Zhang Ziyi and Cecilia Cheung’s “Dangerous Liaisons” Coming This September

Promoted as the nation’s biggest film of the year, the Chinese drama film, Dangerous Liaisons <危险关系> features Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝), and Korean actor Jang Dong Gun (張東健).

Based on the French novel of the same name by Pierre Choderlos de LaclosDangerous Liaisons is the fifth motion picture adaptation of the novel, behind Hollywood’s 1998 version, France’s Valmont in 1989, Roger Kumble’s Cruel Intentions in 1999, and South Korea’s Untold Scandal in 2003.

The film takes place in 1930s Shanghai and centers around the innocent Du Fenyu (Zhang Ziyi), the widower of a famous and respected college professor. Socialite Mo Jieyu (Cecilia Cheung) convinces her ex-lover Xie Yifan (Jang Dong Gun) to play a treacherous game: if he wants to have sex with her, he will have to seduce the virtuous Du and spoil her reputation. Xie agrees.

The $200 million RMB production is a co-production between China and Korea, and is directed by Korean director Hur Jin Ho (許秦豪). The screenplay is written by famous writer and novelist Yan Geling (严歌苓), who also wrote The Flowers of War <金陵十三钗>. Dangerous Liaisons will be released in cinemas on September 27, 2012.

Watch Trailer of “Dangerous Liaisons”

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Source: Sohu.com

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  1. Jang Donggun, why do you insist on ruining your career by acting in movies that don’t matter? Why?!

    Bae Youngjun already done this movie in a Korean adaptation and he stripped. Are you gonna strip? Can you gain like 50 pounds first? I see you in Gentleman’s Dignity and my mouth fell open at how skinny and pale you look that I thought it is a sequel to that stupid Twilight series.

    And this is funny. THis movie is a I suppose based on a French story (?) directed by a Korean written by a Chinese, starring a Mainland Chinese who doesn’t know korean or cantonese, a HK girl who doesn’t know korean or Mandarin (or she does but she can’t speak it) and a korean actor who can’t understand mandarin or cantonese.

    How do they all communicate? Translators? Maybe some parts will be lost in translation?

    1. Same way how people communicate globally. In English? ZZY worked in English movies, she can speak some english, regardless of her accent. Cecilia cheung’s mom is british? Not sure if the korean dude can speak english, but just some basic should be fine.

      1. JDG doesn’t know English but he speaks better mandarin than Cecilia, by script. Cecilia doubt she can. ZZY can speak English. But still, maybe it is pointing, body language and the actors’ new found ability, ESP

      2. I’m just curious why you think Cecilia can’t speak english, since her Mom is british/chinese, and she was living in Australia when she was 14 and had completed her high school education there. She must have some grasp of the language.

      3. Because Anthony Wong looks caucasion but he can’t speak conversational English. A lot of Chinese in western countries can’t speak Chinese.

        A lot of people live in overseas but many can’t speak conversational chinese. My bet is she can’t. And she doesn’t look like the studious kind to me.

      4. I can’t remember what movie but I think Wong chau sun’s English is okay.

        Doesn’t Cecilia speak a lot of English to Lucas?

      5. Being studious or not has nothing to do with whether someone can speak english, especially if they have lived overseas for several years. You don’t need to be studious to learn a language. She may not be terrific, but conversational? yes.

        No doubt her english is not great, but as long as they speak slowly and clearly, I’m sure they can all understand each other.

        Some overseas chinese might not put in the effort to learn their language, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Cecilia being unable to speak english. You seem to look down on her.

        Btw, since you can’t read chinese, let me translate the title. “Cecilia Cheung uses English through out (the press con) to answer French media’s questions.” Since she’s not reciting from a script but answering questions, I believe she is able to understand english and also reply in English.

      6. Funn, I can understand why you are looking down on Cecilia as a result of the sex scandal happened years back but it has nothing to do with whether or not she can speak conversational English. Matter of fact, like Nicole said, she can speak conversational English. Whether she is studious or not is clearly a matter of opinion. An actress is an actress and judgement should be based upon her performance and how well she acts not how good or bad of a history she has. I think this role fits her well and I simply can’t wait to watch this 🙂

      7. I thought cecelia speaks quite good english as supposedly her sons all converse in english. n i am sure she tutors thm..and she was suppose to stay overseas for some time.. she mush have basic english.

      8. “Funn, I can understand why you are looking down on Cecilia as a result of the sex scandal happened years back ”

        Mae, please don’t put words into my mouth. I did not say I look down on her or that it is because of the sex scandal. I couldn’t care less because my opinion of her is not worser even before the sex scandal. I just genuinely believe she can’t speak conversational english and also her lack of education. That is all.

      9. @Funn Lim

        “Because Anthony Wong looks caucasion but he can’t speak conversational English. A lot of Chinese in western countries can’t speak Chinese.”

        I thought it was because his British father left his family when he was really young and was raised by his Chinese mother so naturally he spoke Chinese growing up.

    2. Jang Donggun is very skinnny n look old in Gentleman’s Dignity. Gotta agree he need to gain some more weight

    3. I think Cecilia is really miscasted in this movie.. doesn’t suit her at all.. something not right.. she doesn’t have that sex appeal to me. too skinny imo.

    4. Funn,
      More collaborations between Korean and Chinese artists are occurring obviously for marketing reasons, to make it more appealing across geographic regions.

      From the trailer, I find Cecilia to have good screen presence. My ear for Mandarin is terrible, so I will not complain about her Cecilia’s Mandarin accent. She also appears to have good chemistry with Jang Dong Gun.

  2. I’m kindof looking forward to this. Cecilia has more space to peform in her role.

    Hope ZZY performance supports the films casting choice as I preferred Liu Yi Fei instead of her for the innocent role.

  3. That trailer looks shocking!

    First of all, I think Cecelia is a miscast. She is too skinny and tries too much to pose than to act or speak her lines with conviction. They should really dub her as her Mandarin pronounciation is distracting.

    Somehow, I see the scheming seductress role more fitting for Zhang Ziyi than Cecelia, but she should do well as the innocent widow.

    However, I haven’t seen Jang Dong Jun for ages and looking forward to him.

    Also, Cecelia studied around the same time as my cousin in Holmes College and she used to skip school all the time. her English is not good. Understandable but not what I call smooth.

  4. I think the story is over done -.- why cant we just drop this silly plot line. In the past 10yrs, Hollywood got like 3 of this going, plus the Korean one… Now this. Has Asian movies gone Hollywood style with remake after remake -.-

    1. Little Fishy,
      “Dangerous Liaisons” is a classic story about seduction, lust, and finding love in people you thought were polar opposites of who you are. Finally, the hero is transformed to a better person willing to sacrifice his life because after finding a greater purity of love. The premise is pretty classic.

      The attraction in the remake is not necessarily the outcome of the love relationship (as we know the fate of the characters) but what will the chase be like? With the remake done in 1930s Shanghai, there will be interesting cultural adaptations. I find the leads in “Dangerous Liaisons” to be interesting as well.

      Teen flick, “Cruel Intentions” was likely the worst adaptation of the “Dangerous Liaisons.”

  5. have enough remakes on this story. C’mon, the last one, “Untold Scandals” was only 2003.

    Moreover, the previous ones had a certain eroticism about them that made them entertaining. With this being a part Chinese production, not expecting too much from it.

  6. A review has already been done on this movie and only Cecilia got a positive review for her role.

    Whether CC did well in school or not does not make me think she was a lazy person as she worked two jobs while in school to support herself and family members.

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