Ruco Chan and Linda Chung Kiss Underwater

Last night, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) dived underwater for a romantic kiss. The two television stars are currently filming for the upcoming period drama The Apothecary <大藥坊>, which also stars Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), and Shirley Yeung (楊思琦).

Shooting on location at Sai Kung, Ruco and Linda performed an underwater kissing routine in a pool of clear water. Calling it a CPR scene, the onscreen couple also had a kiss above water. As it was a cold night, Ruco said he purchased a wetsuit worth several thousand HKD just for the scene. Admitting that he is afraid of the cold, he decided on investing in a wetsuit so he can stay dryer and warmer while filming water scenes. “For this drama, I have to jump into well water, lake water, sea water, and the swimming pool; a total of four times. This is my first time filming at the studio’s swimming pool, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Asked if he is happy to film a kiss scene with Linda, Ruco laughed and quickly changed the topic, “No, but the scenery is nice! I really like it.” Ruco added that the recent rumors of them dating have not affected their working relationship. Stressing that they are both professional actors who have collaborated before, they are not bothered by the gossip surrounding them. “We have tacit understanding of each other! There is no boundary between us.”

Several days ago, Linda revealed that she mysteriously lost $3,000 HKD while at work. Asked if he had cheered Linda up about it, Ruco laughed, “I think it’s better to not mention it in front of her and pretend that I don’t know anything. Don’t want to bring up sad memories.”


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  1. I so love this couple <3
    Hope you get together in real life soon. Go Ruco, you can do it! Make the first move, you just might get lucky! Rooting for you all the way!

  2. the handsome and most girl-will-die-for “suen poon” Ruco really wanted to date linda due to her look and fadan status…but linda has her principle as to stay strong in only one relationship as she is a good girl role model… there is no TVB fadans as pure, humble and down to earth as her already

    1. Ruco has already denied his romours with Linda. He said they are colleagues only and they never started. Ruco’s the guy who is devoted to his career and not a g/f with fadan status, otherwise he should have dated Tavia when filming TOT.

  3. Loving this couple~ The pictures on the website are so sweet even though he stresses there is nothing- I have a feeling he has a small crush…. :3

    1. It’s much more boring to read the same negative comments from you.

      1. rofl,
        Got your msg regarding the pop-ups in the other thread. We are still working on resolving the problem.

  4. I always wonder can ppl really do CPR under wAter?. When wAtch the scene thought it is so lame and cheesy..

    1. Definitely cannot do CPR in real life under water. In the clip, both Chin Pang and Linda mentioned that he was passing oxygen to her.

      1. But saw the pictures, they kiss before underwater to underwater. Or is it the other way around?

      2. You mean you saw them kiss above water and then underwater? I believe that they might have more than one kiss scene?

      3. I think what Chin Pang said in the interview is that he and Linda have to escape from some people and therefore had to jump into the water. Then Chin Pang passed oxygen to Linda in the water aka the kiss. But then after he did that, he passed out and Linda had to “do CPR” pass oxygen to him on land.

  5. Hopefully this drama Raymond Wong costar with someone else rather than Natalie Tong. We’ve already seen them in two dramas together.

    1. haha unfortunately you will have to see that in here. Both Raymond’s role as himself and as his twin pair up with Natalie.

      1. One of Raymond’s character will first have some screentime with Linda as her fiancee/husband. And then when he dies and the twin appears, he will have more screentime with Natalie. But regardless of the two characters, Natalie has a one-sided love for both the twins, therefore you will probably see them interacting for most of the drama.

  6. I swear in a second I read the title as Rose Chan and Linda Chung kiss underwater 😛

  7. yipee =D … im going to Genting to watch Ruco at the Brother’s Keeper Concert

    1. @Funn … the tickets says strictly no cameras allowed and no recording allowed =( … hopefully can get some pictures outside the venue =P

      @buzz … so happy that i can get to go =D … it is a special gift again ^ ^ .. i won 2 tickets from a magazine contest =) … not the front seats, but at least still a middle view seat … quite far though, if there are empty seats in front maybe i can sneak forward, haha =P

      1. got a close friend to go together, but she’s neither a ruco nor edwin fan =(, in fact i think she is still not very sure or rather blur who is in the concert, i just told her its a tvb concert =/ … actually we wanted to buy the ticket together earlier, but because she is not really interested in ruco so we didnt buy (she say not really interested because Him Law is not performing in the concert =P)… but i just got the contest result yesterday, so i still have to find someone to go together because we’ll have to stay at the hotel overnight … anyway, most importantly is that i get to go and fulfil my wish ^ ^

    1. Ruco, Edwin, Kristal will be singing. Louise Lee will also be a guest.

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