Him Law and Sammy Sum Star in TVB Idol Drama, “Cross the Finish Line”

TVB’s latest drama, Cross the Finish Line <衝線>, held a costume fitting event today. Him Law (羅仲謙), Sammy Sum (沈震軒), and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) appeared in tight cycling outfits, which flaunted their toned and athletic bodies. Michelle Yim (米雪), Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), Lin Xiawei (林夏薇), Jinny Ng (吳若希), and Hanjin Tan (陳奐仁) will also be starring.

The 20-episode idol drama will discuss about generational differences between the people of Hong Kong. There will be location filming in Taiwan for three weeks in September. Sisley added that the style of Cross the Finish Line will have a similar feel to Taiwanese idol dramas.

Him Law Doesn’t Need to Stuff His Crotch

Portraying the role of a road cyclist, Him Law spent two months training on a road bicycle. “I never did this kind of cycling so it’s easy for me to lose control. My legs are completely scratched up. By the time filming begins, I’ll need to cover them up with foundation. At least my face is fine.”

Having to wear tight shorts which reveal his figure, Him was asked if he felt embarrassed or exposed. “I do feel that way a little bit, because you can’t wear any underwear under these shorts. However, the padding is very thick. It’s like wearing swimming trunks.” Asked if he would be adding some extra stuffing in his pants for “heightened” effect, Him laughed and said, “No need to! The padding is thick enough!”

Cross the Finish Line is Him’s first drama as the first male lead. His character would be involved in a sticky love relationship with Jinny Ng and Sisley Choi

Sisley Choi and Jinny Ng Excited by New Drama

Securing her first lead role in a television series, Sisley Choi expressed her anticipation for Cross the Finish Line. For her athletic role, Sisley did not regret chopping off her long locks. Her new hairstyle is lower maintenance and feels very refreshing and relaxing. “This actually isn’t my first time with short hair. I had it when I was in high school,” she revealed.

Jinny Ng will be portraying Michelle Yim’s secretary. Jinny said she is grateful for the opportunity to work with a senior in her debut series. Her character will be involved in a relationship with Him Law, but asked if she would be having any intimate scenes with him, Jinny said, “I don’t have enough guts for that!” Does she know Him Law has a girlfriend? “I do. I thought that has gone public?”

Jinny admitted that likes muscular men. “My ex-boyfriends have all been pretty muscular. I like mne with athletic built, because their chest seems very big, and it gives me a sense of security.” Would Jinny use this opportunity to admire all the handsome men in the series? She laughed, “Why not?”

Sources: On.cc; On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sisley Choi is given opportunities by TVB very quickly as this is her first lead role.

    No doubt TVB was inspired by Dante Lam’s cycling movie, “To the Fore”, starring Eddie Peng.

      1. “inspired” is a euphemism for “copy cat” lol.

  2. hmmm, maybe Him does need to stuff his crotch. Didn’t that businessman, what’s his name, say that his weeny is teeny?

    1. LOL! I know, no words to describe it, huh?

    1. she’s a dead ringer for Toby. I always get the 2 of them mixed up. Not a good thing given Toby’s reputation.

  3. Oh no Rebecca zhu? Skip! Dont want to
    Waste my time.

    1. Rebecca Zhu’s acting was terrible in Triumph 2! Has she improved in the last year?

      1. I totally agree! I gave her a few chances.. And was disappointed. Waste my time. So I just skip any series with her in it.

  4. This sounds like one big yawn of a drama featuring either newbies or third liners given their first lead roles. No wonder they say TVB is getting from bad to worse. Definitely one drama to skip.

    1. That’s the point! TVB needs new lead actors and actresses…though I would rather see Katy Kung and others before Sisley…

  5. Like another said, TVB’s idols dramas are a big yawn. The cycling topic also doesn’t interesting either. But sometimes it’s fun to look at new faces if you have the time. If Sisley is getting her first lead role, are they promoting her faster/more than Grace Chan? She is starring in a drama as a trainee, but not lead. However, with more veterans, the series might get more viewers.

    1. Grace is the lead. I believe the plot revolves around her character. Also, it’s a higher budget series than Sisley’s.

      1. THIS cycling series looks like one some or many may skip as opposed to Grace’s lawyer-themed.

      2. This series sound like outbound love!! Before I watch outbound love I though it will be boring but it turn out to be one of best drama I’ve watch this year! So please don’t rule out this drama just yet!! Is good that Tvb is promoting newbie given the facts that tavia , Kate & myolie are all over 35.

      3. Cant believe tavia, kate and myolie are all over 35

      4. The fact that they are 35 is not that bad BUT it’s the fact that they’re in every drama…

      5. Hannah,

        Elaine Yiu and Natalie Tong are in the drama. Are you sure Grace is the main lead? It’s hard to believe that Elaine and Natalie would be supporting Grace in a drama even though they only usually get supporting roles.

      6. @Lizzy
        “Is good that Tvb is promoting newbie given the facts that tavia , Kate & myolie are all over 35.”

        No…Tavia and Myolie aren’t even 35 yet.

      7. @Chriselle

        Yes. TVB’s lame tactics to use veterans to promote the youngsters. Neither Natalie nor Elaine are favorites anyway.

      8. How does this even sound like Outbound Love according to Lizzy? Outbound Love has the dependable Ruco Chan leading the series. I don’t see Him or Sammy being of the same calibre to lead the drama.

      9. Ah, I see. So Natalie and Elaine are still leads. They’re promoting Grace and the others. That I always knew. 😉

      10. @Chriselle

        Perhaps! I have a feeling it’ll be like OC2 where Eliza and Tracy dominated the screen time as opposed to the veterans, lol

      11. Natalie is also filming Lord of Shanghai so she won’t have much screen time.

    2. The only TVB idol drama I liked was Aqua Heroes about 10 years ago. I remember lead actress Leila Tong was very cute and all the young kids can act. Bosco, Edwin and innocent Bobo Chan co leads too.

      1. awwww i remember the good ol’ days! i like those newcomers a lot more than the newcomers today hahah

  6. wow…can’t believe that Jinny Ng is fiming a TV film for the first time that’s good i am going to wait until this show comes up and i will watch it!!!! 🙂 ohhhhhh wow Sisley Choi looks weird!!!!!…???

  7. Grace and Sisley…that’s all you hear now. Too bad for those 2nd/3rd tier actresses.

    1. Yea I know I really like Mandy Wong but I don’t think they will promote her!!

  8. The short haired girl is TVB’s new hot chick Sisley? She’s not that hot looking for me.

  9. Sisley Choi starring as female lead already? Really want to see how this goes…

  10. TVB promotes Sisley Choi very fast!! It’s unfair for the ones who took acting class at TVB and have been with them longer than her.

    I wish TVB should make every beauty pageant winner to enroll in their acting class at least 6 months to one year.

  11. wow Sisley already leading. Finger cross she can act lol

  12. This is actually Sisley third !! First two drama she’s a supporting ( two dramas have not aired yet) . Same producer maybe they like the way she act??

  13. Twin brothers was a amazing idol drama and the four

  14. Sounds like a boring series, for people who dont like sports anyway :/

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