TVB Artistes Promote Upcoming Dramas at FILMART 2013

TVB once again dominated FILMART 2013 on Tuesday, bringing in over 32 top artistes from upcoming drama productions to meet the press at the industry trade show. Veteran actors Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Esther Kwan (關詠荷), and Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) were in attendance, dressed in full costume to promote their upcoming series.

Attendees were treated to sneak previews of highly anticipated dramas such as Beauty At War <金枝慾孽-貳>, Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, Bullet Brain <神探哥倫布>, and Always and Ever <情逆三世緣>. TVB continues the recent trend of using “heavy flavor” scenes to boost viewer interest. The trailers showed Natalie Tong’s (唐詩詠) bare back in Bullet Brain, while Joyce Tang (滕麗名) exposed her bra in Awfully Lawful <熟男有惑>.

Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) and Moses Chan (陳豪) attended the event to promote Beauty At War, the long-awaited sequel to 2004’s War and Beauty <金枝慾孽>. Sheren appeared healthy and fully recovered from her earlier emotional breakdown. She recalled feeling worried about her condition, but luckily she was able to quickly recover due to early detection. When asked if she will be more selective about her roles from now on, Sheren implied she will consider all scripts as long as they are complete prior to filming. She stated that she will choose projects based on interest. As a result she will film less often and will not have time to film for TVB.

Moses Chan was recently caught using an English word in 2003’s Perish in the Name of Love <帝女花>. Moses, portraying Ming dynasty emperor Chongzhen, commanded, “Help me ‘check’ it”. The clip generated many views online and Moses became an instant laughingstock. Moses appeared embarrassed when asked about this incident. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t notice the mistake at the time. I will be more careful in the future.”

Bobby Au Yeung, who was earlier hospitalized due to acute pneumonia, looked healthy and cheerful at the press conference. Many friends and colleagues checked on him throughout the day, including Francis Ng. When asked about Bobby, Francis joked using his unique sense of humor.,”I am planning to bow to him. I was going to give him two more bows [like at a funeral], but I will bow just once today to wish him good health. Everyone should treasure their health.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Aren’t the ‘heavy flavor’ tactics kind of cheap? Just include them, but don’t make a big deal, like making it the scene to watch out for.

    I want to wear those pilot suits!

      1. agree. ruse of engagement and triumph2 look great

  2. I thought TVB only promote the grand productions. It seems like almost every upcoming series was at the FILMART. o.O

    1. If they don’t promote, who will know about these series?

      1. After watching the trailers, I have to say that HKTV (although I dun support Ricky Wong due to his attitude) has better trailers. Nil good in Txb with dark color, boring trailer and out of all, same faces in all.

      1. Last year there were 6, this year there are 15 or 20? Definitely too free or showing off.

      2. I too think that HKTV series look nicer. I don’t think I’ll be watching any TVB series this year.

  3. Yeah Joyce Tang. She haven’t film for a while.

    Anyone know what happened to her husband “Lap Son” in Kindred Spirit? He was a hottie and tall.

    1. I got curious myself and did a quick Google search! English name Mark Lo, he left TVB and worked at ATV for while, then to Taiwan. He has since retired from the entertainment industry and is in the real estate industry.

    2. I believe Joyce has been filming sitcoms e past year her last series that aired was L’Escargot

  4. looking forward to triumph2, on call 2, brother keeper, defection and rosy 3.

    best series imo among the promoted ones.

    myolie look great and cool as the boyish maintenance worker. love francis, kenneth and ron too.

    ruco has a great year this year. not surprised if he’s the front runner for tv king 🙂

  5. “Moses Chan was recently caught using an English word in 2003′s Perish in the Name of Love .”

    Aren’t they 10 years late with this?

  6. Dd they promote A Change Of Heart? That series looks really promising despite the lack of promotion on it.

    1. I believe they did because I saw some information and photos about it mainly Michael Miu’s, Niki’s and Joey Meng’s character description. I find it weird that TVB don’t speak about Bosco and he’s not attending the exhibition to promote. I thought he’s also the lead or was I mistaken? I still don’t think the series is any special, not that I think any of TVB’s dramas look good. HKTV has better trailers.

      1. This drama appeals more to me than the others besides Ruse and Triumph in the skies. Agree with HKTV but who knows when we’ll actually see the completed series. Bosco is not in HK I believe he’s filming in Mainland right now

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