Finale Spoilers for “Always and Ever” Revealed

Spanning three lifetimes and reuniting Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) and Esther Kwan (關詠荷) after a ten-year gap, Always and Ever <情逆三世缘>, will airing its finale on September 20. Although their characters could not be together in the Sony Dynasty and the 1950s era, the couple will have a happy ending in the finale.

Bobby’s character will travel from the 1950s to the present time. One day while visiting Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年) at the Senior Folk’s Home, he met his biological mother, played by Rebeca Zhu (朱晨麗). As a result, he dashed across the road but was knocked down by a car. When he awoke, he found a mole on his body and there was a constant voice in his head asking him to kill Esther, whom he mistakenly thought was his enemy. This was planned by Cheng Tse Sing (鄭子誠) who appeared in the first episode as the ring leader of a syndicate. It was revealed that Cheng Tse Sing was actually Mandy Wong’s (黃智雯) son. In order to help his mother exact revenge, Tse Sing drugged Bobby, making him think that he was Esther’s enemy.

At the moment when Bobby wanted to kill Esther, Ka Nin stepped in and rescued her. Before Ka Nin passed away in the hospice, Rebecca turned up and together, they shared a dance, finally fulfilling Pierre’s last wish. This scene greatly touched their son, Bobby.

In the following scene, Bobby tried to kill the malicious Mandy but Esther came forward to take the bullet instead. This dispelled the hatred Mandy had for her sister. Fortunately, Esther was saved and she accepted Bobby’s proposal. After the couple got married, they had a baby who looked exactly like Bobby!


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  1. The ending is as confusing as the series’ ideas of reincarnation and past lives.

    And from what I understand Rebecca will abandon her husband and child. Now tell me how can this be made into a positive light and should it? She was always a selfish character and I hoped the ending will not change how she was irresponsible. Why not just kill her off and then let the father lie to the son about where the mother is?

    What a confusing ending synopsis.

    1. i’d been half hoping rebecca wasn’t bobby’ mother. even though she ended up with pierre, i still find her character incredibly unlikeable and selfish.

      anyway, i’m assuming pierre let rebecca fulfil her dream of being a word class ballet dancer, hence her leaving the family.i personally would never forgive my mother for putting her career before me.

  2. So…Esther’s modern character (Yeung Jik Suet) is actually the daughter of Esther’s period character (Tin Chau Fung)?

    1. WHAT?! NO NO!! Ewwww no!! Bobby can’t be the father AND the fiance! No no!

      1. @Funn Well…considering they’re not supposed to have a “happy ending” till modern times, something likely happened so that Chau Fung doesn’t end up with Wah Lung Biu. But there has to be some kind of personal connection between Esther or Bobby with Tin Chau Fung…otherwise, there’s no reason Mandy’s son would want revenge.

        @idontknow I don’t remember, but I think the beginning of the series said Esther (Jik Suet) was an orphan so she doesn’t know who her parents are. Did I remember correctly?

      2. Maybe he knows about the 3 lives. Because if it is familial connection, then the story is careless. It is incest.

    2. i don’t think so.. otherwise her surname would be the same as the father calling “wah lung biu” .. right?

      actually i don’t really get the synopsis.. so confusing

  3. September 20 and 21 will air episodes 29 and 30 consecutively. The finale will be aired Sunday 9 pm HK time.

    1. Cute mistake. But Sony dynasty will marry their princess to the prince of Ericsson Dynasty and thus forged a new powerful dynasty, Sony Ericsson!

      1. Haha, true true but too bad the Sony Ericsson Dynasty did not last long.. Got take over by the Apple and Android Dynasties.. 😛

      2. Apple dynasty has good PR but the whole of Mobile Phone country (including provinces of Android and others) are ruled by the Kingdom of Samsung. Apple is a small kingdom only but with bigger voice. I owe my allegiance to Nokia which unfortunately is a tiny kingdom but is now conquered by neighbouring country of the IT, that is the powerful Microsoft. So maybe Nokia will do better.

    2. So true!!! Same here! I am also a loyal Nokia citizen. It is so good to meet another Nokia citizen. So sad that it has been conquered by Microsoft. Hopefully this will strengthen Nokia for the continuing battle for the Mobile Phone country and not weaken it. So far Nokia and Microsoft are doing a pretty good job. I am using one of their creations now hehe

      1. Yeah!! Another loyal citizen!! But sadly all Nokia phones on concept is great but processor often dead on arrival. But at least I can throw the phone at some thief and still be rest assured the phone will be fine (not sure about the thief). Wow, all my handphone, except for 2 Sony Ericssons, were and still is Nokia. I did truly loved my Sony Ericsson Z610 but right now I may grumble about my aging N8, the camera is still way ahead of its time. Maybe not so ahead anymore but still takes great photos. Everyone else I know is moving to Samsung, but not yet declaring their allegiance. You see, these are the very same “infernal affairs” type citizens; outwardly Samsung, inwardly there’s that fruit Apple in the pockets for status symbol. I don’t hate Apple. I have Ipad and I love my Ipad, I hug my Ipad to sleep, I in fact want to kiss my Ipad but everything else is seriously overpriced. Kingdom of Apple may be small but oh the tax rate is so high! Live on Nokia and all Citizens of Nokia aka Nokians! May the Nokia be with you always!

        Cy, are you using Nokia Lumia? If yes how is it? Which version? I am tempted!

      2. @Funn Lim

        Haha Truer words have not been spoken!! I agree, I like Apple in there tablets but for phones… They look good but nothing new and very very pricey!

        Haha I have to agree that with the old Nokia (Symbian OS) is pretty bad especially when compared to the phones of today. But the Lumias are pretty good in my opinion. I got the 820 beginning of the year and till now I am still pretty pleased with it. The Windows 8 OS is actually pretty easy to use, fast (better than Symbian) and quiet dependable. So far no complaints! 🙂 I know it’s lacking in terms of apps compared to iTunes and Android but for the common apps like whatsapp, fb, skype.. it has all of that. And the camera is good and I love the Nokia Maps and Nokia camera apps. I like Windows user interface, it’s something new and fresh when compared to Apple and Android. Might need some getting used to but it’s ok. For me the phone is fast enough and does what I expect of a smartphone 🙂

        May the Nokia be with you always too my fellow Nokian!

  4. Really wish the other planned series with returning established stars are better scripted or else these are all just cosmetic exercises for TVB.

  5. Despite the finale spoiler, I still long to see it visually. 🙂
    It’s really interesting, but I think it could’ve been clearer.

  6. Just saw the latest episode and I will say it had be scratching my head more than 3 times. I am so confused. Simply because I think even Bobby and Esther is confused.

  7. why would mandy forgive her sister in this lifetime but not in the 50s when she got bobby to almost shoot her?

  8. spoiler was spot on, felt like the ending was rushed, another “A Chip Off The Old Block”

  9. I was looking forward to this series after Bullet Brain was so bad…….TVB disappoints again.

    The Big problem with modern TVB is that the script writers are not willing or capable of using logical storytelling without touches of Humor. A good dark series filled with tragedy, romance, and “Fate” is exactly what this show was supposed to be.

    When compared with Mainland productions like Bu Bu Jing Xin, Gong, or even TVB productions like Step into the Past on Time Travel, it falls on every level of storytelling. (Let’s hope this is not due to the Censors in PRC causing a lack of quality in Time Travel stories based on the sanction)

    A good Time Travel story explores cultural idiosyncrasy, human unchanging frailties over time, and for Asians, our destiny based on “Cause and Effect”.

    Don’t apologize for the actions of our ancestors, reflect on why they made those decisions in the first place. If you need to have a villain commit mass murder, do it with the cultural norms of the era and show how we have evolved past that. Nicky Wu made a good Yongzheng Emperor in the Bu Bu Jing Xin for that reason, he might have killed a lot of people, but you see why he had to and even on some level accept those choices. We are Chinese viewers, who do not need hand holding like some Western Audiences.

    Yet, in today’s TVB, The villains are just paper tigers, nothing about them is explainable or hold background depth. For example of the past villains, the audiences hated Gallen Lo in Cold Blood, Warm Heart during the 90’s for his evil actions, but we also understood why we hated him, he represented unbridled ambition without Chinese ethics or morals. It was the 1990’s after all and the concept of ruthless Capitalism was a goldmine for storytellers. Today’s villains are one dimensional, “I want power, so I kill people” does not mean your villain should just be a paper thin monster. They are human beings with their own desires, grievances, and emotions. Let them fall apart and become villains, not mere automatic foils for protagonists.

    TVB and Hong Kong audiences should demand quality productions that explore human beings beyond merely throwing together a cast that you can have memes for.

  10. I just finished always and ever ending…lol how did Rebecca dance so well at that age? She’s around 63.
    lol i hope there’s a sequel. i wanna see what happens to bobby, esther and their bb! 😀

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