Bosco Wong and Eliza Sam Will Team Up Again in “Double Fantasies”

Currently starring in comedy Coffee Cat Mama <貓屎媽媽>, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Eliza Sam (岑麗香) will once again put their on-screen chemistry to the test in the remake of TVB classic Double Fantasies <無雙譜>.

Although Coffee Cat Mama received lukewarm reception, Bosco and Eliza’s fresh pairing still generated discussion. During filming, the two were often seen acting distant to each other to avoid romance rumors, something both easily attract. At Double Fantasies‘ costume fitting on January 6, Bosco emphasized once again that he sees Eliza as a younger sister and asked the public to give him some space to meet the right girl.

Split into three interwoven story arcs, Double Fantasies is a period fantasy drama that won acclaim in the early 1980s for its use of special effects. The series examines the human nature and moral dilemmas via creative storytelling. Cast members also took on multiple roles as both humans and supernatural spirits, inviting viewers to further consider their society’s double standards.

Rumored to star Tavia Yeung (楊怡) in earlier reports, TVB has decided to give the leading role to the heavily promoted Eliza after Louise Lee’s (李司棋) enthusiastic recommendation. Eliza will inherit Louise’s character, playing a bubbly carp spirit who falls in love with poor scholar Bosco who was abandoned by his money-hungry fiancee.

In addition, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮) will collaborate in a different story arc as husband and wife. Wayne becomes tired of his marriage and faces temptation to stray. He later becomes involved with a prostitute, played also by Sonija, and must decide where his heart truly lies.

Raymond Wong (黃浩然) and TV Queen Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) round out this strong leading cast to star in their own story unit. Kristal will play a pair of twin siblings, a brother and a sister. The sister will cross dress to help her brother escape serious criminal accusations. At the same time, she must try to keep her feelings for Raymond, a scholar, under control.

Double Happiness costume fitting 2  Double Happiness costume fitting 5  Double Happiness costume fitting 6

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Aw, would have loved to see Tavia and Bosco pair up again! They haven’t been paired us in so long.

  2. wow…eliza replaced tavia?? hahha most improved actress replaced best actress? i would have loved to see tavia and bosco too, haven’t seen them together in a long, long time

  3. Eliza is more suitable to play the fish fairy and pair with Bosco, Tavia might look too mature. Eliza still looks like she’s only 21 or 22.

  4. Sonjia and Kristal look really pretty in their ancient costumes.

    1. Agree so pretty both of them Kristal and Sonija…really looking forward…for them.

  5. This was a series in the 80s? I have seen most of the ancient series from the 80s but do not remember. Who starred in the old one? Does anyone have links to the older version?i hope this remake is successful and thanks goodness TVB is finally putting out the effort to make an ancient series. They have not made an ancient series for awhile now and most of their series are modern ones.

  6. too much period drama’s last the last 6,7 years but no real kung fu.tvb please make a real wuxia again like face to fate,twin of brothers,leathal weapon of love and passion and devil’s disciples.

    1. True wuxia is not HK favourite. TOB is the most successful but not that successful in HK and more successful in mainland. F2F and LWOLAP are not well received and DD is more accepted in Thailand.

      1. but what is well received from tvb now? the wuxia theme was always a strong ratings puller of tvb in the past,think about all the popular jing yong adaptions,if itsnt doing well in hk they always can sell it to mainland,since mainlanders loves wuxia’s.

      2. I guess HK just does not have the magic to do wuxia series anymore,especially now with many grand wuxia productions from mainland, you wonder if HK even has a chance?

      3. China could not and does not make true wuxia series. Sorry to say TVB can do it. China just screws it up. What China does best is historical series and even that ONE MAN screws it up.

      4. Really? I thought Face To Fate was one of the better series even though it was warehoused. TOB was a good entertaining series to watch, I was about 11 when it came out and as I grew older I realized how draggy the whole plot is….too much CGI in my opinion same with DD it was too modern for an ancient drama.

      5. BTW didn’t TVB just filmed a new ancient wuxia series? The one with Kenneth and Selena? From the trailer it sure looked like it but it seems more like a comedy instead of an actual drama.

      6. you mean “cold mountain hidden dragon”? i read that they are in post production now,but dont know when tvb will air this drama.yeh i also think face 2 fate was the better wuxia among these.

        agree with funn lim,mainland wuxia’s is bad now,the best wuxia that i have seen from mainland is “sword stained with royal blood” from 2007 and some early wuxia’s from early ’00.

      7. I disagree with you Funn because China has the resources and is willing to put out the money and effort for their wuxia productions, while TVB did have the efforts and all in the past but not anymore. How can you say that TVB can do it now Funn? They cannot make a decent ancient series nowadays, but a wuxia one, NO WAY! Which one man are you referring to?

      8. Who else? That man is making so called wuxia series but making a mockery of wuxia and is so popular his works may represent the new generation of any series for China that is the ultimate destroyer whose name I shall not even speak of here. Come on! Remember the whole debacle about Xiao Long Nu?

        And yes China has HD, china has money, china even have talents BUT China with bad producers will continue to do bad casting and continue to make some very rubbish series even if they do look good. Granted TVB has much lesser budget but when it comes to wuxia series and I do mean proper ones, they do get the idea and representation right. TVB now can do it as they can do before. It is a matter of who they cast, the script, which book they’re adapting.

        In China Raymond Lam is Chor Lau Heung, correct? If this was remade by TVB, I don;’t think he will get the role.

        Don’t write off TVB. It is still here.

      9. Lu Xiao Feng, not Chor Lau Heung.

        The Xiao Long Nu one with Michelle Chen is now said as still better than the new Tian Lung Ba Bo with Wallace Chung, Ki Bum and else. Nobody can beat the miscast than Wallace Chung in such.

        As for Txb, the most famous miscast maybe Lawrance Ng as Cheung Mou Kei? Uhm, not too bad in my opinion. But the scripts of Txb’s latest wuxia series are criticized. Of course, I blv the current best scripts are worse than the worst old ones.

      10. However Txb series are not loyal to the novels. They are criticized for changing too many things, even the plot. Example: LWOLAP has nothing but only few characters’ names.

      11. @HeTieShou,i think tvb can still make a decent grand wuxia drama now if they are willing,but it depend on who the director is.if lee tim sing or sammo hung is the director i have confidence they will succeed. the point is that the management of tvb didnt have the heart to make a grand wuxia drama anymore. if the reason is the money and the difficulties to make it, then they really will lose the spirits,legacy and expertises from the founder of tvb Sir RunRun Shaw who have gathered for tvb in all those years.

      12. Ahhh my mistake!

        ” Lawrance Ng as Cheung Mou Kei”

        I think that time as TVB being absolutely nuts. It was painful to watch.

      13. i thought hsds 2000 was not bad but lawrence ng as cheung mou kei was indeed a miscast,he looks too mature for that role.i have chooed louis koo.the best hsds adaption was a co-production of tvb with taiwanese tv station in 1994,with steven ma,gigi lai and cecilia yip.

      14. the best hsds adaption was a co-production of tvb with taiwanese tv station in 1994,with steven ma,gigi lai and cecilia yip.

        No Gigi Lai in it, wasn’t so? Gigi Lai is in Lawrance Ng’s version.

        The best HSDS to me is Tony Leung’s.

      15. “As for Txb, the most famous miscast maybe Lawrence Ng as Cheung Mou Kei?”

        Thought I mentioned it before, my country’s journalists interviewed tvb and tvb said it was the author who wanted lawrence ng.

      16. Ok. Like someone requested tvb to film the four constables, sending an e-mail request. And 1 year later, they chose Raymond Lam as lead for the Four.

      17. “lawrence ng as cheung mou kei was indeed a miscast,he looks too mature for that role.i have chooed louis koo.”

        They didn’t choose Louis Koo. Heard that the person originally chosen as Zhang Wuji was much younger than Louis, in his early twenties.

      18. @fox, you right,i mean to say kathy chow hoi mei intead of gigi lai.but tony leungs was also a good one.

    2. I do not think TVB has done many ancient series in the past few years. They gave done mostly modern era series since those are cheaper and easier to make. I think even HKTV did do any ancient wuxia series and stuck to only modern series.i heard it was because they do not have the resources yet.

  7. I miss Tavia and Bosco pairing. They had very good chemistry in all their collaborations.

    1. I actually think they’re the most compatible – especially after watching Dicey Business – compared to all their other couplings. I must be in the minority, because I’m not so keen on Tavia with Kenneth or Raymond.

    2. I prefer Raymond x Michelle, Kenneth x Selena and Bosco x Tavia.

  8. sonjia looks so good in her costume. eliza on the other hand looks funny in her costume, wish it was tavia instead.
    hope they dont disappoint in this remake.

  9. Sonija still looks good! I guess Eliza’s advantage is she looks young and fresh.

    1. Bosco looking handsome in ancient costume but Eliza look weird.

      1. Breaking news Sir Run Run passed away this morning….TVb great great founder.

      2. yes eliza looks weird in ancient costume. she doesnt have the look for ancient drama.

      3. Khanh,
        I think Eliza looks fine but I am guessing us because you are just not used to seeing her in ancient costume because this is her first time doing an ancient series.

  10. Kristal Tin with long hair is super pretty and sweet look. Reminds me of the tvb show A Dream named Desire. Shorts hair only makes her look edgy, doesn’t make her look pretty.

    1. as benz said when he received the award, award winners’ careers are done once they win an award. lol

      so… eliza replaced tavia? yikes. hope tavia doesn’t go get an even bigger nose to change her luck. She has the acting chops whereas eliza still has plenty of room for improvement.

      1. I think his comment was meant for “undeserving” BA/BSA winners since many fans threatened to boycott Linda Chung’s work if TVB gave her the BA award instead of Kristal Tin. So, Tavia has nothing to worry about. But, Benz Hui on the other hand… 🙂

      2. Don’t question me,I am the best.i make it a happy ending all the time for audience

  11. TVb should start making Popular Wuxia series again! But I think their producer and director not interested. Maybe netizen talk about it enough, it might spark something. They should test it out with one series at least! hey Gu Long series! WOoo

  12. What the heck!!!!! I’ve been waiting to see a BoTa comeback for several years now!!!!

  13. It’s not the cast I’m concerned, but how the final execution from the script to the CGI will be presented. I’ve been watching Coffee Cat Mama and I’m annoyed that I had to pretend the “bad and disconnected” editing did not happen in order to keep enjoying the drama.

  14. ahhh…….eliza looks so weird when she wears ancient costumes……..but kristal and the other actors looks ok……..

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