Wayne Lai and Kristal Tin Star in “Double Fantasies” Remake

Double Fantasies<無雙譜>, a classic TVB period drama filmed more than 30 years ago, is to be reproduced next year. Deemed to be one of the grand dramas, it stars Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Eliza Sam (岑麗香), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), Sonjia Kwok (郭羨妮), and Raymond Wong (黃浩然).

Filming for the drama will commence in January. Bosco and Eliza will collaborate once again onscreen after completing Coffee Cat Mama <貓屎媽媽>, which premieres on December 23. Bosco admitted feeling a little nervous since viewership ratings may be affected due to the Christmas holidays.

Casting Eliza as female lead in Double Fantasies reportedly originated from veteran actress Louise Lee (李司棋), who starred in the original drama. Eliza has recently been accepting dramas in a nonstop fashion. Asked if she is worried about viewers being tired of her, she expressed, “My characters are different, but I’m still a bit scared. I do change my hairstyle for each role though.”

To make the cast more appealing, TVB decided to add newly crowned TV Queen, Kristal Tin, and renowned TV King, Wayne Lai. When asked if having Krystal in the drama is to help boost ratings, Wayne laughed and exclaimed, “Of course! Both our colleagues and the public named her TV Queen! I’m just going to be there to lead everyone along.”

This time, Wayne will take on the role of Chu Yi Dan, who was previously portrayed by Philip Chan (陳欣健). He revealed he never watched the old series, and is not planning to. Wayne expressed, “I don’t think there is a need, because I want to use a new method to carry out the role!”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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    1. I think all of them are co-leading. I’m more excited to see Sonija on screen again if this news is true..

  1. I like the cast that’s in this series all but Raymond …….not so into him and I cant wait for Sonjia to be screening in dramas again

  2. Asked if she is worried about viewers being tired of her, she expressed, “My characters are different, but I’m still a bit scared. I do change my hairstyle for each role though.”

    Eliza Sam, it is an excellent idea so people will NOT take you as Eliza Sam only in every single role, but your actual character! You will give people a new and fresh image. Smart girl!

  3. Poor Sonija Kwok …. she may be a 3rd lead actress in the above drama series.

    1. Each male and female pair are the leads of their own story. Sonjia is pairing up with Wayne, who obviously has the highest status, so even if they were ranked, she would not be 3rd.

      1. sonija kwok is wooden. she hasn’t improved that much to lead a series

  4. “My characters are different, but I’m still a bit scared. I do change my hairstyle for each role though.” – Eliza Sam

    Really? Is she serious?! Um, NO. Perhaps learning how to act, or honing your acting skills to better suit each role. Changing your hairstyle isn’t going to make you a better actress my dear.

    1. Changing your hairstyle isn’t going to make you a better actress
      It helps a bit. Eliza Sam cannot improve her acting skills overnight, or over a month or so. She needs to observe other people’s acting and work on her own. Experience will certainly help her in the long run.

      1. Agreed, if it were not for her language handicap, I think her acting would come across even better than it already is. Very impressed with her progress. I can tell she has excellent work ethics. Go Eliza!!!

    2. she just meant by changing her hairstyle would prevent that audience are getting tired form her,because she is too much on tv now.

    1. I really hope Wayne can get his 4th tv king in the future, He always says that teamwork accomplishes more than one person can do alone, and he’s definitely not a guy that take all credits. A drama is good or not, it is not controlled by the actors/actresses, it is the script & also by their acting.

      Wayne & Kristal in the drama will definitely make it better.

      1. We all know Wayne doesn’t take the credit for a good series but tvb knows audience love Wayne which is why Wayne gets tv king for a well received series

      2. i really hope that instead of wayne,bosco for the first time crowned as tv king.
        wayne is already an acknowledge actor no need to win anymore.

    1. agree that eliza sam’s acting isn’t great and I don’t see her being able to overcome the language barrier, it is really hard to understand what’s she is saying

      1. Her cantonese in Coffee Cat Mama has improved a lot! And you still can’t understand her?

      2. But surely you can understand her? There are native HK-ers speaking worse cantonese than her. Her improvement is remarkable actually.

      3. Agree with Funn. There are native-HKers who speak with lazy tone and can’t even properly pronounce finals like ‘eung’ and ‘ng’.

      4. the way Elisa speak is really hard to understand,
        I know HKer’s are know for their lazy tones, but people can still understand. Her pronunciation is still far from perfect, and because she speaks in parts, that makes it difficult to interpret the whole meaning of what she is saying

      5. eliza’s acting and cantonese has improved a lot since her first drama,its amzing how she did it in a very short time,and with her learning attitute she only can grow further to a tv queen level in the fulture.

  5. Was looking forward to Kristal and Wayne pairing up, but would love to see Wayne and Sonjia collaborate again too. Hopefully the script is good.

  6. Loves Bosco always steals the show from everyone and when Bosco steal the show Bosco seems like the lead he will do it again In this show

    1. Bosco stole the whole show in the fire series and in GEM with Bowie and everyone

  7. How was the old series? I never saw it since I watched mostly ancient series besides the really classic ones.

    1. this one is classic according to tvb,but i would like to see they could make a real wuxia remake rather than this.

      1. I agree and I love wuxia series and have not seen a good one from TVB in a long long time. However, they seem to be really cheap lately and refuse to make any good wuxia series since they claim that it is too much money. They really need more ancient series. At least I can watch good ones from China, but still miss a good HK one.

  8. if i dont know eliza is 29 years old,i would believe if someone say she is still 19 years old.lol she has a very cute and young face for her age.

  9. Yay! Go Eliza! Her acting and speaking has definitely improved. You can see the improvement in coffee cat mama! Keep up the hard work Eilza!

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