Wayne Lai Admits His Acting in “The Confidant” Was Lackluster

In 2013, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) hopes to surpass his own acting skills in Rosy Business 3 <巾幗梟雄3> and walk away with the TV King title for the fourth time.

In an interview with Ming Pao, Wayne revealed his work plans for 2013. The workaholic Wayne derives pleasure from working and strives to improve on his own acting in the new year. This year, he will be filming producer Lee Tim Shing’s (李添勝) Rosy Business 3. Despite a major overhaul of TVB personnel, which sees the exit of famed scriptwriter, Cheung Wah Biu (張華標) and female lead, Sheren Teng (鄧萃雯), Wayne hopes Rosy Business 3 will be able to enjoy equally good ratings as its predecessors. Working with a different cast and crew, including costar, Myolie Wu, Wayne hopes to scale new heights in his acting.

Performance in “The Confidant” Lacking

Winning the TV King title for the third time does not make Wayne complacent; it only pushes him to challenge himself further. He confessed, “Do you think I’m good in The Confidant <大太監> ? I know myself. That was not my best performance yet.”

Wayne alluded his lackluster acting in The Confidant to his lack of time to self-reflect. His normal preparation for a role involves doing research by reading books and watching DVD, Wayne could not find the time due to his busy work schedule last year. “Every character is different. By not reflecting on the past roles I play, I will be doing the same thing for the next role and that is a trap. I don’t want to be stuck in that trap. That’s why I am now thinking how I can break through in Rosy Business 3.”

Grateful to Variety Show Producers

Prior to filming The Love Firm <傳愛事務所>, Wayne had 3 months of break from TVB. He used that time to film movie, Hero of the Beggars <丐世英雄> in Malaysia. Following that, he traveled to Canada and the mainland China for stage performances.

On top of that, Wayne gave up the chance to enjoy a vacation with his family by guest- appearing in several variety shows. Wayne smiled bitterly, “Debt of gratitude is the worst kind of debt – you never can fully repay!” Wayne was referring to the “debt” he owed to the producers of the Super Trio series. When he was not such a popular artist years ago, the producers often invited Wayne to the variety show, giving him work and at the same time, exposing him to the Hong Kong audience. Partly grateful and partly because of his workaholic nature, he could not reject the producers now.

Nevertheless, Wayne still hopes to be able to go on a summer vacation with his family after filming of Rosy Business 3 completes in July.

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Surely not much research is needed on how to portray Li Lianying? As for eunuch, he played eunuchs before so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch of his talent? Is this his way of saying my acting suffered because the script was the culprit?

  2. Agreed, nothing so impressive on his acting in the confidant. But surprisingly, still can win the best actor award.

    1. nothing impressive but still better than the majority of actors in tvb. really, wayne got the best actor award this time round because, frankly, there wasn’t much competition.

  3. The article is wrong. It would be his THIRD* consecutive best actor title and 4th title overall.

    Kevin won in 2011.

      1. I’m referring to the first line in the article. It says he wants to walk away with another title this year (2013), but I was wrong too, I meant to say second consecutive title for the second time. If he wins in 2013, it would not be his 4th consecutive.

      2. Ahh, I get what you mean. I hope Wayne does get a 4th title somewhere down the road and surpass Gallen Lo. But I’m doubting RB3 is released in 2013 with TITS2 and WAB2 as anniversary series already. Wayne’s 4th title may have to wait until 2014.

      3. Starry,
        The sentence has been revised to state Wayne wishes for a fourth TV King title, and not his fourth consecutive win.

  4. I’m having a hard time picturing RB3 producing breakthrough performances, because so far the drama sounds like a rehash of RB2. And Myolie will likely suffer from comparisons to Sheren.

    1. Agree it’s not wise to film the same period and use the RB name, but it does sound/look like an epic drama. Hope Wayne and Myolie will create some sparks.

      1. The sales presentation clip of it did not really interest me…and I’m starting to get tired of Wayne, Edwin and Natalie

  5. i think wayne just getting greedy now i hope roger get a few good roles and wins the best actor a few times cos roger acting skills r way more stronger then wayne and everyone knows it true.. its just roger getting all the silly roles to play which shot him to fame in the past and has kept his career at a stand still for the time being

    1. What’s wrong with striving for the best and having confidence in yourself? It’s up to everyone else to pick up their own game. As for Roger… isn’t he at the point already where he can be more selective with the roles he takes on? Or does he just leave it up to TVB to decide? I rather enjoyed and want to see more villainous sides of Roger!


      Anyway~ It’s a good thing Wayne isn’t lacking in self-awareness. His win this year was simply riding on his past success.

    2. @lol: Um, sorry, maybe I’m just not seeing the same thing you’re seeing – basically, I don’t understand where the “greedy” comment comes from because that’s a character trait that I myself would never associate with Wayne (“confidence” yes, but certainly not “greedy”). If that statement came about because he won the TV King title for the 3rd time – well, I’m sorry but I don’t see how that makes Wayne “greedy” (especially since he wasn’t the one asking to win it). Based on what came out in the interview (plus other interviews /articles throughout the year), Wayne’s schedule was kept busy last year because of the ‘gratitude debts’ that he had to pay back to various people (which is why he agreed to film certain shows, appear at certain events, etc.) – money did not appear to be a motivational factor at all for how ‘busy’ he was last year, so it would be unfair to say that he was ‘busy’ because he’s ‘greedy’ and wants more money.

      Another example – look at all the money that can be made in Mainland, yet Wayne chooses to keep his career rooted in HK…why? Because he doesn’t want to be away from his son for too long and wants to have a hand in raising him. If he were truly greedy, he could just go ‘dig gold’ in the Mainland like so many other TVB artists so he can ‘rake in the dough’ (especially since his son is in his pre-teens now and has a pretty independent personality, so it’s not like Wayne really needs to ‘take care’ of him). Instead, he chooses to stay behind for the sake of his family.

      Oh and the most recent example of Wayne’s generosity: just a few days ago, he treated pretty much all the behind-the-scenes people at TVB (including scriptwriters, copy editors, producers, directors, etc.) to dinner to celebrate his TV King win and also as gratitude for all their support through the years. With all the people in attendance, that’s a VERY expensive dinner bill and something he didn’t have to do (I honestly can’t think of any other artist who has done that) – quite honestly, he could have just ‘celebrated’ with his close friends or with the cast/crew of The Confidant (since that’s the series he won for), but yet, he choose to invite EVERYONE who had helped him. I don’t see how someone who does that can still be labeled as “greedy”….

      1. I love the chemistry between wayne n sheren especially in NR but i do not mind the collaboration between wayne n myolie in the third installation as i believe there will be new spark and something different to look forward to. I still miss Lau Seng n Gau Mui. They were awesome!

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing him in RB3 and Love Firm. It’ll be nice to see him in modern comedy.

  7. wayne is hungry for more awards but his not greedy for money he is the tv king that hasnt gone to dig the gold in mainland and moses as well

  8. Although Wayne’s acting skill was not good as in RB he still deserved TV king this year because no other actors better than him. I support giving award to younger actors just for encouraging but not for theirs breakthrough acting.

  9. I’m glad he admits his role in the confidant was not a good performance. I didn’t find it outstanding either. Since he became TVB King, his roles seems to be a bit limited. Rosy Business seems to have set him up in a certain way and it kind of mirrored in most of his latest roles. Hope scriptwriter put more effort in writing a better role for him.

    1. This shows extremely clear that TVB’s production is appalling and most of all boring to death. Since Rosy Business, I’ve never seen any series produced by TVB is above average these few years.

      Those who disagrees with me with regard to the above statement is really really a bad taste series watcher.

    2. we all love rags to riches story or underdog hero story line Wayne fits this kind of role as on Rosy Business 1 “Char Kor”

    3. Isn’t that law series with Moses, Christine and Fala a comedy? Something to look forward to, I guess.

  10. I like Wayne and his acting but he does seem to be winning his awards from his roles in ancient stories. He should win for one that is modern like Forensic Heroes than I would really consider him “versatile”. So far I think he has been very fortunate to act in TV series that have good scripts too.

    1. I love Wayne very much for his acting is very versatile. This is the first thing that attract me. Secondly it is his humble and down to earth personality. I love him in Forensic Heroes 3 as it is different from what he used to portrayed in the past, a professional character we have never seen before, however it was a fair competition he did not win an award in 2011 not because he was no good but that professional role was simply too easy and did not have much breakthrough and of course there were others that outshone him, so i think it is fair.

  11. Wayne Lai is very good at what he does. Hope he wins again cuz other ppl aren’t as good as him.

  12. No Sharon Tang in Rosy Business 3? No wayyy! They have so much chemistry not just in the series, I’ve seen them on a cooking show once and they were awesome as a team. Myolie Wu doesn’t fit to be in that role, IMO.

    1. I love the chemistry between wayne n sheren especially in NR but i do not mind the collaboration between wayne n myolie in the third installation as i believe there will be new spark and something different to look forward to. I still miss Lau Seng n Gau Mui. They were awesome!

  13. I think Wayne is just too polite to say that the role & script sucks!!!!
    So part 2 better be better!!!

  14. Wayne always looking for ways to outbreak himself. He did mentioned in several interviews before. In the past he didnt care.much abt winning an award but i guess this time, he has a mission too. Winning now has a different meaning to him. It is a show of gratitude and appreciation for those who have high expectation towards him and the support given by viewers. Also ppl love him for he never an offensive person. Look at the ppl he invited for the felebration dinner, most were behind the scene personnel, top management ppl. He wins their heart with great personality. Who doesnt like someone like this, rite.

    Look forward to see how he can breakthrough .

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