“Inbound Troubles 2” To Be Produced At End of Year

On February 8, the cast members of Inbound Troubles <老表, 你好嘢!> gathered in Tuen Mun for a dinner to watch the finale together. Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) revealed that the earliest the sequel for the series and the movie version will be produced is at the end of this year. It will consist of the original cast, but there will be a brand new plot line.

Regarding rumors that Hins Cheung (張敬軒) was invited to film the sequel, Wong Cho Lam expressed, “There is a possibility. When the series is popular, it is easier to invite others to participate.” He hoped the finale would reach high ratings of over 40 points. If it did, would he marry his girlfriend, Leanne Li (李亞男)? Wong Cho Lam quickly directed the attention to Roger Kwok (郭晉安) and Cindy Au (歐倩怡). “Tell them to have another baby! If they agree, I’ll get married!” Cho Lam joked. “But I need to work hard and invest in a new house first.”

Roger and Cindy spent their day with their little son before heading to the cast dinner. Earlier, reports stated that the couple was on bad terms and they had slept in separate rooms. Fortunately, the situation was only a false alarm. The couple had argued over finding a school for their son, but Roger always listened to his wife’s decisions. He said, “I don’t know why there are these kinds of reports. We did argue because of our son, but it was over a good matter. Sleeping in separate rooms was because we needed to accompany our son. Having one person accompany him is better than both.” Roger emphasized that he and Cindy were not on bad terms, and their relationship has not been affected.

Joey Meng’s (萬綺雯) character in Inbound Troubles, Yi Suet Fei, was very well received by the audience. Although work has been very busy, she is finally able to find time to spend Chinese New Year with her family. Joey already planned a vacation with her husband. Speaking of the production of a sequel, she expressed that she is very happy to be able to work with the cast again.

May Chan’s (陳嘉佳) popularity rose due to her role as “Little Tiny”. Last night, she said that if the series ratings reached above 40 points, she would eat a 40-inch pizza to celebrate. Like the other cast members, May is also delighted to film the sequel.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Saw the last episode, a good ending even if somehow something about this series is off.

  2. I seriously can’t think how they can make another plot put of this series. Most of the main character storyline is already at the end. Roger and Joey character already got married. What are they gonna get a divorce or have a child? I hope is not those typical storyline hope is something new like the first season.

    1. It’s a new plot, hence not a direct sequel. I’m glad, because they would be beating a dead horse if it was a continuation of the original plot.

      1. Oh I see now… I should have read it better. So basically they are making a new plot but just with the same cast. Ahh… I see.

    2. plot for sequel!

      they should make it about the many social problems that had arisen in Hong Kong for years, such as worsening relations between Hong Kong and China.

  3. I would be interested in seeing Hins be a part of the sequel. It will be very interesting to see his chemistry with Ivana and Louis.

  4. Wow, I wonder how the media know about Roger and his wife are sleeping in a separate room?

    1. Probably some “insider” exposed it. Mostly it’s “close” friends that leak it out for money. The dark side of being an entertainer!

    1. really? wow – that’s amazing!

      i stole so many golden phrases from this series 🙂

    2. I dont think it reached 42 points, reporters mentioned about Joey Meng wants 42 points related to her wedding scene that she show off her legs that are 42 inches long.

      1. Joey Meng’s Long Legs to Pair with Mimi Chu’s Swimsuit Look

        Joey Meng had promised earlier that she would show off her 42-inch long legs if the finale of series “Inbound Troubles” had 42 points. Last night, she attended the finale dinner and regrettingly said, “Mimi Chu said that she would wear a swimsuit…seems more intense. I will move about on the side”. She revealed that she will be resting this CNY and spending time with family: “May fly to Southeast Asia for a few days”.


  5. >May Chan’s (陳嘉佳) popularity rose due to her role as “Little Tiny”. Last night, she said that if the series ratings reached above 40 points, she would eat a 40-inch pizza to celebrate.

    Looking for a boyfriend, or so I heard

    1. speaking of his hair, when they revealed the kidnap mailbox i cracked up so hard!

  6. Well, there is enough room for a sequel. There are lots of holes that we didnt discover about the minor characters if they continue the storyline.

    I dont think it will have movie carried from the series.

  7. I think Roger needs to go back out there and continue on making series. He has a lot potential still, and even if he did win the Best Actor 2 times, I believe he still has a lot more to prove and show the audience. He’s aging and it’s evident. It’s not in a good way, but it just shows that he no longer can retain the baby face he had throughout these years. Joey on the other hand I did not like in the beginning. Call me a hypocrite again, because I admit it, but after resuming the series and watching the ending, it was funny and entertaining, but please no direct sequel…Joey looks shockingly good for her age. She should continue, because this lady already has a foundation. She just needs to release more and claim her presence.

  8. Where many actors and actresses seem stiff after acting hiatus, I thought Joey did very well for her role. To me she will always be Ma Siu Ling, though.

  9. Yes indeed Joey is great I love her lots. I watched the vampire n I have a date with spring n I js love her that much. Even until today when I saw her in this latest series. It’s superb! She’s amazing.

  10. The one that caught my attention most in the series is not Wong Cho Lam, May Chan or Corinna, but, Louis Cheung. I initially most look forward to Corinna’s performance. But, I ended up liking every scene of Louis Cheung’s Chiu Chiu.

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