Zhang Ziyi Does Not Deny Romance with Sa Beining

On September 10, the cast of Hur Jin Ho’s (許秦豪) Dangerous Liaisons <危险关系>, including Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) and Jang Dong Gun (張東健), attended the film’s gala presentation event at the 37th Toronto International Film Festival. Produced by Easternlight Films and with a budget of over $200 million RMB, Dangerous Liaisons was the only Chinese-language film that was screened at the film festival.

Two months ago, Ziyi and renowned CCTV television producer and host, Sa Beining (撒贝宁), were caught spending time together alone at Kaiping Park. Wearing matching white sandals, the couple was seen in close physical contact throughout their trip.

The mainland Chinese media have been actively pursuing their alleged romance since September 2011. In the last few months, Beining was seen traveling around China to visit Ziyi on film sets. In February, the lovers were seen holding hands while vacationing in Huangshan, China.

Ziyi, however, remained ambiguous on her alleged romance with Beining. She told the press, “I don’t want to talk too much about this topic. I know what I’m doing.”

Despite the vague answer, Ziyi did not hesitate to reply on questions regarding her thoughts on love. She happily professed, “We all need love. Having a relationship to hold on to is very important. When your heart is dependable and at peace, you will excel in everything you’re doing. You will happily face hardship and unhappiness. Those are my views on love.”

She added, “I am the kind of girl who places love on top. I’ve always wanted to love and be loved. Love gives you a power that cannot be measured; it is a wonderful thing.”

When the reporters gave Ziyi blessings on her newfound romance with Beining, Ziyi smiled and said, “Thank you!”

Zhang Ziyi on Jang Dong Gun: “He is Very Courageous”

A co-production between China and Korea, Dangerous Liaisons is a high-budget international production. The film’s producer, Chen Weiming (陈伟明), also had this aspect in mind when making the film. He said, “When we were handed the script, we were already thinking of how to make this film not limited to just the mainland China market. First, we wanted to make this film known in all of Asia. We have finally achieved that.”

Dangerous Liaisons is the Chinese-language debut of Korean director, Hur Jin Ho. Korean actor, Jang Dong Gun, who portrays the film’s lead male character, Xie Yifan, has previously filmed two other Chinese films prior to Dangerous Liaisons.

Ziyi remarked that she is very impressed with Jang Dong Gun, and admitted that she has a lot of respect for her costar. Having filmed Japanese and English-language films before, Ziyi understood how hard it was to act in a second language. She said, “I know that it requires a lot of perseverance to get the job done. For this film, he needed to learn Mandarin and use this second language to film the entire movie. He is very courageous, and did the job well!”

Sources: Sohu.com, Sina.com

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  1. Oh JDG speaks in Mandarin again? Good good. Joke is he speaks better mandarin than Cecilia but of course his is just learning by heart. But still quite an achievement. I am however not interested in this movie unless he does what Bae Yongjun did in his movies. Strip.

    1. Yes, Jang Dong Gun speaks Mandarin very well in ‘Wu Ji’. I’m one of the few people who actually like the film. 😀

  2. It’s interesting to find out if this is ziyi’s pure love of him without $$$ or £££ involves.

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