Zhang Zhehan Performs in Thailand Concert

Shooting to popularity after BL drama Word of Honor <山河令>, Chinese actor and singer Zhang Zhehan’s (張哲瀚) career came crashing down after he was swiftly erased off the face of Chinese entertainment on accusations of being pro-Japanese. 

Working on his music comeback away from his motherland, the 32-year-old recently fulfilled his long-time dream of holding his own concert in Bangkok, where he hyped up the crowd with costume changes mirroring the 4 thematic concepts of the show – “Setting Sail”, “Choices”, “Storm” and “Rebirth”!

Celebrates 32nd Birthday with Fans

Appearing in a black get-up with fancy blue feathered look, Zhang Zhehan kept fans raptured as he belted out familiar hits like “Magnificent Life” <人生海海>, “Stars Light You Up” <變成星星照亮你>, refreshed melodies and even pop classics like Jay Chou‘s (周杰倫) Rainbow <彩虹> at the concert titled “ZhangZhehan 2023 Concert: Primordial Theater”. Held from 10 to 11 May, its producer is stated as Ranyi Music.

From choreography to set design and the entire concert flow, he was reportedly involved in various aspects – a longtime dream he reveals is close to his heart, “I’ve always dreamed of holding a concert, and this hasn’t changed, very happy that we’ve done accomplished it today!”

With attendees joining in the chorus of “Stars Light You Up” towards closing, he thanked his endearing “jellyfish” for their companionship and support throughout his journey, promising to bring them more outstanding works.

Coinciding with the singer’s 32nd birthday, a pastel-themed cake was wheeled in, while Zhang Zhehan sweetly granted his birthday wish to all present, hoping that their individual dreams could all come true, and expressed his other wish that they be endowed with “good health, safety and smoothness”.

Source: WorldJournal, Instagram

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  1. Even thru he is not a actor I miss, I am still happy he can still hold this concert he wants to. As long as he has fans, he can still perform. We might see him in a Thai Lakorn one day….or Taiwanese drama…

  2. Was there speculations that LYF also went to Thailand? Must admit that didn’t expect Thailand to be place to go.

  3. His portrayal of the Nirvana in Fire character Lin Shu was framed for treason. Same thing happened to him in real life.

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