Kate Tsui Reveals Lesbian Romance in “The Battle of Tomorrow”

Not only will Kate Tsui (徐子珊) challenge a twenty-year age gap to win over Lawrence Ng (吳啟華)’s affections, she must also deflect unwanted attention from a woman in her upcoming prison drama The Battle of Tomorrow <再戰明天>.

A boyish personality packaged in a feminine physique, Kate has won over men and women alike and became TVB executives’ top choice when casting for unique and gritty roles. Different from other Miss Hong Kong winners, she successfully shed the stereotypical “flower vase” image early in her career. She has been credited with a wide spectrum of roles, and each one memorable due to her hard work and professionalism. Whether playing a tomboy police cadet, a tragic drug queen, or a sexy, modern-day career woman, Kate brings her best to the table every time and never says no to new challenges.

Her adventurous spirit certainly gives her an edge as TVB attempts to bring freshness to their drama productions. Although she was already paired with Nancy Wu (胡定欣) in Midas <點金勝手>, Kate will once again be involved in a lesbian plot line in The Battle of Tomorrow. At the series’ blessing ceremony on January 27, she revealed that Harriet Yeung (楊詩敏) will be featured as a prisoner who harbors a secret crush on Kate, an officer of the Correctional Services Department. After Kate rejects her advances, Harriet falls into a deep depression and sadly attempts suicide.

With ample practice while on the Midas set, Kate is now more relaxed about the possibility of kissing another woman, saying that she would not mind doing so with Harriet. Her bigger concern however is probably her romance with Lawrence Ng. With many remarking that the pair looks more like father and daughter, Kate and Lawrence face the tough task of making their love convincing on-screen.

Luckily, Lawrence is confident in Kate’s abilities and has nothing but praise for his new leading lady. Lawrence said, “Kate has always done well in her past performances, and is reminiscent of a younger Ada Choi (蔡少芬).”

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. kate and lawrence does not look like father and daughter…exaggerate much??

    lawrence looks young for his age…def doesnt look like he could be kates father despite his age.

    and have to disagree with lawrence. kate does not reminisce ada choi.

    1. Indeed, Lawrence does not look like Kate’s father and I don’t think she reminisce a younger Ada Choi.

      Lawrence looks like he’s only 10 years older than Kate, definitely not old enough to be her father.

  2. A lesbian theme is not surprising for a prison setting drama….people shouldn’t be surprised this is actually lightweight considering what actually goes on in prison.

    1. Dislike watching Harriet. Overacts. A pain to watch in bounty lady and coffee mama. Solely my opinion

      1. sorry maggie!harriet is much better than kate! harriet’s acting completely overshadows kate near the ending of bounty lady! but of course may chan the best!

      2. I completely agree! Her scenes were probably supposed to be dramatic and hilarious, but it was just hard to watch…

      3. yeah i don’t like watching harriet either….for me i think it’s her voice…can’t stand it, maybe it’s just b/c her characters have been really annoying lol

  3. If it is ” unwanted attention from a woman” how then can that be a lesbian romance? Shouldn’t it be lesbian harassment?

  4. Love how this article totally ignored Kenny Wong. I really like his acting even though he never gets to lead or get his chance to shine. Would like to see decent media coverage on him more.

    1. Its because he is too quiet and blends into the background. The guy tall, dark, and ripped but he doesn’t get any action in a far too extroverted tv/film industry.

  5. Why Kate as a lesbian character again? Though haven’t seen the drama but it seems too much publicity on her playing lesbian as there ar now 2 dramas onher being a les. Don’t fancy this too much, maybe could be I wanna watch some siu-sang too.

  6. Yea shed flower vase stereotype but always cast in action pack. Isn’t that stereotyping as well?

  7. If she can pass as a couple with Dayo who really looks old, why can’t she with Lawrence? A younger Ada Choi? How I wish the real Ada would pair again with Lawrence in another drama.

  8. I have faith that Kate and Lawrence would bring sparks on-screen despite their age gap.

    Kate has been paired up with Alex Fong before in a great way to care, and they have convincing chemistry.

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