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Zhang Ziyi To Get Married With Eric Fok?

By on August 16, 2011

Zhang Ziyi To Get Married With Eric Fok? thumbnail

Since Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) broke up with wealthy boyfriend, Vivi Nevo, there has been repeated rumors that she reunited with her ex-boyfriend, Eric Fok (霍啟山), who was the second son of millionaire, Timothy Fok (霍震霆). Ziyi and Eric denied reconciliation rumors. However, a reporter mentioned in a blog that not only did Ziyi and Eric reunite, the pair were discussing marriage! Allegedly, the turn of events will become clear within two weeks….

Confirmation Within Two Weeks

Recently, a reporter revealed in a blog that according to an inside source, Eric Fok appeared in Beijing with Zhang Ziyi in early August. The reporter wrote in his blog, “An informed source said that Eric Fok stayed at a hotel in Beijing. Zhang Ziyi lingered around all day. Their reunification is true! Allegedly, they have wedding plans! I wanted to pass the good news early! Bless them!”

Once Ziyi’s marriage news spread, enthusiastic netizens responded quickly. Since there was an absence of photos related to the news, many netizens questioned its credibility.  The reporter wrote, “Within two weeks, there will be proof! “

Zhang Ziyi appeared at a promotional event in Beijing yesterday. In attendance were also Jackie Chan (成龍) and Zhang Yimou (張藝謀), two men who were romantically rumored with Ziyi in the past. EEG boss, Albert Yeung (楊受成), mainland actor Hu Jun (胡軍) and Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) were also present. Zhang Ziyi appeared in good spirits and was courteous with Cecilia onstage. Off the stage, the women continued to chat continuously and appeared to be very friendly with each other. Ziyi’s rumored partner, Jackie Chan, appeared early at the event while she arrived later than the scheduled time, thus losing the opportunity to see each other at the event.

Timothy Fok Noncommittal

Timothy Fok appeared at an exhibition yesterday. Asked about his son, Eric Fok, and Zhang Ziyi’s reconciliation rumors, Timothy Fok was noncommittal, “A lot of things are just reported by the media.” Regarding his elder son, Kenneth Fok (霍啟剛) and Guo Jingjing (郭晶晶) getting married, Timothy Fok teasingly noted that Kenneth was currently serving as team leader for Shenzhen Universiade 2011 and suggested the reporter travel north to interview his son.

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Rumors have been circulating that Zhang Ziyi and Eric Fok got back together, which is highly possible. Now that Ziyi’s Hollywood career has quieted down, perhaps she may be ready for marriage after all!

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  • Readers' Comments (12)

    1. Summer says:

      Now I know who Timothy Fok is, I had always thought he was some politician. Lol
      I didn’t know that Kenneth Fok is his son. I just know his father is rich. What I can’t believe is that his elder son, Kenneth Fok and Guo Jingjing is still going strong in their relationship. (“Drop my eyeglasses”). Wow I learned so much. Anyway I never really see her and Vivi Nevo will last anyway. I guess we will know within two weeks if they are getting marry.

    2. lara says:

      At least he is better looking than Vivi Nevo. But Zhang Ziyi looks a bit older than Timothy…..

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Richer and richer…

    4. random says:

      wow they look-alike! haha

    5. Rambling Mind says:

      He can do so much better than Zhang Ziyi

    6. gwen says:

      wonder why xhang ziyi broke up with her white boyfriend/ fiance…could her prospective father in law accept her into the family after having been with the white man for so long

    7. samche says:

      that shirt that ziyi is wearing makes her look like she’s pregnant.

    8. bloom says:

      Agree that Zhang ZiYi looks older than Eric Fok

    9. ahguu says:

      of course wat, she has been in the entertainment circle for so long, nites and nites of parties and bottles and bottles of red wine will not be cured just by some botox shots. We are in luck tat she doesnt look like his mother, tat may be a compliment cause his mum is still so gorgeous leh.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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