Kevin Cheng Works 16 Hours a Day for “Hua Xu Yin”

Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) stardom, and net worth, skyrocketed after starring in 2011’s Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心>. With all of these money-making opportunities coming to knock at his door, Kevin is also faced with many difficult decisions to make.

After much thought, Kevin finally decided to turn down the Bu Bu Jing Xin sequel in order to film Hua Xu Yin <华胥引>. Being paid for as much as 350,000 RMB per episode, the Hong Kong actor will earn approximately 14 million RMB for his starring role in the fantasy drama.

But high popularity and high net worth always come at a cost. In order to finish the production before June – when the sequel of Kevin Cheng’s Ip Man <叶问> television series is to begin shooting – Kevin calculated that he must work at least 16 hours a day on the Hua Xu Yin set to reach the June deadline.

An insider revealed, “Kevin told the director that he didn’t mind working on a laborious schedule as long as production finishes by the end of May. He told the crew that the schedule rundown didn’t have to accommodate him too much.”

Kevin churned out over 40,000 RMB to hire a driver and a recreational van – which has now become Kevin’s portable home – to bring him to the Hua Xu Yin set every day. In between takes, Kevin would rest in his van and eat a quick lunch. Even Kevin’s after-lunch smoking became quick and brisk. Kevin’s break would take no longer than 20 minutes.

Kevin to Return to TVB

Although Kevin is now focusing his career in mainland China, he is still under TVB’s management. A source disclosed that TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), has been busy planning for Kevin’s return to TVB at the end of the year.

Kevin’s successful career was carefully cultivated by TVB and Virginia Lok. When she notified him that she was expecting him to return soon, Kevin “immediately said yes” and assured that he would not be accepting any mainland dramas at the end of the year to make room for his TVB schedule, the source claimed.

Source: Sudden Weekly #920 via

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  1. to make that much money and open up a production company its no wonder he’s aged so much recently.

  2. I have nothing against Kevin but honestly he does not fit this role. For one thing, he look SO old and exhausted. Maybe going back to TVB for rest of the year is best option.

    1. Totally agree, that style alone is suitable for younger individuals. He looks too old and tired.

  3. A couple of years ago he looked way younger than his real age but now he just looks old and tired. Maybe he should just take things easily and thus prolong his career. I can’t see him playing siu sang roles in a few years if this dramatic aging continues.

  4. I still find him not suitable for ancient series. Ehh

  5. his age just dont suit the role but his acting will kevin can play any role u give him thats whats so good about kevin

  6. KC won’t be back with TVB…why making $10 a day when he can make $1000 a day?

    1. Because when people are worth millions of dollars 1000 and 10 don’t matter anymore. There are so many rich people working for just a dollar salary a year.

      1. yea but do you realize they got bonus at the end of the year in million???

  7. I am glad that he is thinking of others but he also needs to take care of his health! There was that saying where you can’t earn all of the money..
    I miss seeing him in TVB dramas and so if this is true at the end of the year, it would be good! 😀

    1. Me 2 I really miss all his TVB drama hope that he will be back to TVB drama real soon

  8. Wow look at those crows feet… He has aged so much. And eek… This is not a good look for him.

    1. Please don’t “eek” too loudly. Everyone will develop them as they age. You just hope yours won’t be quite as many or quite as deep.
      Also, crows feet is another way of saying life lines on people’s face. Be kind, be gentle.

      1. exactly and the fact that kevin leaves his crows feet is evident that he’s not doing any knife jobs or plastic surgeries or botox to get rid of them. means kevin is still natural. those crows feet makes a man look manly.

  9. he’s still handsome for his age. Crow’s feet make a man sexier. Why everybody’s talking about his face? i think you guys gang up to talk bout same topic. Be more creative, people.

    1. Well you come up with something creative and post it then? 😉

      Personally I don’t think crows feet makes a man sexier.

      1. each for their own. kevin could’ve got rid of those crows feet by surgeries or botox but letting them stay on his face for you people to bash him showed that he’s not a surgery or cosmetic product. should be proud of him thaf he prefers to age naturally especially when nowadays some audience as seen here cares too much about good looks only.

    2. found it pretty stupid for some commenters here to bash kevin about his face and looks. there’s more to an actor than just looks and kevin is still handsome, just tired a bit. crows feet showed that he prefers natural way of aging and not getting rid of it by surgeries or botoxes and makes him manlier. get a life, kevin bashers. you don’t know if you’ll age as gracefully as him do.

    3. I think Kelvin is considered very well maintained for a 44 yrs old man maybe due to stressful hrs working quite worried for his health instead of his looks nw

  10. I just think Kevin’s great in whatever role. I worry only for his health. Must take a break sometime.

    1. I never knew Kevin smoked?!

      that’s disgusting!!!

  11. Gosh look how old and ugly Kevin is now. Working too hard for $$ and heavy smoking did it! Now he looks Uncle!

    Another one who looks old and Uncle is Lam Fung! Nose job can’t help him and sexy times with Karena didn’t help either!


    1. kevin cheng and raymond lam’s prime time maybe over, they should have gotten a good few tips to the fountain of youth from adam cheng

      1. raymond lam now cares more about what gift for karena next and where to take her for night fun and vacation next. karena is important to uncle raymond.

      2. Yes, a long term gf is of course important to a man, rather than playing around, rumoured with many girls but end up alone, rite, Sel_fi_wu?

    2. disagree on kevin. he’s not ugly and he looks fine for his age! don’t know how your judgement is based on.

      agree about raymond. in his latest pictures his face keep getting longer and his skin always look tired and unhealthy. he’s aging at a fast speed and maybe he’s trying to fit himself as karena’s ‘uncle’ 🙂

      1. I think both aged pretty bad. LF is darker so he looks less unhealthy, maybe a bit too skinny.

        But kevin on the other hand…either that pic above is a bad angle or the make up did no justice.

      2. raymond might be too skinny and that makes him looks much older than his age and makes his face looks very long. don’t know if his unhealthy and old looking tired skin is caused by fatigue from overworking or worrying too much about his love life with the teenager karena ng.

      3. I can say that his skin is a lot better than many other actors, even the ones who often do facial treatments in salons, Sel_fi_wu.

      4. I think the same can be said for kevin I.e.looking unhealthy, fatigued and haggard.

        But neither LF or kevin can be called putridly ugly even if theyre worn out. Lol.

      5. Why must Ray get dragged into a KC article? I don’t understand.

    3. =)), it’s kind of funny when some actors are handsome, ppl say of them as idols but when these actors dun care about look anymore, the same ppl say of them as “old and ugly”. Must look aged and ugly from the beginning to satisfy you guys, har?

  12. you people above are exaggerating! kevin looks fine and handsome as usual just a little tired. stop being jealous of his good looks.

    1. Urm Reality check yall. These comments backung up Kevin Cheng are hilarious. Very soon KC will be kicked from mainland market when his looks getting older and older! Mainland viewers now prefer the pretty and fresh white faces of Lin Geng Zin and Ma Tin Yu who can compete with Korean pretty boys not Grandpa KC…………..

      TVB artistes are ugly……………

      1. i really don’t understand why nowadays people (esp those teenagers) like “pretty boys”, they are not looking manly and frankly most of them can’t act well.
        i don’t think TVB artists are ugly, in contrary with you, i do find many of the TVB artists are talented and good looking (i don’t like their ancient series though, they can’t make it live).
        i myself prefer those uncle acting skills to be honest rather than those new ones, but still we can find some are really talented though

    2. Kevin is looking tired, definitely need a good break, even a month will do wonders. He’s cramping in just a tad too much.

      He didn’t turn down BBJX-2 on purpose to film this one. BBJX-2 had script changes/delays and that went into conflict with his timetable.

      That photo has shown some crow’s feet, but so what. As many have said, it’s manly and natural (please check closeup photos of Aaron Kwok, Nicky Wu, etc, they have it too).

      Kevin is the grateful sort and appreciates VL’s help, guidance and support all these years at TVB. I miss him for tvb series too and can’t wait for his return.

      LF is looking more haggard than Kevin…….all those late nights and gf business.

      1. I find it’s so funny when some KC fans dun want their idols to be called old and haggard, but trying to say that there are other guys who also look more haggard than KC. Does it make KC look better?

      2. kevin is 10 years older than raymond, that’s why when raymond is looking more haggard than kevin, it’s so easy to point it out 🙂

      3. KC fans think KC dun really look haggard or look haggard but still good, it’s natural. KC antifans think KC looks haggard and ugly, for example. So it’s pointless to argue that he really looks haggard or not. But why always have to drag others in to say that they look blah blah than KC? It doesn’t make KC look any better or less haggard in the eyes of anyone who see him that way.

        And not only KC but all others. Up to the eyes.

        It’s also ridiculous to know that having gf is a big crime now.

  13. Breathe everyone breathe!!!!!
    Kevin Cheng is in his 40’s and he doesn’t look bad for someone in the age bracket.
    Let’s give this a chance before we pass judgement.
    Let’s hope we age gracefully too.

    1. hahaha, i agree, hope we will age gracefully (even i find it impossible if i don’t get rid of this late sleeping habit)

  14. I think he looks fine but does look tired which is normal for someone as busy as he is. Everyone has to age and get old but the thing is, do you age well??

  15. Crows feet? Old? Aged? Tired?

    Oh boy are you ladies in for a treat when you reach menopause. Laugh it up while you can.

    1. I believe the jeering and sarcasm are the results of not because of his age but of the absurdity of having a middle-aged guy playing a late-teen/early twenty character.

      Imagine if they had cast Mel Gibson in the role of Edward in Twilight….

      1. Mel is 57. Hardly an equivalent comparison. Brad pitt is a little closer…although even he couldnt pass I guess.

  16. It isn’t matter that he has crows feet but he isn’t Mu Yan. Because he is chosen for Mu Yan, it’s predicted that he’ll be criticized for his age. If his chac is 30 or 40, of course there isn’t any complaints because it’s suitable. But for Hua Xu Yin, the cast doesn’t fit the novel chacs, lead to the complaints of novel fans.

    Btw, the blue highlight is just… Why they dun have normal hairdo for the chacs?

    1. i don’t like the hairdo too, a little bit like girl :s

      1. I don’t like the highlight. It can be ok if the novel chac has highlight, but no, then I don’t understand why they have to add it in.

  17. i think he doesnt fit the role of a long haired guy, his short hair roles suit him better

    1. agreed, smileyy 😀

      Nicky wu would look better

  18. everyone-look @ Kevin’s eyes. I swear he had a facelift. It looks so unnatural

    1. If that’s the case, then I think he needs a “tune-up” asap.

      1. If he did anything to his face at all, he’d get rid of the crows feet. So I doubt he’s had anything at all done as everyone has been agreeing previously.

  19. I never find him overly attractive so this does not surprise me at all. I also think that kind of hairstyle and fitting is more suitable for a younger guy to play.

  20. wow this look does not flatter him at all. it reminds me of the early 1980’s tv series….

  21. I tried watching Ip Man but at episode 3, it is a snoozefest for me.

  22. I admire the work ethic and he can start to look older for all I care, (he’s still pretty good for his age as some of the comments have said) but to me, he is still a mediocre actor. Yes he can play most roles, but there is no emotion in his acting. He doesn’t really seem to be able to convey heartfelt emotion. He is happy or sad as per script requirement without being able to connect to the viewer.

  23. More brick-bats hurled at Kevin? Let’s at least give him a chance and wait for the results after the series before criticizing him too much.

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