Him Law Cried At Press Conference Over Theresa Fu’s Physical Beating Claims

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Him Law in press conference addressing Theresa Fu’s cheating and physical abuse claims. Him noted that mutual trust was lacking in his former relationship with Theresa Fu.

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  1. For Mandarin speakers who may be unable to follow the contents of Him Law’s interview:

    Video summary: After the December 2010 scandal in which Theresa Fu claimed that Him Law cheated in love, the pair reconciled their relationship. Due to incident, there was a lack of mutual trust in the relationship. Theresa checked Him’s cell phone and found that communication between Him and certain friends of the opposite sex, thus sparking an intense argument. During the dispute, Him grabbed onto Theresa perhaps too hard, thus leading to Theresa’s current allegations that he hit her.

    1. Hitting is a very serious allegation. From what Jayne said, it seems just grabbed too hard. THAT is hardly hitting./ And it was during intense argument. So if Theresa slapped Him, does it mean Theresa hit Him as in a perception that she was violently abusive against him?

      Theresa I feel is not treading on dangerous waters. This could either ruin Him or her (no pun intended!) reputation. Yes he may be a cheat but was he an abusive lover? 2 very different things.

      1. From what Him said it seems that Him is not hitting but just grabbed Theresa to control her. So Him can’t be charged and Him instead can sue Theresa for defamation. Bye bye Theresa

  2. Just wanted to note that Him Law appeared very uncomfortable in the press conference, often pausing for very long moments, giving people the impression that he may have something to hide.

    He never directly denied Theresa Fu’s claims that he may have cheated in love. I wonder what will ensue since such physical abuse claims are in the open now. From Him’s account, he hints that the bruises on Theresa’s body may be due to one time event during their argument.

    1. Yeah, the whole press conference was very weird. He spoke… so… slowly… Isn’t a press conference for the media to ask questions as well? If the purpose of this was to soften the blow or turn people to his side, I don’t think he did a very good job.

      Jayne- Do you know how famous he is? or is he basically known as Theresa Fu’s boyfriend?

      1. AC,
        Theresa Fu made her debut as one of the Cookie members. Although she has made some films, she does primarily modeling work and appears as a spokesperson at vendor events. She released a pictorial earlier.

        Theresa and Him Law belonged to the same management company, Filmko. In December 2010, when Theresa first came out to call Him a liar and cheater in love (in their first break-up), it was rumored that Filmko then froze Theresa to place priority in Him’s career.

        Him has filmed several TVB series such as “Suspects in Love” and “Flying Tigers” as well as several high profile movies. Currently, I would say that Him’s popularity (before physical beating claims surfaced) surpasses Theresa’s.

      2. Thanks Jayne! I mainly pay attention to tvb stuff only so I’ve seen Him’s series but not any of his movies. I know that he got more popular for his chest size from Suspects in Love but wasn’t sure if he’s popular in general. I always thought that Theresa was bigger than him.

        It sucks that Filmko is taking his side. I just read elsewhere that they’re gonna freeze her (again) even though she already stated that she was going to Beijing! I kinda hope that Theresa speaks out more and let out all of Filmko and Him’s dirty secrets. haha

  3. Wow, Him’s a bad actor. He can barely remember his lines and can’t even squeeze out some fake tears!

    Actually, from watching both interviews, I believe Theresa’s side of the story more. She might have exaggerated or purposely left out some details, but Him is basically a liar and a cheat.

    I wonder if TVB is going to do or say anything, or do they not care since he’s not a TVB-managed artist? To me, he’s good looking, but his acting is not that good.

    1. AC,
      The purpose of Him Law’s press conference is to allow him to reveal his side of the story and salvage his reputation. However, Him appeared to be intensely uncomfortable and the awkward pauses made him seem like he had something to hide.

      The press conference actually made Him look “guilty” and perhaps cause more people to doubt Him instead of sympathize with him, defeating its original intent.

      1. Yes I think his management Filmko arranged the pc to salvage his reputation before Theresa can have more move but Him isn’t that great of an actor.

      1. Filmko will do everything to help Him right now because he’s their only profitable artiste who always do B-C grade movies and TVB series.

      2. Filmko definitely values Him higher than Theressa because she isn’t famous that much. Compare her to two other old members of Cookie, Theressa’s peak passed. Kary isn’t pretty but she has voice. Stephy doesn’t have voice but she is pretty. Theressa doesn’t have both.

      3. @lol: he is still filming in TVB. Once its done, I really cant see he is being part of TVB promotions and other stuff.

    1. He’s not a TVB “son” though, he only works for them sometimes…

  4. If his acting is better, the story might be different.

    Maybe in his mind at this moment, Theressa was like the quintal he often used :P. Can put high and then throw out, the quintal dun complain :P. But pity him, Theressa has a mouth while the quintal dun.

    1. Theresa better be careful now. Him Law has a hot body and a lot of female fans who might curse at Theresa now 😛

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