Bobby Au Yeung and Esther Kwan Promote “Always and Ever”

Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) and Esther Kwan (關詠荷) promoted their upcoming drama Always and Ever <情逆三世緣> today. The two were seen on board a sailing ship on to generate buzz for their series’ August 12 debut. Cast members Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Derek Kok (郭政鴻) and Sammy Sum (沈震軒) were also at the event; some dressed in period costumes despite the humid heat.

The ship circled Victoria Harbour, carrying a large banner promoting the upcoming series. Since Always and Ever spans three different time periods, cast members were asked to dress according to their characters’ appearance in the story. To emphasize the series’ love theme, the cast was split up into groups to compete over a game of love confessions. Bobby also contributed to the event’s lively mood with his numerous dirty jokes. When he and Esther were asked to recreate the classic lover’s pose from American film Titanic, Bobby hesitated, saying he is afraid to hold Esther now that he has seen her husband Nick Cheung (張家輝)’s muscular body.

While filming Always and Ever, Bobby was hospitalized for acute pneumonia after swallowing food too quickly at a dinner party. Recalling the incident, Bobby is grateful for the cast and crew’s patience and help during the difficult time, and plans to treat them to a meal to show his appreciation. “You never know what may happen in life. No one wished for it. Hopefully we will receive decent ratings as a thank you to all the artists for their hard work. Everyone was working tirelessly while I was resting, filming with my body double. It took them two days just to complete one scene… I am planning to [treat them to a meal]. It is something I should do….”

When reporters urged him to watch his alcohol intake, Bobby clarified, “That is actually unrelated [to my illness]. It was due to stress and fatigue accumulated over the years. My doctor warned me to not eat too much since I got in trouble when food got into my lungs.”

Esther Kwan also hopes her new series will achieve high ratings. She shared that this was her first time filming a story set in the 1950s, and said that she really likes the era’s fashion style. When asked if husband Nick Cheung (張家輝) would support her by watching the show, Esther said, “He probably will not sit down and watch the whole thing, but would be able to catch some of it. I am actually planning to ask my daughter to watch the show with me this time, and see how she feels about it. When she found out that her mother will die three times, she refused to watch and asked me why didn’t I kill Uncle Bobby instead? It was very funny!”

Asked if daughter Brittany (張童) has ever seen Nick’s films, Esther replied, “Not yet, but it seems like Unbeatable <激戰> was given a category IIB rating. Parents can bring their children to see it. I will tell my daughter to cover her eyes during the fight scenes, and we will watch the inspirational portions together….”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. haha, esther’s daughter so cute… why don’t you kill uncle bobby instead xD

    1. Good question from a smart daughter. I saw the trailer and think this would be more entertaining that TITS2.

  2. Esther and Bobby have so much chemistry on and off screen that it is so sweet. It is great that they maintained their friendship.

    Esther’s daughter is so funny and cute! I hope that she does watch the show.

  3. better for parents not to bring kids to watch any violence movies at all, even if they tell the kids to close eyes during fight scenes, the kids know the storyline and can imagine what’s happening, esp with the audio on, much worst than radio storytime

    1. Please take a chill pill! You think Esther don’t know what is appropriate for her daughter to watch. I realized most of your comments in jaynestars are negatives!!Don’t be so negative in life la!!

    2. You can’t censor everything for your children because whether you like it or not they may also be exposed to it in real life. Most cartoons nowadays has violence in it too. Heck, even Tom & Jerry can be considered violent 😛
      It’ll be better if you can be there to guide them when watching movies which may have violence, horror or love scenes (not porn, ok). After watching, you need to ask them what they think about what they’ve watched and if they have any questions. You can take the opportunity to explain i.e. the actors/actress are only acting out a scene and it’s not real. The story show the hero resorting to violence but in real life it’s bla..bla..bla… (you get the drift?).

  4. Classic duo from Armed Reaction, that is the only series they paired up together correct? I thought their chemistry was alright in the AR series but Ada and Bobby had more chemistry than they did though, it was probably because Ada had the more likeable character than Esther did. I’m still really looking forward to this, the plot does sound interesting…I’m sure they’ll be great in here.

    1. Wait nvm A Recipe From The Heart, I liked their pairing in there more.

    2. Taming of the Princess. I think that was their first collaboration?

      I actually prefer Esther paired with Kwong Wah (Lady Flower Fist) or Alex Fong (in that series about the ICAC – she looked really cute with the short hair).

  5. ROFL. Kids are so adorable. You wouldn’t know what would spurt out from their mouths next.

    1. Me too. They make a great couple (though I used to think Esther is too pretty for him last time) and it’s good to know Nick’s efforts are starting to pay off and he’s getting more popular now.

      1. Prior to his Best Actor win and when his career was in a bit of a lull, I even remember an article calling him a “soft rice eater”. What a load of bollocks.

  6. this will be a great series because of bobby and esther!

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