Michael Tse Thinks of Ways to Be Kissed by Niki Chow

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Romantic comedy drama, Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰>, has managed to boost TVB’s recent low ratings. Compared to dramas aired last month, Sergeant Tabloid improved ratings by 4 points. Sergeant Tabloid’s 28 point average rating is deemed as a qualifying marker for success.

On March 28, the cast of Sergeant Tabloid gathered together to promote for the drama’s upcoming finale episode, which will air next week. Niki Chow (周麗淇) took the initiative to sit on Michael Tse (謝天華)’s lap on stage and fed him grapes like a Greek goddess.

How did it feel to have Niki sitting on him? Michael said, “It was okay; pretty comfortable! Her legs are soft and her skin is smooth,” he joked.

“[Michael] ‘took advantage’ of me! I wanted to yell, but I wasn’t allowed to make noise because of the game!” Niki exclaimed.

Although rumored to have reconciled with her ex-boyfriend, Eric Cheuk, the 33-year-old actress admitted that it has been a while since she last sat on a man’s lap. “I do have some pursuers; it’s just that [they] weren’t right for me!” Has her elder sister, Kathy Chow (周汶錡), introduced her to some new friends? Niki responded, “She was probably influenced by all the media reports! She is tempted to introduce me to some, but I told her not to worry. Although I’m not very good at handling my relationships, maybe it will suddenly come to me!”

In response to Niki feeling violated by his wandering hands, Michael laughed, “How often would people take advantage of her? I only touched her jeans! But she’s gotten lighter. Maybe she is on a diet for a slimming endorsement?”

Michael also revealed, “Next week will be [Sergeant Tabloid’s] finale. If the ratings go past thirty points, Niki Chow said she would kiss me. I would get to choose where she kisses, but I haven’t decided yet!”

Source: On.cc, On.cc

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10 comments to Michael Tse Thinks of Ways to Be Kissed by Niki Chow

  1. kiki says:

    Such a boring series and it actually has good ratings. Sigh, the taste of HK ppl is really weird.

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    • Rsy replied:

      true still better than the crap airing last month

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    • Larry 3 replied:

      Well, the producer is thinking a sequel. lol!

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  2. azndoraemon says:

    It was not that bad. I like the taiwanese girl and delay gor too

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  3. miriamfanz says:

    I think it’s an okay series. Not an intense cop series, but a pretty good comedy. For some reason, warehoused series do pretty well when it finally airs. Someone keeps messing it up at TVB…

    Btw, a brief history on policewomen in Hong Kong Police Force http://casualtvb.blogspot.com/2013/03/hong-kongs-policewomen.html

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    • Rain replied:

      This is not a warehouse series? When it’s qualified to be a warehouse series?

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      • miriamfanz replied:

        No strict definition of warehouse. Generally the series is released overseas first before HK airing. Or wait for a long time before release.

        Past warehouse series include:
        Sergeant Tabloid, Greatness of a Hero, When Heaven Burns, A Great Way to Care

        I anticipate Ruse of Engagement will do quite well when released later this year as well.

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      • clamine replied:

        A 2010 article on warehoused/overseas released tvb series.

        Overseas Releases don’t equate Rotten Series

        The Lost Gems
        The broadcasting platform for tvb series, besides the traditional 830 channel and 930 channel, also includes the readily overlooked ‘hoi fatt’ outlet. Series released through this kind of “outlet” are often snubbed by viewers. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that in that cache of overseas releases, there are many series of good quality that are worthy of viewing. Together, let us go through these so-called “surplus series” to pick out the quality series and restore the previously —— lost gems.

        ‘Hoi fatt’, meaning overseas release, is a set phrase peculiar to Hong Kong TVB, moreover, it carries with it a strongly distinctive connotative TVB style of labeling. These so-called ‘hoi fatt’ series are TVB’s finished products that are not scheduled for local broadcast in Hong Kong, and that their broadcasting platform is not that of TVB Jade 830 or 930 channels. Instead they are either scheduled to premiere on overseas tv or being released directly on dvds and/or through other mediums. Incidentally, Malaysia’s Astro on Demand is a special broadcasting platform for TVB series. Besides broadcasting the latest tvb series concurrently with TVB, Astro also airs new ‘hoi fatt’ series whenever TVB Jade airs a procured series or a previously ‘hoi fatt’ series.

        ‘Hoi fatt’ series are a unique TVB feature. As to the cause(s) for this particular phenomenon occurrence, firstly, it is due to TVB’s excessive inventory of finished products. The availability of its yearly preset time slots is simply unable to accommodate the broadcasting of its stock of finished products. Therefore, duly constrained by limited time slots stock surplus happens, and overseas release is an expedient means of alleviating the stockpiling pressure. Secondly, TVB occasionally procures outside series for broadcasting, inevitably creating a vacant time slot for overseas outlets that normally air series concurrently with TVB. Thus, TVB needs to provide them with another new series to maintain their collaboration, at the same time, scoops up a deal. In 2001, the concept of overseas release took a brighter aspect. Overseas released series are no longer in a situation that was once commonly dubbed as “never see daylight again”, but that they could be restored at any time soon. Besides being slotted in TVB late night time slot, pay channel and the likes, some series may even be given special attention. Following a long interval after their overseas release, they can be once again aired either on TVB Jade 830 or 930 channels. Because most overseas releases are products of years ago that have yet to air locally, plus the fact that they cannot participate in the annual TVB awards nominations, they are deemed unimportant to TVB. As such, whenever ‘hoi fatt’ is mentioned, what most viewers associate with it is rotten series. Given cumulative effect, the overseas releases were soon tagged with this label, ‘warehouse clearance stock’. In actuality, overseas releases are really not as bad as implicated. They not only test the prevailing trends in overseas markets, their viewers’ tastes and preferences as well as solidifying TVB’s overseas market share, they can also provide objective observations to tvb production team for brainstorming future series based on these ‘test’ market(s). Furthermore, if weighed by profitability aspect, overseas releases are an excellent means to generate income for TVB. Therefore, ‘hoi fatt’ series do not equate rotten series. In fact, there are some gems in them such as ‘The Price of Greed’, ‘Phoenix Rising’ etc which received pretty good reviews during their overseas premieres.

        Since 2001, the 5 Hoi Fatt Most.
        1) Less popular series genre and subject matter – wuxia, legends/myths, serious subject matter, problematic artistes (contracts etc)

        2) Inferior quality production – where quantity matters over quality

        3) Series by producers – Lee Tim Sing, Wong Wai Sing, Chong Wai Kin

        4) Good start, bad ending; new concepts but sloppy story development – The Price of Greed, Cupid Stupid, The Greatness of a Hero

        5) Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung collaboration – what netizens labeled as the most ‘bei ju’ (tragic) pairing after Stupid Cupid.

        Translator: tamaya

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  4. Tracy says:

    Like like 🙂

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  5. lol says:

    this series is no where near as good as armed reaction when tvb said it will be like armed reactions

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