it is private. Chinese public anger only shows when Japanese politicians visit the shrine, rewrites history, or something controversial relating to their past atrocities.

      4. @jetmasters No, even in Chinese there’s a phrase, “the un-informed is innocent.” If the current generation is not educated on its crimes, how can they be blamed?

      5. @Coralie
        No one is blaming them for crimes committed during WWII by their predecessors. Chinese hatred is toward their government actions that continue to hurt the feelings of Chinese people. The only thing Japanese government needs to do to ease tensions is just do nothing at all. But no, they will keep instigating conflicts because they never felt what they did was wrong. They only felt shamed for losing the war. Majority of Japanese keep supporting this right wing government. They are very racist towards Chinese. Your uninformed is innocent only applies to people who admitted to their mistakes due to ignorance. You really think Japanese people are ignorant?

      6. @jetmasters the actions of one faction of the govt (the pro right) and what they want to do doesn’t mean the entire country wants to do the same. when history is being erased from books and citizens have no other knowledge of the event (they’re a very insulated country), how are they not innocent? That’s like saying republicans represent the entire US. There are a lot of things I want to change about that party, so do democrats, but it’s not like we can just make it happen.

      7. @Coralie
        They voted this right wing government into power almost every time. Hitler was voted into power. They know what they are voting for. Now they are trying to play the victim here. I never say anything about all Japanese support the right wing. My original argument is the hatred is not unfounded which is true. The only Japanese who protests against right wing government are ethnic Chinese and Koreans and a tiny tiny tiny tiny Japanese populace. Young Japanese are trying to bring back militarism and imperialism. Everyone knows that is bad for any country.

      8. @jetmasters I don’t know enough about Japanese politics to speak intelligently on the topic, but here are my thoughts:
        Who voted the pro right into power? You’re saying the country did (majority.) But who amongst those in the country know about the atrocities committed during the war? Hard to say when it’s erased in history books. Most Japanese people are not that concerned with historical events, and like someone else mentioned, there are many Japanese ppl who are completely ignorant on the subject. So they could be voting for the pro right based on what that party is offering outside of this conflict. It’s not their top priority to know what shameful things their country did…can’t say I blame them.

      9. @Coralie
        Everyone knows Japanese right wing is anti-China. They keep voting them so majority are anti-China, up to 90% actually. They know what they are voting for even if they are ignorant of history. Ignorant excuse is only for those minor things, not something major. I don’t think it’s a matter of being uneducated. It’s deeply ingrained in their culture. Just look how they built shrines that worship class a war criminals. People know are not associated with it finds it weird. Only the Weeaboos keep defending them like nothing ever happened.

    2. @Coralie
      Everyone knows Japanese right wing is anti-China. They keep voting them so majority are anti-China, up to 90% actually. They know what they are voting for even if they are ignorant of history. Ignorant excuse is only for those minor things, not something major. I don’t think it’s a matter of being uneducated. It’s deeply ingrained in their culture. Just look how they built shrines that worship class a war criminals. People know are not associated with it finds it weird. Only the Weeaboos keep defending them like nothing ever happened.

      1. @jetmasters You’re extrapolating a lot here. Even the ppl voting for Trump is not all about xenophobia – a lot just want more money (that’s the core issue) or they just don’t want to be ostracized from the base camp. Hating China can’t be the main priority of the right wing in Japan – that’s preposterous. Majority prob just desire this camp because their policies work. The sentiment against China is just one aspect of the camp, but certainly not the main purpose.

      2. @Coralie
        Does it matter what the main purpose of Japanese right wing is? It includes anti-China racism, people who vote for them knows it. That’s why the hate is not unfounded like you claim. It ties to the history of their atrocities that are not resolved by any means. They keep spreading anti-China propaganda as well. Same with Trump supporters. It includes racism in it. Hate is spread and then gets hate back. Nothing to excuse. If Japanese government and their people did what Germany did to atone, then the hate by Chinese is unfounded.

      3. @jetmasters I concede that hatred towards one aspect of the current generation (racism) is understandable, but I still think majority of the folks in Japan either don’t have knowledge of the issue or they don’t care enough given the monocultural environment they live in. Basically they’re in a bubble. They should def stop hurtful actions like worshipping war criminals, but I think only a select few extreme pro right members actually care. We have extreme right wings in every country.

      4. Final reply as I’m getting tired of replying and scrolling through my phone. We can agree to disagree. First, I know I don’t hate Japan but they should be more accountable for their actions towards other races – but that I blame on their monocultural environment.
        Second, I wouldn’t be surprised if most Japanese didn’t know about the Nanjing invasion or what happened in that period as it’s erased in books or not talked about much. There’s an example above of a Japanese woman who became educated on that and was incredibly sad afterwards. So to say that uninformed isn’t a valid reason – there’s your anecdotal data which evidences that it is possible.

        Third, great that we’ve established we don’t hate Japanese, but only certain members of the pro right wing that stokes the fire to tensions between China and Japan. We have extremists like that in every country.

        All this to say, Japan is not innocent, but to assign blame on the whole nation when it could be a combo of reasons such as inertia/monocultural environment/lack of education/racism built into the society…is not fair super fair to them, although it’s easy to brush them with a broad stroke and say they’re all guilty. It’s more nuanced than that.

      5. @Coralie
        My original point was not about blaming Japan as a nation. It was just to clarify that Chinese hatred was not unfounded as I have pointed out. When I was in college we read Rape of Nanking for our class and the Japanese students didn’t really care about it judging by their expression. I don’t blame them as their government always use the same excuse. Soldiers and doctors that committed crimes went back to Japan to tell their story and repented what they did, but the masses simply don’t care judging by they almost always voted the same right wing government. It’s a sad reality and their could be a lot of reasons for it so expect the tensions between China and Japan to never resolve.

    3. Unfounded? Babies were tossed up midair to be met by their bayonet (killed as a game), women were gang raped at their whims, men were mercilessly killed to avoid riot. You’re fortunate no one from your family were victims of all these. Tell “unfounded” to the victims and their families.

      Everything I said above are not straight from the books, it’s when I spoke with families of the victims. After committing all the above, all the victims get were denial? They had the cheek to commit such atrocity but no guts to admit and apologies?

      I always pity the people who had to suffer from the natural disaster Japan faced now but I will never be sorry for Japan cos it’s just karma hitting them back.

      1. @jetmasters Japan is xenophobic, period. They only like white ppl and even then, it’s more out of exoticism and fantasy and many don’t even like them. To say one party is 90% anti-Chinese is not wrong, but they’re also 90% anti-every other race. For a country that doesn’t interact with other races much, what do you expect? In addition, for a country that doesn’t inform its population about its disgusting past and citizens themselves have no desire to look up info…it’s understandable that majority don’t know. Again the uninformed isn’t guilty.

        @conan2209 there’s plenty wrong with every country. Japan is notoriously awful with women and I have a bone to pick about that, but I don’t hate them for it. They are ignorant and resistant to change, but am I supposed to hate them on behalf of all women? I think they need to make it right with women and I think they need to make it right with the crimes they committed in China/Korea, but hate? I hate their willful ignorance, but I don’t hate them

      2. @Coralie
        Uninformed is only for minor things like I have said before. Something major like this, there is no excuse. It’s just common sense to know racism and right wing government are wrong but they keep voting for it. It just meant they are not sorry for the past and won’t ever be. Nothing to do with education. Even if they were educated, they would still feel the same way. Japanese government always use the same excuse it has nothing to do with us, even though they are direct successors of a government that murdered millions. It’s the same government without a major military. Anyway Chinese hate stems from anger whenever Japanese government tries to stir up controversy, not direct hatred like some Japanese people towards China.

      3. @jetmasters first, common sense is not very common. And second, voting for a racist faction is a non-issue for Japan because they are monocultural so it impacts them none. The majority rule is the direct reason why pro right was selected, but they are not primarily voting for racist reasons, as it’s already baked into their system that other races don’t matter.

      4. Woops responded to wrong chain @jetmasters I concede that hatred towards one aspect of the current generation (racism) is understandable, but I still think majority of the folks in Japan either don’t have knowledge of the issue or they don’t care enough given the monocultural environment they live in. Basically they’re in a bubble. They should def stop hurtful actions like worshipping war criminals, but I think only a select few extreme pro right members actually care. We have extreme right wings in every country.

    4. Guess we just got to agree that everyone has a different opinion and none of us can fairly say we represent the majority. However, it does not mean our opinion, be it yours or mine, is wrong and so we should not write off or condemn anyone’s opinion that’s different from ours.

      Hate, love, forgiven, waive off, stubborn, refusing to let go are just expression of ones opinions and should remain so

  6. I remember even Justin Bieber apologized after Japan shrine visit back in 2014 or sometime around that when it sparked Asian anger if I remember correctly. South Koreans flooded Twitter with angry comments over it too. This guy is Chinese and he’s arrogant enough to ignore or blacklisted his fans as some mentioned in letting him it’s not right on social media. Really! It’s just not cool.

  7. I have quite a few Japanese friends and many of them did not learn about the WW2 articles until they came out of the country. They feel horrible about it, and some of them even apologized to me for the crimes of their country. The common Japanese people are OK, just misinformed. They love their country but not their crimes. Politics is a different matter as it has to do with money and power and control. I don’t feel the Japanese public or their culture should be hated, but we can’t forgive the Japanese government or their war crimes as they don’t acknowledge it and treat their victims like rubbish and want to brush it under the carpet by delaying til all the victims have passed away. You can eat Japanese food, travel to Japan, have Japanese friends, watch Japanese series, but there are some things that we as Chinese cannot do, like go to that shrine or show off the Rising sun flag. Not even my Japanese friends or their families wants to go the shrine as they don’t want to support what it represents. So when Zzh blatantly just ignores the warnings, it is very disrespectful.

    1. Well said, we don’t blame the folks but Japan cannot and should not pretend the crime committed never happened. They were and never can be victims of WW2 nor the atomic bomb. The bomb helped end sufferings then

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