HKTV’s “Police Boundaries” Entices Viewers

Above: Liu Kai Chi stars in “Police Boundaries”.

The 11-minute trailer HKTV’s Police Boundaries <警界線> received enthusiastic public response. The film-like production values impressed Hong Kong viewers, who compared it favorably to TVB’s slipping standards.

The trailer of Police Boundaries starts off with plainclothes detective, Lawrence Chou (周俊偉) following the trail of a gang of thieves, played by Lau Kai Chi ((廖啟智), Annie Liu (廖安麗) and Philip Keung (姜皓文). While investigating, Lawrence realized that the bullet fired by a sniper from the gang resembled that of a shootout a year ago. That made him anxious to find out the identity of the sniper. The latter part of the trailer showed Lawrence in a piano recital. Though he was initially impatient and wanted to leave the place quickly so that he could continue to investigate the case, he was stopped in his tracks. While looking at his son, Zun Zun playing the piano, he was reminded of the incident a year ago.

Lawrence had left his son at the back seat of the car while he walked across the street to buy flowers for his wife. A shootout happened between a gang of thieves and two policemen around the car Zun Zun was in. While trying to shoot down one policeman, the sniper, played by Dominic Lam (林嘉華) accidentally shot the rear window of the car and the bullet hit Zun Zun’s leg. Fast forward to present day, Zun Zun was seen carried into a wheelchair by his teachers after his piano performance. When the camera panned to Lawrence who looked on sadly at his son, Dominic appeared innocently by his side.

Other cast members include Leila Tong (唐寧), Joman Chong (蒋祖曼) and Yu Mo Lin (余慕蓮).

The atmospheric trailer was filled with scenes of car drifting and shootout actions. Police Boundaries is by former TVB producer, Chu Keng Kei (朱鏡棋). The first episode will be a movie that sets up the scene and the story will continue on in TV series format in the remaining 20 episodes.

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. It would be a sad day if they don’t get their license soon.

    1. What?! I personally think theres nothing wrong with having HKTV broadcast their dramas. Sometimes having a little competition is good especially for TvB for them to redeem themself. As a viewer, I’m very open to new stations, writers, act

      1. agree. competition will only challenge TVB and raise their bar higher. right now TVB’s bar is really low…

    2. And they all have to start somewhere although they may struggle in the begining

    3. It is likely Ricky Wong wont get a licenses if he stop BS the government, he may will get the license if he had to beg on his knees and kiss the HK Chief Executive’s butt

      1. Your comment sounds negative about the HK government; hoping it is not and HKTV will soon has a license.

      2. You can not doubt the Hong Kong government, they can make a stupid move not to award HKTV for the license. Im not saying they can do it. Ricky Wong has a history of blasting the government slow delivery on tv license issue, which I dont blame him. We are dealing a moron HK Chief Executive here.

      1. why does it matter to you if they get the license or not? if you dont want to watch the dramas thats fine but let others who want to be able to.

      2. Agree with J. For those who wish them can’t get the license, why does it matter you? If you don’t want to watch, change the channel or turn off your tv. Let other people that want to watch watch it. Your tvb is not affected nor destroyed if HKTV gets the license.

      3. That’s not true, it will affect the viewership rating and advertising earnings for TVB and ATV

      4. well if you think TVB produce good dramas and hktv’s arent great then it shouldnt affect them as people wont change over. in any case new licenses means tvb has to pour more money into its dramas to continue to attract people. isnt that win win for all?

      5. You know, every time I hear people say “I hope HKTV doesn’t get a license”, I really want to know the reasoning behind it or where these people are just shooting off their mouths for the heck of it. If you have a valid argument, then state it to back yourself up…otherwise, what’s the point of making such stupid, senseless comments?

        It’s like those people who say “HKTV sucks”…ok, if you’re going to say that, back it up with a valid argument. Otherwise, it’s pretty just ‘talking crap’…

      6. Why??? TVB dramas are really going downhill so it would be great if another company produces better dramas. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Competition will be good for TVB since it will help them change for the better in terms of treatment of the workers, drama quality,etc… I find it would be good for HKTV to get their license so TVB does not think they rule and continue to mistreat their artists and workers.

  2. HKTV film quality was top notched with a lot of studio takes which is way better than in the studio which lacks realism. The artists seem more in tune with their roles and truly enjoy their work unlike TVB artists who are battling the management for better pay and working conditions. HK government must be on TVB’s payroll to drag on the granting of the licensing approval.

    1. “HK government must be on TVB’s payroll to drag on the granting of the licensing approval.”

      Agreed, that’s what I suspect too. Maybe people can start a petition with signatures? Also, better look into TVB’s connection with other companies with licenses.

      1. They are not on the TVB payroll which they are so cheap. Thank the Red Mainland Chinese government influence.

      2. Haha…actually, can’t blame people for thinking that the government is on TVB’s payroll (though I suspect the motive behind the delay is more politically driven than anything else). I mean, it can’t be a coincidence that when TVB’s pay TV license came up for renewal last year, the government approved it immediately (too quickly in my opinion) — yet it takes 3+ years for them to even ‘consider’ other companies’ applications for a free TV license…hmmm…

  3. HKTV dramas are what TVB dramas would look like if TVB would increase the quality of their production. Most of the actors (both main and supporting) have worked at TVB before.

    I think it’ll be rough for TVB should HKTV get their license but I am genuinely looking forward to seeing HKTV dramas. I miss Leila Tong!

  4. I wonder if TVB has a ‘special relationship’ with HK government? Is TVB under HK government or a private organization? I don’t know as I’m not from HK.

    It seems that Ricky’s one is a private one, so there is no wonder the government does not give the license because otherwise, HKTV has a chance to criticize the government/ make the government look bad.

  5. Saw the trailers for HKTV, despite being a loyal fan of tvb for so many years, i must admit that HKTV is really good! The trailers are awesome & they way it’s taken is really great! Hoping that they’ll be able to get the free license! Looking forward to seeing good actors like Liu Kai Chi, Dominic Lam & Leila Tong etc!

  6. Give HKTV their licence! Since everyone is bashing TVB series anyway.

    1. better not give them their licence. It will be a nightmare, plus their trailer sucks big time

      1. What is it with you that you dont like HKTV?

      2. Yar mocha, what is it with you and your deep hatred for HKTV?

  7. I think I’m the only one not attracted by HKTV trailers. Yes the cinematography is very good, look like expensive production and have experienced actors, but I don’t find the storyline and dialogue compelling. It does seems a little pretentious to me though.

    HKTV should be given licenses to see how their series actually fare. Plus HK audience deserves more choice.

    1. I haven’t seen the trailers yet, but it will be a waste if they don’t get the license and the shows cannot air. Even if HKTV’s shows are not really better than TVB, a more dynamic industry will put pressure on both sides to do better in the future.

      1. I’m all in for competition in the Cantonese/Chinese drama market. But Ricky Wong & his artistes need to step away from bashing TVB tactics to promote their series. Let the actual quality do the talking.

  8. As for me, I hope they will get the license soon, it’s just more choices for the viewers so why not? TVB’s series are getting more and more similar so that many of the scenes could be predicted, many situations are just so much similar and the same with characters. So trying something new would be refreshing.

  9. Looks amazing, but I hope they don’t go O不.

  10. i love the production values and how much attention they pay to detail. not all of their shows look that good but it’s good to have an alternative…can’t believe people are complaining.

    1. reminds me of how good tvb dramas can look when they put in money like they did with tiger cubs. hopefully this can be standard with all dramas, so much more enjoyable to watch.

  11. I saw this clip and I’m awaiting its release. But some of the other clips and some of the trailers had really bad plots (ex: the music related ones, I think there was one about directing?). I rather watch a food series than something about training singers. I don’t know. I also didn’t understand the grand series with Ha Yu but I hope it’s good.

  12. Is this the new format for series now? It looks like a movie rather than a series (in terms of the quality of the style. I don’t know how to describe it but one looks live and the other is not)

    1. It’s the camera effects…. very different from a normal Hong Kong series

      1. Is this version (HKTV) more expensive as opposed to the traditional HK series format?

      2. Yes. The HKTV filming equipment is more expensive then TVBs.

  13. the colouring seems like ATV-ish, just saying, the editing was sloppy, the filming/camera stability was not so cool on action

    but I do welcome HKTV production, HKTV doesn’t need any Hong Kong market, they need some partners that willing to buy and air their show

  14. I want more choices in my Cantonese entertainment so I hope HKTV gets their license soon!

  15. I am definitely not attracted to those trailers, gosh, it sucks. Boring with a big ‘B’

    Boring plot and boring casts

  16. I don’t even know 80% of them, very poor quality

    1. what are you talking about? did you like watch it in 144 pixels or something? their trailers and the angles they filmed at was perfect. Plus, the technology used to film it is SO much more advanced than TVB’s

      1. Its not the camera/editing effects…. its the content that the person does not like.

      2. K, opinions on entertainment are very subjective. You should realize that before posting replying to those that don’t agree with your opinions.

      3. yes Mr Lee, opinions on entertainment are subjective, however i think K was referring to how the drama looks in terms of its production values, not what the story is.

      4. and apart from tiger cubs you cant deny hktv dramas have a more quality look in terms of sets, lighting and editing

      5. J, the big unknown is whether HKTV can produce good programming on a consistent basis if they ever get their license.

        Nobody can answer that yet until they are officially on the air in Hong Kong and broadcasting dramas.

      6. i agree with you hktv trailers are not enough to show this. but i am talking in relation to what K has said, already the trailers show how good in terms of production the dramas look, there is no doubting that. tvb dramas suffer from poor quality sets whereas hktv seems to be filming mainly in real locations and using lighting and or editing to better effect. makes it more enticing to watch. whether the acting and storyline is up to par is still to be seen but that is not what K was referring to.

  17. I love the new vibe that HKTV is aiming for. It’s a new board cast with new stars n thats different. we see other production casting first of the line cast n still its falling below 19 points. Doesnt this mean its time for a change? I’m highly anticipating HKTV productions.

  18. Hope they get their license because i want more cantonese series. TVB current dramas r ok not great but not bad.

  19. Well this is IMO but I think the HK government is definately taking bribes or something from TVB that’s why they haven’t issued a license after three years. I mean if that paranormal channel is gaining ground, how can you justify HKTV not getting one?

    Ok maybe the paranormal channel hasn’t been approved yet or whatever. But I don’t see why it would take three years and it’s still not dealt with…someone smell corruption?

    Another thing, yeah I’m excited by these trailers but after seeing them I’m not enthusiastic. I thought alot of well known HK actors went to HKTV, but out of the one with Dominic I only recognized him and the guy with the ponytail. I don’t recognize the supposed lead, then again I don’t watch HK cinema so maybe he is famous…

    Why are HK series continuing to try to push the envelope? I don’t want to see re-enactment of a surgery, I don’t need gratious blood and gore. Maybe it’s just me but I prefer the style of the 80’s where you don’t need alot of sex and violence to get a point across. I mean remember, this is supposed to be somewhat family friendly for the average housewife.

    These are just my opinion

    1. I doubt they taking brides. The licensing issue took place in a bad spot since there were 2 different government, last year was election year. This current government is really putting the tv license issue at a low propriety since there are more critical importing things to do to serve the Hong Kong people happy….. or not.

    2. i understand your point about why the dramas shouldnt be pushing boundaries but i think its better if we have new ideas and new stories being explored. its a refreshing change to watch and having to watch family orientated only can get tedious. as long as they continue to do family dramas and have a few out there dramas i think the choice is good.

      1. I agree with pushing boundaries but I feel don’t insult the viewers by giving us gibberish or packaging something new with something old and call it pushing boundaries.

      2. definitely, bullet brain was billed as ‘pushing the boundaries” but that was a huge mess i thought

    3. Seems like TVB thinks sex is working for them. Just look at their series, every other series has a rape scene or something very sexual. I guess that’s what they think the average housewife likes to watch.

      What Ricky is trying to do is offer more variety for the audience. Some people don’t mind watching a real surgery in motion or more blood. I’d rather have more choices than to be restrained with what TVB has been producing.

    4. To some extent I feel HKTV “pushing boundaries” might be a deliberate strategy to position/brand themselves differently from TVB. Perhaps they feel they won’t be able to outdo TVB series at appealing to housewives so they are trying to attract other demographics to watch their series.

  20. HKTV sounds like a very promising one, a true competitor to TVB. But, sorry, it can’t be guaranteed that if they have good series and good actors and actresses, they will win TVB. They might “overcome” TVB for a while, and might be “under control” by TVB. Who knows for sure? Look at the artists who left TVB like Flora Chan, Bobby Au Yeung, Esther Kwan or most recently Charmaine Sheh, Steven Ma….Do they “shine” a lot compared to when they are with TVB? I agree that TVB’s series are not as good as before, but it doesn’t mean that all their series are bad. In fact, I think because they produce to many series each year nowadays,so the good ones are less than the “so so” and bad ones. Hopefully, TVB will be improving their series’s quality soon.

    1. Do you know when they are going to air ep2? This is Awesome! Ep1 is better than expected and I just can’t wait to watch the whole series.

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