Hilarious Scenes in “Bounty Lady” Attract Viewers

New TVB comedy, Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>, has been successful in its first week of broadcast, hitting a viewership rating of 29 points with its first episode. Starring Dayo Wong (黃子華) as male lead, many fans tuned in to watch his return to the TVB screen in four years. The drama successfully caught the audience’s attention with many of its hilarious scenes in the first five episodes.

Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) portrayal of Shing Fa Lui, a stereotypical Hong Kong woman, entertained viewers with her constant goofy expressions. She took a spin from her usual professional and cool looks in past dramas and delivered a comedic performance. Producer Man Wai Hung (文偉鴻) expressed it was an opportunity for Kate to reveal a new fresh and cute image of herself.

In the drama, Kate starts off detesting Dayo due to a misunderstanding. However, their relationship gradually changes from rivals into compatible colleagues. Kate remains in denial that she has developed positive feelings for Dayo, and swears he will get severe acne if she eventually falls in love with him. To her disbelief, Dayo indeed grew a large cystic pimple on his nose the day after. On the other hand, Sharon Chan (陳敏之), who portrays a silly girl, eventually falls in love with Louis Yuen (阮兆祥).

Grace Wong (王君馨) made a surprising appearance as a tomboy who courageously rescues Dayo. However, she sends Dayo sprawling into a nearby plastic bucket with one powerful kick. During filming, he actually laid in the bucket himself instead of asking for a stunt double. Another hilarious scene involved Benz Hui (許紹雄) trying to force a kiss with the not-so-nice woman portrayed by Elena Kong (江美儀). The producer revealed that all the comedic scenes required a lot of effort from the cast, since they had to improvise on the spot to produce the desired outcome.

Source: Ming Pao via ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This is a very good drama, fun to watch.
    Dayo is a very good actor.

    1. I have seen Dayo in other dramas as well and he is hilarious…

  2. The hilarious scenes are really cheesy, which are the same as hk audiences taste

  3. This drama getting more interesting to watch really laugh till you drop.

  4. Honestly i didn’t find the show that hilarious.. i think a lot of times it was so cheesy and forced. Kate Tsui’s acting is sort of forced. There were a lot of times her expressions just ruined the scene. Dayo usually a hilarious guy… seems to be struggling in a few parts too.

  5. This drama is quite good! Aside to Dayo + Louis brilliant acting, I think the remaining credits certainly go to Elena & Sharon as the only 2 females that made the drama very interesting!

    1. I agree but I think May Chan was quite funny too in the first few episodes.

  6. I really like this series and Sharon’s character is so cute with her glasses.

  7. May Chan & Elena Kong are #1. They made me laugh while watching the drama.

  8. I’m enjoying all the play on words (other than Dayo and Kate’s character names), like:

    1. Name of the PR company: 雙腦筋公關有限公司(Double Brains)= 傷腦筋 (Hurt Brains)
    2. The name on the business card for Joe (the real estate guy that May Chan’s character had a crush on): 組晨 = 早晨 (Good Morning)
    3. Sharon’s character name: 袁萱 = 圓圈 (Circle)

    Can really appreciate the Cantonese language when watching Dayo series.

  9. puking in kate’s purse is my favourite scene. made me laugh so hard.

  10. I love the scenes which Kwong Nam was in hospital bed sleeping and Kate took advantage of this to delete the video on his phone, this scene was so funny I can’t stop laughing

      1. yeah, they like the loud, in-your-face kind of humor, no wonder they keep picking the wrong people for BA.

    1. Yes, I am from HongKong and I happen to enjoy this drama very very much with a good hearty laugh every evening. Who are you to judge us?

      1. Oscar, who we? Is you getting garbage everyday, not me. I enjoy BL very much

      2. Me, i wouldnt watch this garbage even if my life depended on it. I’ll leave you to enjoy your garbage in peace.

    2. There’s CNN, National Geographic, Discovery channels for thee very educated and highly demanding mind. Leave us simple professionals of the society to enjoy BL. It’s helping me to reduce my stress level every evening.

  11. Haha you knoe what my dad just said ” after a long day you wanna come home to fun comedy drama to end the night not some sort of crime or sad drama to end the night with !! That’s is why come home love has such a good average rating!!

    1. That the reason I don’t watch Hippocratic Crush 2..will felt depressed watching so many sick stories

  12. This is a good drama series funny I like Dayo Wong n Uncle Benz and as for Kate still off my list

  13. I know a lot has been said about the hilarious scenes. For me they are hilarious because Dayo Wong made them hilarious. Every line he uttered is quotable and he made those lines work without sounding offensive. However for me for 2 or 3 episodes I find this series strangely very very emotional and in a sense serious. Love the May Chan story and her attempts to lose weight whilst Dayo tried to actually instil some self worth and love into her even with harsh words. I thought May did those scenes justice and quite a few times I got teary eyed by what she said. Very very good performance.

    But those scenes without Dayo in it are difficult to watch because they’re not funny with very forced humour. Kate only does well with Dayo. Alone she is rather unconvincing. In fact what is it with her face and pumped cheeks? She looks different and not human. Like plastic. Perhaps in the end her character is supposed to transform?

    Anyway as I watched May Chan and her endearing path to find true love (love the line by Dayo “All prince are supposed to be blind” which was very funny) I kept thinking what Wong Cholam said about Ruco and May playing lovers. I mean.. why not? She can act, he can act, she is cute and well he is cute too. I think it can work!

    1. Thank you! You took the words right out of my mouth.

      I’m hoping Dayo would remove all that make-up off Kate like he did to May’s character.

      I’ve seen people criticize Dayo’s humor, but it’s because they don’t understand the deeper meaning behind it. The reason he’s so successful as a stand-up comedian is because he doesn’t just tell jokes, he adds philosophy and makes his audience think.

      1. There’s meaning behind all the humour and a reason for saying what he said.

  14. I can say for certain Kate won’t die in this series lol :p will check it out for some lol 🙂

  15. ROFL @ Ep 6 :

    Grace: I alway alone..eat alone..play football alone..go cinema alone ..Yes I felt free……’BUT”
    Dayo: But..yeah..just like water cut!
    Grace: What does it mean?
    Dayo: Very Dry !
    Grace : That its !!

    Another part :

    Kate teach Grace 3 reply line in conversation making the man smart-
    1. Really 2.Why.3.You very clever, with this 3 line able talk all night..lol

    Grace acted very well in the role of Tomboy Madam..she funny

  16. I love Dayo Wong. He really has a natural talent of being witty and humorous personality. I think he is an intelligent guy who major in Philosophy and graduated from Canada in real person. I enjoy this series very much because of Dayo. As for Kate, I think she doesn’t have that natural acting talent but she is working very hard to convince the audience.

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