Leila Tong Says HKTV Dramas “Have Freedom”

Above: Leila Tong stars in “Police Boundaries”.

Earlier this week, Leila Tong (唐寧) was spotted attending a seminar by teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Leila explained that although she is not religious, she has become a new student of Buddhism and has been practicing the religion ever since joining Alain Yip’s (葉青霖) sharing group. “I do meditate at home now. It’s been several months now. I have not taken refuge (in the Triple Gem), but I do find meditating to be a great way to calm my body and clear my mind.”

The former TVB actress signed with HKTV last year, filming two HKTV dramas back to back – Marvel Century<驚異世紀> and Police Boundaries <警界線>. Due to the Hong Kong’s government delayed approval for the upcoming station’s broadcast license, HKTV decided to market their dramas to the YouTube and Facebook audience for the time being.

The first five minutes of Brain Detective <開腦儆探>, starring Felix Wong (黃日華), was released online on May 24. The next day, HKTV unveiled five minutes of Once Upon a Song <童話戀曲201314>, starring William So(蘇永康) and Bernice Liu (廖碧兒). On May 30, eleven minutes of Police Boundaries will premiere online.

“Many friends are sharing the clips, and I also shared the videos on Facebook. I hope that this will convince the government to pass out the free license. I will be shooting my third drama [with HKTV] soon. As long as I find the drama suitable, I will film it. [HKTV] has a lot of freedom.”

It has been reported that Leila will film HKTV’s grand opening drama, Flow of the Years <歲月樓情>, which also stars Felix Wong, Ha Yu (夏雨), and Paw Hee Ching (鮑起靜).

Source: Apple Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. HKTV you SUCK!!

    they will not authorized free license ever

    1. weak. they didn’t come out yet, how do u know if they suck. stop being a hater with no reasons.

      1. bear, opinions on entertainment are very subjective.

      2. lol obviously you haven’t seen the recent tvb dramas…

      3. At least it’s still better than those HKTV clips

    2. At least HKTV dramas’ filming is light years ahead of TVB’s.

  2. glad that HKTV decided to show clips online! (: they’re looking good

      1. all of them. especially the first one.
        I felt that the first trailer’s effects was overly dramatic.

    1. Can you guys post the links to the dramas here, please?

  3. that guy pictured above has moved too…great move !

    1. Agree! His name is Deno Cheung 張松枝。He is an excellent actor! Anothet loss for TVB.

      1. yea – he is good.

        not too bad looking, pretty tall … they need more actors in his range at tvb. it’s always super old or the siu sangs or super young

        he’s a pretty good green leaf!

      2. I really liked him way back in Rural Heroes. I don’t understand why TVB pushed him so much into the background. As he said so himself, he was mostly relegated to ex-husband/boyfriend type roles, appearing in no more than one or two episodes.

  4. aww, I miss seeing Leila in TVB dramas. She still looks so youthful and beautiful.

  5. Does this mean I can watch the series in youtube later?

    1. It’s just a preview for the first episode of each series

  6. it would be kinda funny if the license is not granted. it be kinda like building an amusement park with no rides, *cough*, hk disney land, *cough*

  7. Good luck to HKTV with getting the license. It would mean ending the TVB monopoly that has plagued HK media for the last 30 years. It would be very funny to see TVB scramble (even more then they are scrambling now) to keep artists, and to see them yield and starting paying and treating artists with more respect.

    1. i cant wait!!!. but they are falling at the minute. once HKTV is out, they will be gone 🙂

  8. Saw their clips! Looks reallly good. Finally some fresh actors/actresses together in a series. whereas TVB is always those few people. LOL. really cant wait for those series!

  9. why are they filming when they haven’t even got their licence yet? heard it will take years to get it.

    1. I believe they have completed a couple of the series and are ready to be shown on tv if the lazy HK gov to release the license out

    2. Well thanks to the government of HK the licensed has been delayed for close to 4 years. The government said they were planning to release 3 additional licenses in HK in hopes to bring more competition into their market. So Ricky took the opportunity and built his company to what it is now. There’s a lot of legal complications and whatnot that “prevented” the whole license thing. In reality, it seems like the government just wants this whole thing to go away.

      I believe there was an article not too long ago that said the government will release 1-2 licenses ‘soon’. If they do, it’s probably around 2015 when ATV and TVB’s free to air license expires. I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling Ricky Wong may not get his license even if the government issues the licenses. I believe the government of China isn’t too fond of HK’s freedom of speech, especially with their entertainment and media. And Ricky Wong is someone who’s very outspoken with the government and he’s not shy from being controversy. Also didn’t he make a promise about his series being more realistic, bloody and more ‘Americanized’? Isn’t that exactly what the government of China hates?

  10. Police Boundaries made me want to see more of it. I haven’t felt like this for a long time. Lol. Good luck to HKTV!

  11. The preview clips are just plain old TVB style package. They will easily fail for attracting viewership. Same-old same thing just HkTv tweak a little bit.

    1. Then what are the things you are looking for in a preview clip?

      1. The motive is to be the best HK television series for HKTV? They are showing very similar to TVB series past years. They have to be at least 80% different from TVB just to attract audience

    2. The music series 201314 something title is just god awful boring. Naming the dog milk tea? Not interesting in the early development in the characters….. That is a potential failure

      1. Should have named the dog Boba instead of Milk Tea 😉

  12. 3 series and none broadcast yet. For an actor, this is not a good situation.

  13. Police Boundaries looks great. The other two that leaked, not so much. The other two basically look like something TVB would’ve made with better production values, it’s even edited the same way and the acting isn’t anything to write home about.

  14. More competition means HK audiences and overseas viewers win.

    Give them their license already gosh.

    1. Agreed, give them their license.

      Also actors/actresses and the economy win too because there are more jobs. 🙂

  15. it simply looks like ATV in HD 1080P … half the cast are unknown, good luck!

    1. ATV has made better stories than TVB before. They were a viable competitor at one point. It’s only in the last decade where they didn’t produce anything of note. It’s not that bad of a comparison. The cast is only unknown because you never heard of em or because they don’t have the TVB machine backing them. TVB could put out series with monkeys and koala bears headlining and people would still watch.

    2. “half the cast are unknown”..for which series? I’ve been watching the previews and I recognize faces that I haven’t seen in years! And as long the script is well written and the actors/actresses are properly cast… why does it matter so much if it doesn’t appear to be “grand”?

    3. to me whether the cast is known or not doesnt matter. as long as they have talent and can act is the dealbreaker for me. ill take an unknown actor that is talented over someone who is horrible, over promoted and well known like christine kuo

      1. but i understand hk audiences love their mainstream actors ahaha. maybe if the series are good it’ll propel these new unknown actors into the mainstream

    4. When tvb keeps recycling the same casts, people complain too.
      Anyways, i doubt everyone knows most of the cast on US series or korean series. dont see anyone complaining.

  16. Felix’s series looks like something the US would produce on a major network. I think the editing in the first part was a bit over the top. but it looks like it will calm down in the normal scenes.

    It was a smart move to release some of these online, so that more people will be talking about it. People can’t ignore stuff that is in the news and in their face everyday. The Gov. will look like they have alterior motives (Ricky’s politics) if they don’t grant the license since his stuff looks high quality.

    I pray that whatever happens, they can find a good outlet to distribute this stuff and that it is profitable enough for them to keep making more series.
    I fear the reality is that TVB and the Gov. are too corrupt to allow it to happen though. I still have high hopes for them until that day! 🙂

    1. I felt like I was watching clips from a film rather than a series/drama. Pretty high quality editing, as for storyline, we’d have to watch to be able to judge and give a verdict..

  17. i hope they get their license, it’ll spur tvb to improve on their dreadful dramas of late. judging by their teasers, as some have mentioned the cinematography and production values are much better than tvbs. this must be expensive though, i wonder if they can maintain this for all their dramas, or like tvb have just one or two big budget productions like tiger cubs. hope its the former.

  18. The quality and pacing of the previews remind me of HK movies. The problem is that I find most HK movies boring as hell.

    1. I totally agree with you. The quality looks so much like hk films, and it’s very boring

  19. None of the trailers particularly wow me, but the production values and some of the casting have piqued my interest. I think I’m most looking forward to seeing 警界線 and 三面形醫. Hopefully, soon…

    1. And I’m a sucker for horror, so maybe Marvel Century as well. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a horror drama before.

  20. I don’t understand why so many people hate on HKTV. Umm…don’t you want more Cantonese entertainment choices? Oh I guess you guys just want to watch Bullet Brain for the rest of your lives.

    Honestly, it’s pissing me off. Stop judging before you watch the entire thing.

    1. H, people’s opinions on TVB and HKTV are all SUBJECTIVE. Learn the meaning of SUBJECTIVE when it comes to those that don’t share the same opinions here as you do.

      1. Im positive what H was concerned with is the basis or reasoning of the opinions. Learn to read carefully before trying to impress.

      2. Thanks Sds and that’s why I apologized for overreacting a bit. But really, how can you judge if the station sucks or not based on 5 minute clips of the series? You’re free to have your own opinion but it would be nice if people weren’t so ignorant 😛

  21. I actually like the trailers & it’s great that HKTV uses many different actors for every drama! Gives everyone enough opportunities to showcase their skills! Looking forward to Police boundaries, the Plastic surgeon show & Flow of years!!

  22. If they havent gotten their license to broadcast anything yet, i’m wondering if they do/ how they pay their staff then..

    1. What is left of Ricky Wrong’s bank account or maybe the stock.

  23. TVB has cheap plots and scenery. I missed all those good dramas from the old days. TVB for sure SUCK b/c obviously it’s out there and has proven.

    I am excited to see HKTV – I would be interested in giving it a try and hope they will get the license soon.

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