Zhang Ziyi’s Romance with Sa Beining Exposed

Since splitting up with billionaire boyfriend, Vivi Nevo, Zhang Ziyi’s (章子怡) love life has always been in the spotlight. Ziyi was shortly rumored to have reunited with her ex-boyfriend, Eric Fok (霍啟山), who was the second son of tycoon Timothy Fok (霍震霆). Ziyi’s latest hookup with Sa Beining (撒貝寧), a Mainland Chinese television host, is unexpected and has raised a few eyebrows!

Tabloids reported that Sa Beining visited Zhang Ziyi on the filming set of The Grandmasters <一代宗师> and went sightseeing together at Kaiping Park. Ziyi’s brother and sister-in-law also accompanied the couple on the trip. The group went swimming together and Ziyi and Beining were even wearing identical sandals! The lovers were also spotted getting cozy with each other while munching snacks together, whispering and smiling sweetly at each other. 

Ziyi Moved by Beining’s Active Courtship

Zhang Ziyi met Sa Beining on his television program in May 2011, while promoting for her new movie, Love for Life <最爱>. It was love at first sight for Beining and he even professed his love for Ziyi in the program. The pair shared good chemistry in the program; Ziyi even chided Beining flirtatiously for not behaving decently during the filming!

Beining actively courted Ziyi for the next four months. The two became an item in September 2011, and progress of the romance has been fast-paced. In February this year, the lovers travelled to Huangshan, China and were spotted holding hands. At Ziyi’s birthday bash, Beining even declared his love for her by kissing her passionately in front of everyone!

Beining has also arranged for Ziyi to appear in a mega celebratory show in CCTV for the London 2012 Olympics on July 27th , even giving her a prime spot in the show.

Sa Beining was reportedly to be “over the moon” in his romance with the international movie star, and even disclosed his new love with Zhang Ziyi to his close colleagues.

Beining Dumps Old Love for Ziyi?

Beining’s previous romance with his hosting partner, Jing Wei (经纬) was highly popular. The duo was even branded as the “golden couple” in the television station. After dating for several years, the couple was preparing to settle down and registering for marriage. The reporter sought clarification from Beining’s close friend and the latter replied, “The romance is already history! It’s not appropriate for an outsider to comment. Although I was shocked with Beining’s new romance, I will still give my blessings to him.” 

Ziyi’s Manager Did Not Deny the Romance

Zhang Ziyi’s manager responded that Ziyi was filming The Grandmasters in Kaiping, Guangdong province. Her relatives and friends had visited her at the filming set as she was away from Beijing for a lengthy period. Ziyi’s manager said, “Ziyi and Beining were not photographed alone. There were also Ziyi’s friends, relatives and the production crew present. Perhaps Ziyi was a public figure, so she was recognized instantly.”

However, Zhang Ziy’s manager also did not deny Ziyi’s newfound love, “We will not comment on Ziyi’s romance, as this involves her personal life.” 

Sources: 21CN.com, Sina.com

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