Wayne Lai and Myolie Wu Share Bed Scenes in “Rosy Business 3”

Producer Lee Tim Shing (李添勝) has been persuaded to postpone his retirement once again, with TVB hoping to produce another blockbuster in Rosy Business 3 <巾幗梟雄 之 諜血長天>. Although former leading lady, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), is absent from the third installment, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) returns and packs a double punch by portraying a pair of twin brothers!

Wayne to Flex His Acting Chops

The costume fitting for Rosy Business 3 took place on February 20 at TVB City. Wayne appeared with a heavy beard and revealed that he will play two characters in the series–a pair of twins separated when they were young. One brother is a traitor during the Sino-Japanese War and will have a complex love relationship with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), who portrays a spy that is later raped by a Japanese soldier.

Passionate kissing and bed scenes are planned between Wayne and Myolie’s characters. Wayne said, “The story speaks about life and death amidst war. Love is interwoven with hate; the relationship will be very passionate and full of high and low points.”

Portraying two characters will further challenge Wayne’s acting skills and possibly give him two nominations for Best Actor in this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards. Wayne looks forward to generate new sparks with Myolie, as he has already partnered with Sheren Tang in the first two installments and was afraid the audience would grow immune to their partnership.

Myolie Feels Pressure

Myolie admitted that she felt pressure in filming Rosy Business 3 since Sheren Tang had received wide critical acclaim in the series franchise. Myolie said, “There will be a new story line, but no doubt there will be comparisons with Sheren, who cannot be replaced. I will not think too much and do my best.”

Myolie added that the script is very well-written, although she is not accustomed to intimate scenes in dramas. Regarding her rape scene, Myolie said she will have to discuss with the director how the scene will be filmed, “This has become a frequent plot device in recent dramas. I don’t want this to become a selling point.”

Since breaking up with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) last year, Myolie has focused on pushing her career to new heights. Although she was pursued by an admirer earlier, Myolie said that the relationship will not advance further. “After getting to know each other better, we felt it is better to remain friends.”

Rosy Business 3 will film on location in  Zhongshan and Foshan. Other cast members in the drama include Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Sire Ma (馬賽), Lau Kong (劉江), Li Sing Cheong (李成昌), Susan Tse (謝雪心), and Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤), and Eric Li (李天翔).

Rosy Business 3 c  Rosy Business 3 b

Sources: Apple Daily via ihktv.com; Oriental Daily

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    1. Yoyo Chan’s acting is not bad, but she needs to work on her lazy intonations (quite bad in her dialogues) if she wants to move up to act heavier roles.

      1. I always read on here people complaining about actor’s lazy intonations. Just curious how one can go about fixing it for I probably have the same especially since so many actors are said to have it.

      2. Speech classes, read aloud in large places. You won’t find lazy intonations with actors on stage/theatres. Don’t drag your words, say one word clearly at a time. Learn from example, such as Kong Wah.

      3. @ funn, kong wah’s that good in speech? he used to admire charmaine but she wasn’t interested, too bad she picked kevin instead..

  1. Wayne Lai versus Wayne Lai in “Rosy Business 3”? Is Wayne being over-utilized or is there lack of artist availability to portray a compelling villain, so Wayne has to do it all?

    Lol, maybe he can even portray the father look-alike when retelling the story of how the twin brothers were separated.

    1. I think Edwin will be the main villain…? He ends up being a psychopath. His role is definitely heavily flavored, and I’ll be honest, I am way more interested in wanting to know more about Edwin’s role than Wayne or Myolie’s.

      I also really like Susan Tse. I wonder if she will be a villain in this one too? She was so epic in the first two installments!

    2. Unless it’s fraternal twins, but if it’s identical, it would make sense for Wayne to play both characters because they would look the same. Don’t know how much screen time each character will have though. Are both characters going to be leads in the drama or only the good Wayne the only lead? If it’s both, that’s a challenge and I’m quite interested in seeing how he will switch back and forth.

    3. Not a lot of information yet but I don’t see both twins being in the show for its entirety. One character will likely be killed off within the fist two weeks. My guess would be the evil one.

  2. Yay! I liked Yoyo’s acting, but I’m more excited to see 謝雪心 😀

      1. She’s going to be playing nanny (milk mother) though. Don’t know how evil her character will be. Would be interesting to have an evil nanny though.

  3. In bed yes, but doing what is most important. How come not ONE report on that bed scene between Matt Yeung and… what’s her name in that CNY series?

    1. Tracy Ip?

      I’m still watching The Day of Days, and although it has many filler side plots, I am enjoying it. I also think Tracy Ip is very suitable for the Republican era. She looks great in a qipao.

    2. The day of days. There is one?. I thought only showed both of them in bed that’s all.

      1. Got! He on top of her kissing passionately. One scene only BUT quite enough.

      2. It’s quite a big turn-on scene compared with those other rape scenes from other dramas. They were pretty intimate on the bed!! And no write-up on this.

  4. I believe that Wayne Lai will have a good chance to showcase his acting in “Rosy Business 3” by portraying twin brothers, two different characters. It will be a good challenge for him.

    I wish that Sheren Tang will be the 1st lead actress in this drama series. Will surely miss her for her good acting.

    1. i hope the actors/actresses speaking Jap will be convincing enough to keep watching. No Regrets was very well done 🙂

  5. Lawlz. Bad taste and bad couple is my opinion on this. TVB making more and more of these recycles. Milk milk milk.

  6. I don’t think there is a need to create bed scenes and sexy kissing scenes in “Rosy Business 3” as the cast members are very good in acting. I would rather watch good acting than bed scenes.

    I think it is a trend now to have bed and sexy kissing scenes in TVB drama series. This seems to be their selling point unfortunately. Perhaps Hong Kong audience love watching that kind of scenes these days.

    1. I think I would enjoy “SSSS” more if there were fewer bed/kissing scenes from Damian Lau and Tavia Yeung. If the artistes are good in acting, they can easily showcase their performance in a drama series. There is no need to have bed/sexy kissing scenes as a selling point.

      1. Your points are so right, exactly my thoughts. Alot of series and films, if they can eliminate intimate scenes but can still show us their ‘loving’ relationship, i think that is a challenge. Americans can never do that b/c i think they more skin they show, the better they sell. SSSS, what a load of crap, seeing that old Damian kissing all these young women… awww….that dude is like my mom’s genre, even she was like aawwww do we need to see that haha LOL..

    2. Actually, now that you mention it, it seems uncharacteristic of Lee Tim Shing to include kissing and bed scenes. In both RB1 and RB2 the onscreen relationship between the two main leads remained chaste to a fault. Wonder if the bed scenes are his own idea or due to the change in scriptwriter or if it’s just the trend in TVB series lately.

    3. It was probably added because spies are usually paired up with sleeping around for info. Just like how assassins are always taught to be cold blooded killers and shouldn’t love. Or how maids are supposed to play dumb and shouldn’t listen and repeat everything that they hear.

  7. Honestly why call this rb without sheren. They are really just milking the title while going the audience won’t compare the first two installments?! I wonder if myolie will try to act like sheren. Honestly, I never liked myolie’s acting but i know she has improved just not at sheren’s level. Sheren has the calm, composed and graceful aura around her.

    IMO, I thought she won best actress because of weak competition. That’s only my thoughts, sorry if it offended her fans. Hope to see her tone down her exaggerated acting in this series.

    1. Agree with you. I saw the photos on one of the above (Chinese) links …….. Myolie’s photo as an opera singer. Her eyes were “staring” at …… I am sure if the actress was Sheren Tang, she wouldn’t look that way. Sheren is excellent in acting with her eyes. Not many actresses can perform so well with their eyes. Even Charmaine praised Sheren’s eye-acting in “No Regrets” when she was asked about Sheren’s acting. Charmaine said she had to learn to act more with her eyes.

    2. And another rape scene? Tvb keeps making those type if scenes for ratings…I wonder if they’ll produce so many of those scenes that even the audience will feel nothing if the actress cries her eyes out. We need more licenses to get away from this insanity.

      I am most interested in Edwin’s performance cause I think he has potential. I think Wayne changed a lot, he used to act in so many different roles but now he’s stuck to boring roles. His most memorable performances is mr. Pig from jttw and rb1 to date.

      1. I liked him best in “No Regrets”. It was a big change for him. He used to scream and yell in his past performances until he filmed “No Regrets” which required a big breakthrough from him.

      2. I used to feel that Wayne had a tendency to over-act in his previous roles, but he was beautifully subtle in some parts of No Regrets.

  8. Gosh I can’t bring myself to watch both Wayne and Myolie doing all those lip locking passionate scenes! Is going to be so awkward looking at them doing this kind of scene when they don’t even look good standing together! TVB is trying so hard on Myolie’s costume,hair and make up to make her look more mature however they failed and I can still tell Wayne looks like an uncle beside her.

    1. And I notice Myolie is always paired up with more mature actors compare to her own peers.

  9. Wayne playing a pair of twin brothers…sounds like something I’m looking forward to! Hope Myolie would be able to excel her acting under the pressure. Although I’m not too excited to watching another series based in this era. Hope the script will not be a disappointment!

  10. Anyone here thinks Eric Li will be the hot on favorite to play a rapist again?

    He does look a bit like a Japanese.

    Poor Eric.

    1. Eric Lee is a good actor, but unfortunately he is always asked to act villainous roles. I think that has to do with his “glittering but a bit wicked” eyes. Hope that he will have better and roles to act in future to showcase his acting.

      1. Agree because of his eyes. Ruco Chan has similar problems with his eyes, maybe not as bad if he wears glasses.

  11. The guy kneeling in front of Wayne Lai is getting increased roles whenever he films for this director. That’s because he was so awesome in RB1 where he played that Japanese soldier. He only had one scene and he totally nailed it.

  12. maybe myolie did not have ‘an admire’ aftter all, just to save face cos bosco was spotted having a lady friend hiding behind him in a photo recently

    1. you troll! i also saw you also put your name as ‘Fine’!

      your comment is ridiculous. myolie will never do such thing.

  13. C’mon, not only do they milk the franchise, they even have the same setting? At least Rosy Business 1 & 2 were set in a different time period. The Sino-Japanese War always get people fired up over the same typical issues and is the easiest way to conjure up emotions and anger in viewers.
    And as always, Myolie looks bad with red lipstick.

  14. Not fond of Wayne and Myolie’s look. That beard looks so unnatural on him and the hairstyle on Myolie doesn’t suit her. It’s too mature looking for her.

    1. Producer Lee Tim Sing wants to make Myolie look maturer in order to match up with Wayne’s age (40+). She is only in her early 30s while While is already 48. Sheren will be a better partner for Wayne ….. in terms of age, maturity and acting.

  15. bad pairing, Myolie is too young for Wayne, I wish they would include Sheren Tang in RB3. She is a great actress.

    1. Same with me. I enjoyed watching Sheren Tang’s drama series a lot. It is a shame that she does not film “RB3” and maybe not TVB drama series any more.

  16. They want to milk the cow dry since TVB is getting desperate since HKTV may get their license soon… The competition is getting hot…

  17. Wait… they will have a rape scene in here too?? TVB is truly out of ideas. The next thing you know they will use “fart scenes” to attract the audience…

  18. I saw the trailer for this series (didn’t know it’s RB3!) in the TVB anniversary lighting show. I thought Myolie’s acting, scenes and looks were ugly as hell. And I’m not even a hater of her, lol… I think it’s a potential miscast.

  19. Why is Edwin getting all the villian roles? But he does it well though…lol…

  20. Sheren Tand is definitely a good actress and the pair (Sheren +Wayne) was indeed awesomely delivered their best performance in No Regrets. They were very convincing! I was a litle disapointed when she was excluded in RB3 initially.

    But for long run, if this drama’s franchise were to make into many more installements just like James Bond series, then I thought it was a good idea to have different female lead in its future development to explore many new possiblities. But Wayne must remain as the male lead role. (hehe…).

    In fact, I like the idea of RB making into a franchise installemnts and hope many more good story in the future.

    As for Myolie, she ha always been a good actress but I was bored with her pairing with the handsome ‘siu sang’. This time, it is more realistic. Furthermore, te story set in during the Sino-Jap war as the background, so it is only natural to have solemn and unpleasant moments such as rape scenes. Trust Myolie will be able to deliver her best.

    Looking forward to Rosy Business 3 and hope they will have a smooth sailing filming process. All The Best!!!

    1. i’m glad you’re not another person complaining about the pairing. like Tim gor said, it’d be difficult to create a better love story in No Regrets for Wayne & Sheren. it’s time for a new collaboration! hope Tim gor will help Myolie act out her best.

    2. Exactly… not sure why people want to see the same pairing again and again (kinda boring after some time right). They could always watch back RB and NR if want to see them together so muchhhh… 🙂 Always give people a chance before firing. why not watch first and see how good or bad it is?

  21. And to think that a 30’s cannot act like a 40’s then it is not acting anymore… what’s wrong having mature look for Myolie if that is the role being given? If people think she looks mature in that make-up, then kudos to the make-up artist. He/She did very well indeed.

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