“The Hippocratic Crush 2” Does Not Live Up to Its Predecessor

The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時> was a big success last year, reaching 39 points at its peak and propelled Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Tavia Yeung’s (楊怡) careers to higher ground. High expectations were set for the currently broadcast sequel, but viewers complained that the aired segment was outright boring, and were exasperated by the new additions to the cast and sloppiness in the script. In its first week of broadcast, The Hippocratic Crush 2 averaged 26 ratings points and peaked at 30 points, which was disappointing for an Anniversary drama.

Producer Poon Ka Tak (潘嘉德) promised that The Hippocratic Crush 2 would see Tavia and Kenneth’s relationship reach new heights, but unfortunately viewers discovered that the main characters’ storylines were sidetracked by the abundance of new cast members. More airtime for newcomers meant less screen time for the main characters, which displeased viewers.

Several details in the script were handled carelessly. For example, netizens pointed out that Kenneth’s character was riding a car from daytime in one location to nighttime in another. In an earlier scene, Kenneth was all fully wrapped up when he visited Tavia, who was quarantined because she was suspected of having a dangerous bacterial infection. However, he did not put on the most important item – a face mask. Netizens did not like the slack treatment in the details of the sequel.

Viewers were also unhappy with The Hippocratic Crush 2 aired in the 8:30 p.m. time-slot since gory details were sometimes shown, which were unsuitable for the younger viewers.

Tavia Yeung hopes that viewers will be more patient and give the plot time to develop. She felt that the new additions to the cast give the drama a more refreshing take. Will The Hippocratic Crush 2 be able to generate more enthusiasm in the upcoming weeks, or will fans of the first installment find other more exciting fare to watch?

Source: ihktv.com 

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Exactly! I actually can’t think of any from recent times. The last ones that did for me were FOJ, DIF, and UE from the 90s….

      Not sure about you guys, but to me, what they did to THC2 is starting to look similar to what they did to Forensic Heroes back in 2008 (that was actually my ‘biggest’ complaint about FH2 — adding so many new characters and sub-stories involving these characters, to the point that the original ‘team’ from FH1 sort of became ‘background noise’).

      Luckily I didn’t have high expectations for the THC sequel in the first place (in fact, I was one of those who was greatly opposed to TVB even filming the sequel), so not much ‘disappointment’ as far as I’m concerned….

      1. @Trini: Yes, UE stands for “Untraceable Evidence”, which is the forensics/cop-themed series starring Bowie Lam and Flora Chan. Excellent series, definitely a classic — the sequel was equally good as the original and was actually one of the few sequels that really didn’t change a whole lot from the original installment in terms of casting (there were additional cast added in the sequel as well, but the difference is that those story arcs blended in nicely with the main plot and didn’t take screen time away from the main characters.) If you haven’t seen it, I highly highly recommend watching it (both the original and sequel together, since the story continues on quite nicely and the ending of the sequel actually links back up to the ending of the original…it’s kind of like watching 1 long series).

      2. ““Untraceable Evidence”

        Hated it. The book (1st one) was better. TVB clearly ripped off the book(s).

    2. In term of acting, perhaps TITS2?

      I think the last one is MR (has more viewers/praises more than its prequel)?

    3. D.I.E Again wasn’t bad! so 2008? But definitely agree that none of the recent ones have thus far lived up the expectations

    4. To be honest, I thought D.I.E Again was just as good, if not better than the first. :p

      THC2 isn’t even that bad but that’s probably because I didn’t have high hopes for it. Although I’m enjoying it, it isn’t as good as the first one (for now, at least). I wished it was focused on Tavia and Kenneth more but what can you expect when there are so many more cast members compared to the first.

      I’m loving the cast but Crystal Li isn’t doing too well. Tracy is pretty good for her first series. Tavia was amazing in episodes 4 and 5.

      So far so good!

      1. DIE Again was horrible with some stupid convoluted plot. Didn’t Roger die in the first part?

    5. Aliens (sequel to Alien), reputedly the best sequel ever in movies/TV, one which bettered the original

  1. I agree! i was so excited for the sequel as the first one was really good, but no 2 is really boring. The medical scenes looked fake and didn’t have enough bloody scenes. was anticipating it to be similar to a korean medical drama ‘good doctor’.
    just disappointed….

    1. HK audiences complaint that the series has had too many bloody scenes. They said that it should be aired at 9:30pm instead of 8:30pm.

    2. Why would you anticipate it to be similar to a Korean medical drama when this is a Hong Kong drama…?? It would at least make more sense if you compared OC2 to OC1.

      And your complaint about the medical scenes being fake, and lacking of ‘bloody scenes’- imo, the medical scenes were convincing, from sugery theatre room, machinery and the medical staff..dont see how it comes off as fake (although of course it’s all fake since it’s a drama-but all the machinery are 100% legit.) Also, as mentioned by others, HK viewers are complaining there is too much bloody scenesa which makes it not suitable for young viewers apparently..and as far as drama series go and also in reality, you wouldnt see blood squirting all over the place once a body is cut open.

    3. “was anticipating it to be similar to a korean medical drama ‘good doctor’.”

      I watched half episode of Good Doctor and I had to turn it off. I love Joo Won but he was painful to watch and the entire premise is not only ridiculous but at times can be over sentimental. I don’t think Good Doctor is a good example.

  2. i dont see any development with the story. surprise me, they need to have more creative, talented script writers.

  3. I think tv ratings are misleading as many viewers choose to watch the series in tvb.com. Ep 1-5 of the series are above 100,000 views (ep 1 was about 200,000 views on tvb.com),so it is not as bad as what the tabloids claimed.

    1. Keep in mind that TV ratings overall are not a good judge of anything because the sampling size is so small. TVB follows the Nielson ratings system and the ‘sampling’ in HK only involves 800 households (that’s out of a population of 7 million people who live in HK). With such a small sampling size (as well as other ‘flaws’ in the ratings calculation process), the margin of error is bound to be high. And to your point, the current Nielson ratings system doesn’t include Internet ratings (TVB is calculating that separately right now and ‘adding’ it to the TV ratings to come up with a ‘cross-platform’ ratings number).

      Basically, I could care less about the ratings….won’t affect whether I watch or don’t watch the series…

      1. I agree. Which is why I find it so ridiculous when tabloids put down dramas based on its ratings,eg last year’s when heaven burns which drew flak from tabloids due to its low ratings but was well received online.

      2. I agree. Ratings don’t mean quality.
        If ratings meant quality, that meant TITS2 was flawless and the best drama this year. We all know that’s a lie.

      3. TITS2 isn’t flawless but it is still one of the best series of 2013. If not TITS2, mind you tell us which one is flawless and the best?

  4. i’m enjoying the series..

    I watch it especially for mandy&benjamin’s scenes
    and Lawrence ng and tracy chu’s scenes. they actually make an interesting couple

  5. In the drama, how long is it since the time Yat Kin and Yue Jai got married? 1/2 years??
    In part 2, Mandy post is like so big, she acted like some kind of boss in the hospital. I thought the interns from part 1 were passing out not long ago, so fast now they can teach interns?

    1. Either a Basic/Higher Trainee. In episode 2, yue jai mentioned “your bro in law gets to perform such surgery only during his final year of higher trainee so you need to treasure this opportunity”. Basically, houseman -> basic trainee -> higher trainee -> specialist. I might be wrong

  6. I watch it for Lawrence Ng and Tracy Chu scene. I think they make a good couple.
    And if the new cast member weren’t added the storyline would probably be similar , it would be boring if it just focus on tavia and kenneth for 30 episode

    1. True, but then why make the sequel in the first place? Why not just leave the original as it was and that’s it? That’s one of the problems I’ve always had with TVB’s sequels — they don’t make a sequel because it’s necessary to make one, but rather because they want to piggy back off the success of the first one (which means that they oftentimes need to ‘shape’ the script to fit, so it’s no surprise that the sequels sometimes feel ‘forced’).

      I still think they should have just left THC alone instead of trying to turn it into a ‘franchise’….but of course, that’s just me…

      1. I agree with you,TVB sequel are mostly boring and unnecessary.Just because the first one is a success doesn’t mean the sequel will be too.But I’m enjoying THC2 so far, I think some of the new cast member are refreshing like Lawrence Ng , Louisa So , Tracy Chu…people complain too much, they need to give it time for the story and character relationship to developed before judging it

  7. “Viewers were also unhappy with The Hippocratic Crush 2 aired in the 8:30 p.m. time-slot since gory details were sometimes shown, which were unsuitable for the younger viewers.”

    Seriously??? For a medical drama, there’s no gore at all. To be honest, I think there’s a lack of blood. I’m not picky or anything but they’re having all these complex surgeries and their gloves come out all clean and white.

    1. TBB got many negative comments from HK audiences that the series has had too many bloody scenes. They said that it should be aired at 9:30pm instead of 8:30pm. I have no ideas. I watched Dr. Jin, and it was more bloody.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. I bet they have not watched the mild (or so I think is mild) Grey’s Anatomy at all.

  8. I only watched a few episodes. The storyline is too “widespread”, with little focus on main characters. There are too many new characters with too many short side stories, which makes audience not to “chase” the story.

    1. Some people just take it as a pure entertainment, while some people like to enjoy it as a good drama series. Everyone is different. This is a website where we can share our feedback (good or bad), and I don’t see it wrong for people to voice their opinions.

      Personally I care about a good drama series with a good storyline and good acting. Otherwise, it is a waste of time to watch it.

    2. The only thing that bothers me is they complain about the wrong things, there are other factors of the series that’s much worth complaining than the ones they complained about.

      1. @Bobby: That’s SO TRUE. And it’s probably one of the reasons why TVB (and the Communications Authority) don’t take HK audiences complaints seriously anymore. I have no problems with people ‘complaining’, but when the complaints are constantly over the wrong things, it just makes it that much harder to get them (TVB and CA) to listen to the truly ‘legitimate’ things that require proper attention…after awhile, all the complaints become ‘white noise’ of sorts.

  9. Wished it focused more on the main characters. However I am still loving it. Tavia and Kenneth are doing a fantastic job IMO. They have improved heaps

    1. Kenneth and Tavia relationship is the only reason why I continue watching this show, because they really hit it out of the park with their performances. The rest of the show- not engaging. Too many boring housemen, annoying patients. That Whitney Houston song is now ruined thanks to that girl who wouldn’t shut up! Was looking forward to watching Lawrence Ng…why in the world did they pair him up with a girl who couldn’t act?

      1. I love your comment. I totally agree. But honestly, this website calling the script sloppy is really going too far. I mean, it’s extremely hard to write a script, no need to say it’s sloppy. It might not have lived up to expectations, but it’s being compared too much to OC1. OC1 was really really good, and because this series is not as good does not mean it isn’t good. But honestly, they added to many new members to the cast. All the KenTa moments are scarce, hope there’ll be more in the future.

  10. The funniest part I found about this drama is that there’s never any blood during any operations. Can’t even see any on the drs gloves or apparatus used. How is that possible???

    1. They had animations for surgery. It’s HK style. You can’t expect to see real blood or organs because HK audiences will send a ton of complaint to TBB.

    1. I disagree. There already had been reports saying Tracy was often being reprimanded by the directors. Her acting isn’t at all natural. Crystal is better. Her tears, her smile and everything. Her character itself is supposed to be kind of stiff because she always gets scared when it comes to facing Mandy

      1. Tracy, Eliza, Crystal… All of them act to stiffly, but they’re so overrated and given so much screen time. They all look like they’re just memorising off a script. If I had to choose between the three, I would say Tracy acts the best. Eliza and Crystal seem really fake.

      2. Its Tracy first debut series , so she pretty good for her first time and I really like her character

  11. I personally think its just as good! Especially the first episode, it was jam packed with touching moments. Although I think Lawrence and that new girl (that lawrence is gonna be with) if kinda useless and boring in the new series. & I also miss tavias dad and maid in the first series

    1. Well, one good thing is that at least they brought back almost the entire main cast from the original (minus the 2 dads of course, for obvious reasons) — even Lily Leung and Wu Fung reprised their roles as the grandparents (though they had very little screen time just like in the original)….but given all the new people they added on top of the original cast, it does seem like a bit much, since the storyline will be way too scattered. I’m taking more of a ‘wait and see’ approach though….I haven’t given up on the series yet, so that’s a good sign in my book…lol.

  12. No surprise, it’s rare case and hardly to see the sequel can pass its predecessor quality, many examples to explain that, Healing Hands > HH II/III, TITS > TITS II, Just Love > JL II, D.I.E. > D.I.E. Again, etc.

  13. I actually enjoy this show very much compared to the other current/recent TVB shows )(Will power BrothersKeeper etc). I enjoy watching the characters and the problems they each will face:)
    Yes the show is predictable, but it is TVB…..which TVB show was ever unpredictable? OR i am just too clever to guess everything right 😉

  14. Another flop from TVB! I suggest you guys watch the K-drama ‘Good Doctor’ and see how the Koreans can really produce a good medical drama with all the fake and yet so real skin, blood and wounds! There are way too many new faces in HC2 whom the audience are not familiar with. Personally I’m not going to waste my time on this one.

    1. They make it too real, the citizens complain. They make it too fake, netizens like you compare them to other dramas. The culture in HK and Korea is different, so you shouldn’t compare them at all. In HK young kids watch dramas, but I believe in Korea it’s not so common for young kids.

  15. I’ve been enjoying this serie so far even though the main characters have less screen time than the prequel.

  16. For me, I don’t care about ratings and what others think about the drama, I’m not going to make a determination on whether a drama is good or not just based on what others tell me or what the ratings say.

    Personally I’m really enjoying the drama. I think the storyline is pretty good and I enjoy the the new faces. It keeps the drama interesting. Lawrence is excellent in the drama. Maybe he should be nominated for Best Actor. Can’t wait to watch more episodes.

  17. The low ratings is mostly due to the addition of new casts I really hate the scenes of Tracy and Lawrence they are like so damn boring especially at the cafe and tavia and Kenneth are the main leads for heavens sake why is there so many scenes of the other casts like mandy and Tracy

    1. Totally agree. It is boring and not attract much. Story line is not focus. I dislike senses of Tracy & Lawrence. Newbie is not good as cast of Part I. Also Tavia & Kenneth story is weird and no focus. Why let Kenneth become bad temper person? He was very great Dr in part I and his love story with Tavia is much better than sense that they are marriage couple. None of esp is attract me. If not I fast forward quite many senses. Him Law is not fun character as in part I. The two newbie training doctor a male and female students are non sense. Why focus senses on her and Mandy?
      No wonder rating is low

      1. Kenneth is affected by a mental illness, most probably anxiety disorder, which I believe makes it harder to control his emotions. It’s not his character that changes, it’s the illness that changes his character.

  18. i personally am enjoying this sequel and find it like an actual sequel!

  19. This is so true I’m not even kidding on call 2 was so crappy and boring especially the damn new casts like Tracy chu they were so boring especially Lawrence Ng they were damn freaking boring and they covered up like 3/4 of the show anyway,on call 2 was just a damn big let down.

  20. Watching purely for Kenneth and Tavia, and Mandy and Benjamin. Lawrence’s line is so boring, I don’t see the need for the coffee shop to even exist, what is Koo Ming Wah’s role exactly in this series? Cut off Lawrence’s line, add more cases and this sequel will live up to its expectations.

    1. His character has yet to be developed, I believe he is a millionaire who is really kind and helpful, and Lawrence’s good friend. He will also have a love line with Louisa So.

  21. Am I the only one think that Lawrence and Tracy are having good chemistry and Tracy is doing very well for someone without any acting experience? She’s kinda cute and natural. At first I’m turned off when I heard of the age difference but Lawrence and Tracy actually work well together.

    1. I agree they make an interesting couple i cant wait til their story developed more

  22. Tvb doesn’t need to please everyone. Either u like it or not. Ppl need to appreciate the effort that was put in doing all the tv series. It’s free to watch why complain. I’m grateful that I get to watch TVB all these years.

    There’s many ethicities out there do enjoy watching TVB. Wholelotta vietnamese people watch TVB.

    1. @Larry3: Haha…no, if anything, it should be Healing Hands V because THC1 was technically Healing Hands IV (true story actually — check out some of those Chinese bootleg DVD shops and you’ll actually find THC1 being sold as “Healing Hands IV”). LOL.

    2. Just because it’s of the same genre/theme does not make it the same drama. There are tons of police-thieves dramas produced every year and no one says “might as well called it a sequel of ***”. Why the double standard?

    3. Yea I find Lawrence Ng the better actor and has like equal screen time with Kenneth Ma.

      1. Lawrence Ng is just this extremely expensive guy which TVB brought into the series so that ratings could improve. (which failed obviously) If they retained the original cast and only added maybe one or two new cast members, the ratings would be much higher. Besides, Lawrence Ng’s role in the show is just this emotionless guy, whereas Kenneth has to express so many emotions and portray an overly anxious husband and son as well. You can’t compare the two, but even if I did, I would say Kenneth has done a good job.

      2. See, the blames run to Lawrence. If the rating is high, do you give him credit?

      3. Well he is an overrated actor. Popular? No doubt. When Healing Hands was the hype that is. Nowadays, he should just make way for the rising talents. The fact is that the drama is not well received on tv (on the internet it’s views are pretty high), sure it might not be his fault, it’s his character in the show. What I’m saying is that they shouldn’t be compared, because the character they’re supposed to portray is different, Kenneth might not have acted fantastically, but his acting was considered good due to the role he had to portray.

      4. I see you mentioned of 350k click in a website and claimed it as high/successful? Plz! TITS 2 has 5 mil in youku, about 1 mil in MyTV, 6 mil in Tudou official link. Tat’s high. 350k is as much as Karma rider, no more. Last year top 10 most viewed Chinese series in Tudou (including Txb series), the highest Txb series has nearly 18 mil clicks.

        Lawrence is overrated? He is making his way to come back by acting in this series? LMAO, so he chose a series he has to share lead in order to make himself shine? Bad choice! Dont forget he is in M Club where he is the main lead (male side). Could be better than sharing lead with a junior. Txb wants him because they hope to break into China market. The old cast has no star power in China. Now its a faiure in both market and blame game run to Lawrence alone. How fair!

  23. Lawrence Ng may not be the best actor but he looks like a doctor or a very experienced medical specialist. Perhaps his role can be revamped or have him be his Healing Hands role. I mean why not?

  24. A bit frustrated by the additional new characters taking screentime that reduces the screentime for the existing original cast.

    So far I really do enjoy OC2, but tbh, it does not compare to OC1.

    I think reports of the ratings being terribly bad/not well received is very misleading. From what I’ve read coming from various sources, the series view counts online is fairly high.

    1. Yup, the view counts online hit about 350K(that’s the least it ever got), and it’s just for one website. There are many others.

      1. @939393 t-v-b-d-o.c-o-m (without the slashes between the letters)

  25. I’m surprised that so many people are being so harsh on the drama (even those who haven’t watched it yet). I personally think that the sequel has lived up to its expectations based on Ep 1-8. Tavia’s and Kenneth’s chemistry is brilliant! they do not even need a single intimate scene to channel to the audience their affection for one another. Most believable couple in years I’d say. Tavia has brought another dimension into her otherwise boring character, especially when she mourned for the loss of her unborn child. Definitely more deserving of BA compared to Linda and Kate.

    The newcomers are not dreadful to watch (unexpectedly), especially Tracy. She’s very natural for a newcomer and I’m excited as to what the future holds for her. Not too fond of Eliza and Crystal’s acting, but they have improved.

    1. Agreed, Tavia should get BA award this year. She deserves it. This series has many actors/actresses (both old and new) but none are annoying. The grandma is pretty good and reminds me of how difficult it is to care for the elderly (can be waaaay worse than caring for the young).

      Don’t just let the complainers have all the say or this series will be labeled “heavily criticized” too (just because people didn’t realize that not voicing their praise can hurt a series too).

    2. I agree. I do like seeing a new side to Kenneth’s and Tavia’s characters. And Tracy Chu has honestly been doing well so far; perhaps some credit should go to Lawrence for helping her out? After all your co-star can make quite a huge difference. Lawrence himself is doing well too, very much within expectations for a veteran! Was against him being added into the sequel at first but I now think having him around adds a nice touch. And I can see why new characters were added; I just don’t think the show would be interesting enough if it were just Kenneth and Tavia, and probably too depressing as well.

  26. What i think is that they gave more screen time to the newbies Tracy n Crystal there acting is not the at the top a lil stiff

    Overall I think the series is So/so I still think part I is beta

  27. I feel like people are still upset over HKTV so maybe they aren’t watching as much. This doesn’t count online so maybe more people are actually watching online. Nevertheless, I love this drama. The only problem I have is with Crystal’s acting. I wish they would stop showing her.

  28. like how THC2 series progress now. I love how the old capable Yu Jai start to coming back on episode 9 determine to return work to help patients. I very touched by her words “I dun know how much time left for me ,but I’m sure the patients hope I able to fight disease together with them. ” .

  29. On call 1 was definitely better than on call 2 I really hateee the new casts espicially Tracy chu why must they even add her and Lawrence in omg and nevertheless even if the show was good the Hong Kong people would still complain

  30. The last decent sequel is probably A Great Way To Care 2, the sequels in the recent years was just disappointing. Not sure about this one yet but it is quite boring. I was never too fond of Kenneth and Tavia’s relationship but then again it was the medical genre that attracted me not the relationships and now with all the love triangles added it just gets worse. I do enjoy bits of it, Him’s character is about the only thing that makes this series less depressing. The addition of the new characters just doesn’t fit well. I understand the producer wanted to make this series tragic based on the genre but sorry most of the doctors in reality don’t suffer from chronic illness and honestly most of them don’t even date each other. I understand a series has unrealistic moments to make it more dramatic and grand but they’re overdoing it and seems like they haven’t done enough research for what actually goes on in the hospitals. So far the sequel has lost it’s touch compared to the first installment.

    1. That is always the kind of approach adopted by TVB. If it is a medical drama series involving doctors, many doctors and their families in the series will get sick with some terminal or serious illnesses.

      If it is a police action series, some of the police inspectors/officers will be “black” police inspectors involving crimes.

      If it is a legal drama series, some of the lawyers will commit crimes and their cases will be brought to court.

      I hope TVB will think of something new and related plots and developments in their drama series involving professionals.

      1. Sorry ……. I meant “unrelated” (instead of “related”).

      2. And in almost every series someone is reunited with ther mother. I don’t understand how the writers can be so uncreative with their plots.

  31. Melodrama at its worst. They haven’t finished milking the sob story of Tavia and Kenneth in the first part so got to continue with more tear-jerking moments for them here. This drama has got a very doomsday feel to it, isn’t real life depressing as it is already?

  32. Don’t see improvements in Kenneth Ma acting. And Kenneth Ma doesn’t have enough screen time to improve or just act.

    1. Well if he was given more screen time maybe his improvement in acting would show. Besides, all his scenes are really challenging. Anxiety, sadness, all the negative feelings he has to portray. He’s doing a pretty good job of it imo. Especially his scenes with Tavia.

      1. Well, Derek’s role in the show is significant, but they gave way too much screen time to Crystal, Tracy and Eliza, their roles in the show really aren’t that important to be given so much screen time. Sure, Tracy and Lawrence are pretty important, but they were given more screen time than Kenneth and Tavia, which doesn’t really make sense, especially Tracy getting more screen time. (Lawrence I can understand since he’s co leading) Tracy is doing well for a newbie, but her acting gets a bit awkward when she does scenes that are too long.

      2. I do think his acting has improved; he’s been quite good from episode 4 onwards. I get the puppy-eyes criticism in the beginning episodes but to his credit I have not seen that in the later episodes. Am enjoying his performance and finding his character easy to relate to. I think that’s one of his strengths as an actor – the ability to draw viewers in, besides having a naturally likeable aura. A likeable character and a good-enough performance IMO – maybe not BA-worthy but it’s not deserving of such harsh criticism either. Looking forward to his continued growth as an actor 🙂

    2. LMAO~, I’ve seen Ma Ming fan posted on FB tat they are going to complain to Txb tat his screentime is limited and other actors should be cut out to give Ma Ming more scenes, then a Derek fan replied: “Do I need to ask Derek to give all scenes to Ma Ming? If tat much is not enough, how is Derek? Do we have to complain?”


      1. To be fair, everyone does have certain expectations of what a lead’s screentime should be like, and it’s only natural that fans would like to see more of their favourite(s). I’m sure you wouldn’t object to seeing more of LF either.

        It’d be nice if you could stop being so disparaging every time Kenneth is brought up. If you don’t like him, fine, but there’s no need to repeat yourself over and over again like a broken record. And if you don’t like the THC franchise, that’s fine too. We all know by now that you have refused to watch it ever. Perhaps you’re just unhappy that Poon Ka Tak casted Kenneth instead of LF for THC1? And I know you don’t just whine about Kenneth here; you’re Malec in asianfanatics, are you not? Haha anyone could recognize your pidgin English from a mile away.

      2. Oh I forget to add tat those Ma Ming fans asked in Derek fans’ FB, hint tat Derek’s scenes should be cut out. Like how they complained/bashed Derek to have kissing scenes in the prequel. They can hope to see more of their idol, why they dont think other fans also hope to see more of other people? Why the supportings must give their screentime to them? And why they go to Derek’s sites to complain.

        Lolz and you are wrong, I feel lucky tat Poon didnt cast LF in THC. He can nail the role but its a repeat to his previous The last breakthrough. Nothing new.

        I dun say about Ma Ming and you complain? You want me to complain about his acting or not? Yes I dun watch it or think Ma Ming has good acting, problem?

        You sound bitter. Perhaps you are upset for the low rating. Here is a public forum and you cant expect to see all praises to your idol here. Why dont you come back to AF THC thread or Ma Ming thread to see the praises? Its the best place for you with such sensitive heart.

  33. Is the media still hyping about KM’s impending BA win? Or have they been silenced by On Call 2’s mediocre ratings?

    1. kit-kat,
      Chilam Cheung may be the front-runner for TV King now since he has upcoming projects with TVB next year.

    2. All this about TVB staff voting is all BS. The authorities decide everything.

  34. I agree that the addition of new casts sidetracked the main characters. Lawrence Ng’s storyline is almost painful to watch, emotionless, cold and extremely boring. They should really focus more on the development of Yat Kin and Yu Zai’s relationship. They’re much more interesting and their love story is touching and tragic imo.

  35. I am watching Legal High right now and I find it immensely more enjoyable and funny and at times quite touching than The Hippocratic Crush 2

  36. THC2 isn’t as good as THC1. Although I don’t mind the new cast members, I can tell some of these rookie actors aren’t getting into character and are just ‘acting’ their roles. I don’t think Crystal Li should have been in this. Her acting doesn’t seem up to scratch. Out of all the new cast members, I think she is lacking the most in terms of bringing out her character and really making it seem real. Right now, I feel as if she’s just reading off the script for the sake of reading it. Her character doesn’t feel real. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels forced.

  37. So far, the serial has not developed and is too slow. Too many newcomers to remember or put an impression. Only Eliza Sam managed to add some smiles in the show. Even veteran Lawrence Ng did not help in this show.

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