Raymond Cho Falls Asleep On Set Due to Exhaustion

All is not well for the cast of TVB’s Property Protector <守業者>. First, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) suffered a fractured nose and a swollen eye when a stuntman accidentally flung a gun at his face. Second, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) disclosed that she was hospitalized for two days when she discovered that she had bone spurs in her neck. Third, Lee Yee Man (李綺雯) injured her ankle while filming.

Fortunately, Raymond Cho (曹永廉) did not suffer any injuries, but he has his own difficulties – having to do shoot two dramas at the same time, Raymond is definitely on the brink of collapsing.

Last night, Tavia shared two photos on Weibo – the first was a picture of her and Raymond looking haggard and exhausted. She wrote, “Our two professional actors finally meet up tonight with our injured bodies.”

Her second photo was one of Raymond sleeping. With his head resting on his hand, it appears that Raymond fell asleep while waiting for his cue. Tavia wrote, “This is the bitter life of an actor, everyone. Daddy Raymond, you have suffered. Work hard! Go back to sleep when you go home.”

Raymond replied to Tavia’s post and joked, “You have also suffered. Good thing I’m still young, but you are older than me. You need to take care!” Tavia humorously replied, “Daddy Raymond, water must have soaked into your brain. You’re so bad! After extracting the water you’ll remember how old you actually are. No wonder you’re always so swollen.”

Raymond’s good friend and The Confidant <大太監> costar, Raymond Wong (黃浩然), replied, “Raymond Gor, I know you enjoy your job, but there is never an end to finding money. Although I know you’re a young guy, you still must take care!”

A crew member of Property Protector replied to the picture of Raymond sleeping, writing, “The photo of him sleeping in the water has immediately gotten such a great response. One, it’s hilarious. Two, it’s the real deal. Three, it evokes emotion.”

Please watch out for your health, Daddy Raymond!

Source: Apple Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. you can just imagine how much make-up these guys pack on just to cover their exhaustion. hope their hard work will pay off!

    1. Looking forward to this series. Seems like this series is really running against time to get it done…all I hear is over exhaustion & injuries from the cast. Hope they finish filming safely!

  2. I watch raymond cho on variety show, I found he is quite a funny and witty guy..

    1. I’ve always liked Raymond Cho, although he is always casted in supporting and minor roles, his acting is always convincing and stable imo. But if he were to be lead, I dont think he’d shine as great.

      1. yeah, this world is rotten, just because he did not shone shine like oscar leung, his chances of getting promoted are very slim..

      2. all raymond needs is a good leading role this raymond can rock any role

      3. I agree with Clementine. Some actors just don’t have it cut to do lead roles even if their acting is great. Wayne Lai is one of them. He does better when he was a supporting actor than lead. There are others who simply don’t have the charisma or the 气势 to lead although they are good actors – Evergreen Mak, Benny Wong, Raymond Cho, Jazz Lam, Fred Cheng (although he is no doubt a good singer). BUT, all good actors and actresses should be recognized in terms of pay and bonuses.

  3. Water soaked in Ray’s brain caused him to forget their respective ages. So no wonder he thought she was older than him after watching her close up w.o makeup, LOL

    1. Maybe because she aged faster than him? Haha

  4. Love it whenever he bicker with others, especially with edwin siu! They are so funny on weibo!

  5. I remember there was once a series which shows the NG scenes at the credit scene and there was Power Chan, still a supporting actor and rather young and he was supposed to pretend to sleep on the mattress on the floor. In the end everyone had a good laugh when they can’t wake him because he was sleeping for real.

    Exhaustion is a results of I believe almost 20 hours working day. TVB doesn’t pay you and then not use you enough. But more powerful stars have at least 8 hours sleep in the contract? Anyway compounded by the fact of children, spouse, etc. Can’t blame the poor man.

  6. Tavia is so cute! She seems to get along almost with everyone! She doesn’t have the “diva” attitude!
    Love Tavia!!!

    1. she can’t go to work everyday with a diva attitude, she’ll run out of jobs and sponsors in no time

    2. Yes, she’s so jovial and friendly. Also amazing to see her sister-brother relationship with Stephen Ma.

  7. Raymond Cho is such a funny and cute actor. Did you watch him in Office Practical Jokes? He’s so sporting and have a great sense of humor, lol…love watching him! And I think he’s already nearing 50, yet he looks so, so young!!

    1. Really? Nearing 50!!! wow, he looks way younger than that. Though late 30s or early 40s.

  8. Despite years of long working hours, Raymond Cho continues to maintain his youthful appearance. He’s a sparkly vampire, im calling it.

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