Han Dong to Star in Newest Adaptation of “The Duke of Mount Deer”

The latest adaptation of wuxia novel, The Duke of Mount Deer <鹿鼎記>, began filming at Hengdian World Studios on September 8. Helmed by Hong Kong director Samson Lai (賴水清), the drama will star mainland Chinese actor Han Dong (韓棟) as Wei Xiaobao, the story’s flirtatious and witty protagonist.

As writer Jin Yong’s (金庸) last work, and one of his most critically acclaimed novels, The Duke of Mount Deer is different from other stories in the wuxia genre because its protagonist does not become an expert martial artist. Rather, Wei Xiaobao depends on his luck and cunning to get through life. During his escapades, he ends up befriending the Kangxi Emperor and marrying seven women.

In every adaptation of The Duke of Mount Deer, much attention is placed on the actresses cast as Wei Xiaobao’s seven wives. Currently, six of the roles have been confirmed. Zhang Meng (張檬) will be Shuang’er, Loura Lou (婁藝瀟) will play the spoiled Princess Jianning, Jia Qing (贾青) will be the beautiful A’ke, Viann Zhang (張馨予) will play Su Quan, Zhao Ke (趙珂) will play Fang Yi, and newcomer actress Wu Qian (吳倩) will be Mu Jianping.

The role of the Kangxi Emperor, with whom Wei Xiaobao shares a very close friendship due to their shared childhood, will be filled by Shawn Wei (魏千翔), whom viewers may remember as Han Xiaodong in the recent period drama King of Lan Ling <蘭陵王>.

Director Samson Lai is no stranger to adapting Jin Yong’s (金庸) novels: one of his first directing endeavors was the 1993 adaptation of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber <倚天屠龍記>. Following that, he directed Return of the Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶> in 1998 and State of Divinity <笑傲江湖> in 2000. His most recent Jin Yong project is the upcoming Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils <天龍八部>, starring Wallace Chung (鍾漢良).

Thanks to his experience in the genre, Samson is understandably confident about this new version of The Duke of Mount Deer, in which he will put in a guest appearance as Oboi, a military commander and aristocrat who is thrown into prison and killed by Wei Xiaobao.

Duke of Mount Deer  Duke of Mount Deer 5  Duke of Mount Deer 14

Duke of Mount Deer 11  Duke of Mount Deer 10  Duke of Mount Deer 2

Source: Hengdianworld.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Do we need another adaptation SO soon?! And Viann is now everywhere. That explains the other rumour.

      1. And they are also beauty bankrupt, none of the girls are beautiful, they are not ugly, but very plain, the costume and make up also makes it feel like a drama made in the 80s >_>

      2. Well, I guess you can say that IF you count natural beauty. However, if you count plastic and artificial beauty, there is plenty of that so they are definitely not bankrupt in that aspect.

        Many dramas made in the 80s were really nice, detailed and had more natural beauties which is becoming more rare these days.

      3. These girls are not beautiful in real or fake sense -.- they just ok/bland boring looking -.- and just because you have ps, doesn’t make you beautiful lol. And I know they r not really beauty bankrupt, but we don’t see many stunning in 1 drama -.-

    1. Exactly!! I am SO tired of remakes. Why is Viann everywhere now? Was it because she successfully used the name of other male artists to promote herself?

  2. All these mainland chicks always lookalike. Unless I got good eyes to determine which one is one.

      1. Good point and I noticed that in Korean series too. I wonder if they all went to the same plastic surgeon???

    1. lol exactly, they all young and beautiful but all look alike somehow (like Korean showbiz). i’m glad i’m not the only one who notice that.

    2. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t tell them apart. Thought maybe I was secretly racist or something.

    3. nowadays, i cant tell who is who when im watching a mainland drama T__T therees this one drama im currently watching and at least 3 look alike lolol

    4. Haha, I have this problem too. I remember watching the movie “Chase Our Love” and have a problem differentiating who is who. I only able to differentiate Stephy Tang from the rest. So, the plot become very confusing to me. 😛

  3. Save for Jia Qing and Viann Chang, the female cast is completely underwhelming.

  4. i don’t understand all these unnecessary remakes since there so many great Chinese novels out there, not saying that Jin Yong novels aren’t great. but the chinese literature has more to it than just Jin Yong novels. another thing is these so called remake in the recent years turned out below expectation or maybe people taste has changed.

    1. soooo true!! i am soo sick of remakes T__T
      is this the 543851515345 time they’re remaking this? lolol

    2. Me too and I think due to the high number of series coming out and from more countries and companies, they are out of ideas and creativity. Therefore, they have to keep on remaking whatever is popular to make money. I am tired of JY novel remakes. They get so boring and redundant. They also get worse and worse. I thought each remake would get better and better but sadly that is not the case.

  5. My favourite The Duke of Mount Deer will always be the 1984 version starring Tony Leung and Andy Lau. Maybe I’m just old school and stuck in the 80s, but why remake something and run the risk of making it worse?

    1. dont’ forget Dickey Cheung’s version! I think he even better than the Tony Leung version!!!!The storyline, the wives, the acting were stupendous!

    2. I agree and love the 80s version the most too. Why do these soul called adaptions getting worse and worse???

  6. Is Viann the next Angelababy? One is taking over HK film and the other mainland series.

  7. Let me guest the adaptations Samson Lai directed.

    The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber – the one with Ma Jing Tao, Cecilia Yip and Cathy Chow

    Return of the Condor Heroes in 1998 – the one with Richie Ren and Jacqueline Wu playing a XLN in black.

    State of Divinity in 2000 – the one with Richie Ren and Anita Yuen.

    All Yang Pei Pei’s productions.

  8. The Duke of Mt. Deer is always a fun story to watch on screen. But seriously, I’m getting sick of Jin Yong film/tv adaptations. How about a film with a good plot that’s set in contemporary times?

  9. I love wuxia and all, but can’t they think of anything new and original? There are many novels and stories that have not been remade or have not be adapted at all. I wonder why they do not consider doing those if they cannot come up with something new??? Or do they think only JY novels are successful?? OR wait… They want to adapt the later editions of JY’s novels since I heard he wanted to revise them for the 4th time??? Goodness…

    1. Maybe only JY novel adaptation will generate news. The DOMD name alone will be publicity itself. JY adaptation is also a safe bet because of the existing fanbase.

      I wish they will adapt other novels too. But, they are a risky investment.

      Just curious. Are the following adaptations popular with the audience?

      Mang Ming Feng Xiao Xiao (馬鳴風蕭蕭)
      Ni Shui Han (逆水寒)

      Ni Shui Han might be a bit more popular because it stars Chilam Cheung and Wallace Chung. But, MMFXX hardly has any noise. 🙁

      1. Good points but I think the audience will become sick and tired of JY remakes, therefore, I guess they are really trying to milk it for all it is worth while they can.After the audience, fans and viewers get bored, they will then finally move on to other things…. I wonder when that will be??

        They can easily get a good wuxia novel and put a good cast into it to generate news and all as well as with Ni Shui Han. However, maybe JY will generate more money, hype and news??

  10. I never saw the Huang Xiao Ming version so not sure how it was but heard mixed reviews. I like Han Dong and all, but can’t imagine him as Wei Xiao Bao. Maybe he will surprise everyone??? I wish he can play a character that is more original though.

  11. Fav my version during my childhood is TVB version with Jordan Chan. I also like china version with HXM.

  12. Handsome Han Dong looks so ugly here with that cheesy outfit,hat and grin.

    1. Maybe they are purposely trying to make him look less attractive since the character of Wei Xiao Bao is not supposed to be really handsome. I wonder how he will do in that role?

    2. I actually do not think he looks ugly. I think he looks a bit funny…

      1. bright red and turquoise makes a gaudy combination and the styling is just plain cheesy and unflattering. Is Wei Xiaobao supposed to look effeminate?

      2. Maybe they did that on purpose to make things look funnier and different. I think it looks fine.

  13. i love han dong as 9th from bbjx but i really cannot say that he suits the role of wei xiao bao. i am worried for him if this is a flop.

    1. You never know, he can surprise us… At first many were not that confident about HXM as WXB, but he did fine I think. I would have thought that if I did not see HXM in Feng Liu Shao Nian Tang Bo Hu.

      Han Dong has a cunning and clever look which is why I think he was chosen for the role of WXB. He is a good actor so he may surprise us all.

      1. i hope so. wxb is a difficult role to play, has to be selfish yet not evil. but han dong is too good looking to be wxb bt was quite plain. i am sure his acting will be good but worried that production or crappy costars will let him down.

        i really like han dong so glad that he is male lead. but the stills look quite cheap. hope the trailer makes then look better.

      2. Tony Leung played WXB in the past and he did a great job. I consider Tony good looking too. WXB may not be handsome but he is not bad looking either. Actors do not always physically fit the characters that they portray so that is not too suprising.

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