“Inbound Troubles” Spoilers

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Wong Cho Lam’s (王祖藍) first venture into scriptwriting TVB series, Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!> has been a welcome addition because its comedy relief is like a breath of fresh air, following the broadcast of heavy-handed dramas, Highs and Low<雷霆掃毒>, The Confidant <大太監>, and Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>. Spoilers for the Inbound Troubles have already been revealed and it looks like the series which started off as a comedy will wrap up with an emotional ending.

Ng Ka Yee (Roger Kwok 郭晉安) and his girlfriend Ma Shuk Jing (Angela Tong 湯盈盈) have plans to get married after Roger is cleared of his bankruptcy filing. Unfortunately, after a major argument, Shuk Jing gets drunk at a bar and has a one night stand with Ka Yee’s good friend and colleague, Ching Shiu Shan (Bob). Ka Yee catches the two of them in bed and painfully breaks up with Shuk Jing. Bob, feeling guilty for what happened, resigned from the travel company and begins a relationship with Shuk Jing.

Bob ends up borrowing money from a loan shark due to his failed business and eagerness to please Shuk Jing. However, without means to repay the loan, Bob decides to kidnap the rich cousin from mainland China, Cai Xin (Wong Cho Lam 王祖藍), for ransom. Because Ka Yee’s new girlfriend, Yick Suet Fei (Joey Meng 萬綺雯), happened to witness the kidnapping, Bob has no choice but to capture her as well. Ka Yee worked together with Cai Xin’s dad to save Suet Fei and Cai Xin while the cops arrest Bob who is ultimately sentenced to jail.

In the end, Suet Fei is touched by Ka Yee and agrees to marry him. The couple ties the knot while Cai Xin also successfully expresses his love for his cousin Ng Tsz Ching (Ivana Wong 王菀之). Shuk Jing, who finally realized her own faults, decides to wait for Bob to finish his jail sentence, in a series ending that is both emotional and touching.

When asked about the spoilers, Bob continued to thank Wong Cho Lam and producer Wong Wai Sing (黃偉聲). “When you read a magazine, the actors generally don’t spill the spoilers, so please don’t joke with me. I just want to thank Cho Lam and Wai Sing for giving me this opportunity to be a part of the series.”

Source: 3 Weekly #693 via ihktv.com

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15 comments to “Inbound Troubles” Spoilers

  1. Funn Lim says:

    The ending is unexpected as to the best friend. What a silly character but good performance.

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    • SD replied:

      Given how prison is probably his punishment for overworshipping Angela’s character, that’s probably the only unexpected thing. But going to prison seems like a pretty common punishment in TVB scripts so it’s not too much of a surprise, to me at least.

      Other then that, it’s pretty obvious he’s infatuated with his best friend’s girlfriend and probably would cross the line at some point otherwise Roger and Joey’s characters would never hook up.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        I thought this series is a witty social commentary sort of series? What happened to his best bud may be a bit.. unfair?

        Anyway I do like Ivana Wong also. Never knew who she was. LOvely singer and quite a good actress. The way she portrayed her character’s determination at doing something is very real and tells me her character is ruthless in a comedic sense.

        Anyway so far so good. Touch wood.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        But Wong Cho Lam is scary. Too weird.

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      • SD replied:

        More of a parody to me then social commentary. It certainly lacks the rhetorical nature found in social commentaries so far.

        I think what happens to his best friend is just a result of the writing, he’s not the main lead so he gets pushed aside. I guess in that sense, a bit unfair yes.

        Ivana Wong, I had no idea who she was but I think I did see her somewhere before. I found out who she was though in the end but I don’t follow the cantopop scene so I had no clue beforehand. I’m liking her performance so far though.

        At least Wong Cho Lan’s character here isn’t like that series where they puffed up his lips and made it look like they had performed a costume drama punishment where he had his mouth repeatable slapped.

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  2. Mark Lim says:

    Interesting spoiler. Hmm…I don’t really like that new guy, Roger Kwok’s best friend in this series. The betrayal is just like any TVB element. It hurts to see and it angers people. GG. Anyway, I’m glad Roger is able to get justice, and that ahole goes to jail….haha. Don’t wanna see that Bob guy in any more shows. He’s pretty terrible.

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  3. picklehead says:

    yawn, this is a boring series.

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  4. JD says:

    So far Roger and Wong Cho Lam are so funny. So hilarious when Wong Cho Lam just comes to Hong Kong….

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  5. sau says:

    Very good series..As for ppl who say its boring, go and do your own scriptwriting…

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  6. Mlove says:

    I don’t like Ivana Wong. Her face is annoying. Her white friend looks like Sonia Kwok. ATV Joey Meng or Alice Wong. I would rather watch Joey.

    A lot of HK ppl is hating on this tv series. HK ppl will never get satisfied with anything. I like the series. It’s funny and different.

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  7. Sand says:

    I dont get why hkers dont like this drama. Isnt it inspired by real life events that were done by hkers themselves?

    I am liking this series so far!

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    • SD replied:

      I think it’s probably a sensitive subject and it has hit more then a few nerves given the ongoing difference of opinion between Mainland and HK.

      To answer your question, this drama is suppose be somewhat of a parody of real life events and differences in their culture. That whole widespread episode where Angela was ridiculed was based on real events, the tour guides would have setups with shops and earn a commission on what they bought. So they started herding people into these shops, I believe they have new regulations now where everywhere they go has to be clearly stated. There was even a tour guide was accused and had a trial I think for “bullying” the tourists so to speak as Angela did in her role.

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  8. adjumma says:

    I am not a HK drama die hard fan and watch only “selective” dramas, in my preference.
    Only know Wu Fung, Luo Lan, Angelea Tong in many supporting role, and do not watch Roger Kwok’s drama personally do not like his acting and the way he speak.
    Anyway,I find this drama and the cast is very refreshing and will give it a shot.

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    • shu replied:

      i think roger gor is pretty good,there are actually not many “siu san” in tvb that can compare with what he has achieved.from 1986 till now across 3 decades to be a leading-actor in tvb and still is,with 2 times tv king award.this say definitely something about him as an actor. respect.

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  9. Agnes Tan says:

    I like this series, it’s funny and unlike the rest. Ending unpredictable too.
    Keep it up Wong Cho Lam

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