Sharon Chan and Eddie Cheung’s “Come With Me” Holds Blessing Ceremony

TVB sex comedy Come With Me <性在有情> held a blessing ceremony earlier this week. Starring Sharon Chan (陳敏之), Eddie Cheung (張兆輝), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), Elena Kong (江美儀), Grace Wong (王君馨), and Sammy Sum (沈震軒), Come With Me centers on a group of professional sex therapists. The drama garnered media attention for its sexual theme, a first in TVB’s drama history.

Sharon expressed that she has gained a lot of knowledge about sex through her character, who is a sex expert. The 35-year-old said with a laugh that she has “no time to do it” with her husband due to the busy filming schedule of the drama, but she had made sure to note down the sex techniques she learned while filming the series.

The actress also revealed that she and Eddie will share many intimate scenes throughout the drama. Due to television restrictions, their intimate scenes will not be too explicit, but Sharon believes that she cannot watch the drama with her husband. “I don’t want to see him angry,” she said with a laugh.

Eddie stated that the drama will be light-hearted and comedic in nature. Though the topic of the series is explicit and controversial, the situations will be handled in a humorous manner.

Louis Yuen, who was rumored to have upset TVB after a comedy skit he did earlier, denied the reports claiming that TVB had cut his screen time. He also shared that his contract with TVB is coming to an end, and that he will most likely renew it.


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  1. Oh my goodness, Sharon Chan is the 1st lead actress in “Come with Me”. Hope she will act better in this drama series than what she did in the past.

  2. is it just me but I am getting sick of seeing Sharon Chan on my tv screen?

    1. I feel your pain! Who does she know? She keeps getting bigger and bigger role while her acting declineslike an avalanche!

  3. Eddie next year tvb biggest winner or the awards results will be rigged like 2009 when gallen lo and ray Lui didn’t even make it into top 5 and then in 2012 when Wayne won based on totally being rigged

  4. Hope this is good. Cant wait to see Sammy Sum, Eddie Cheung & Elena.

  5. @the mentor.. your comments hv gone overboard..those whom dun like Sharon, dun watch. as simple..stop putting ppl down..

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